Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Spotlight: MeganC

Another more evident Freeper that's been a long time coming.

MeganC came onto this blog a long time ago, and laughed off some commenters who challenged her for her Freepish views, and her proudly submissive family life. I was impressed with her spunk. Turns out, I'm too easily impressed, and her seeming self-confidence has more to do with her being kinda crazy

She claims a number of things. To be autistic. To be a homemaker blissfully married to a much older man, even as she spends all her time on Free Republic thinking about Muslims raping her daughters. To have been constantly harassed by horny blacks in high school. Thing is, I don't think she has the wherewithal for artifice, so I believe she believes all of it.

One of the reasons I believe her is that MeganC is a bit odd for a Freeper. She's a bit like a bizzaro HiTechRedneck. While clearly motivated largely by tribalism, she occasionally strays from Freep doctrine. She will get into it over police violence or whatnot when most other Freepers are circling the tribal wagons. But that just makes it worse! She can't hide behind the madness of the crowd, or a sad sad desire to find somewhere that will accept your assholishness. No, all her other Freeper-type madness, obsessions, need for persecution, racism, conspiracy delusions, etc, is all her.

Freeper group psychosis is awful enough; making it a personal choice is a whole other level.

Freepers made themselves miserable under Obama. Therefore...
Good! Payback SHOULD BE a bitch!!
Not that she endorses massacring liberal kids, she just thinks it's a good idea. And liberals are totally into such things on the other side!
I think he was humane. When you look at what the Left has done in the past 100 years then you’ll see real barbarism.

Billions enslaved. Hundreds of millions murdered.

Breivik was brilliant (and sane) in his strategy not to try to assassinate the current crop of leftist leaders but to assassinate the next generation of leftist elites.

It is cold, it is unthinkable to contemplate as a mother of three, but in fifteen years what Breivik did may allow Norwegians to cast off the shackles of leftism when there are not enough elite leftist youth moving into leadership.

Again, I do not approve of what Brievik did but if the tables were turned and some leftist murdered 100 kids at, say, a Tea Party summer camp I do not doubt that the left would be openly celebrating. Bill Maher would call the killer ‘brave’, Obama would call the killer the son he never had, and any number of academics would call the killer a hero.

We’re better than that, of course, but let’s not lost track of the fact that the left would do this same thing a million times over to our kids if they could. History shows that’s how they roll.
Ever notice how genocide is always in self defense?
I was once asked (maybe on FR?) how many Muslims I was willing to kill to protect my children and I said all of them.

I meant it then and I mean it now.
A Muslim, dating MY daughter????
Any Muslim boy who treats one of my daughters as a prostitute from his pig god will shortly be meeting the real God.
Good lord, we get it, you can't stop thinking about Muslim boys schtupping your daughters.
My daughters can go where they want in their own country and any Muslim POS laying a hand on them will pay dearly for that transgression.
BABIES! Dedication to babymaking solves everything for a woman!
Most women find great satisfaction and fulfillment as mothers.”

This is so true!!!!!!!

- Megan, mother of six with one more due in June!
'Do things my way, it's the only way!'
The best thing for young women to do is to opt-out of the whole liberal lie in the first place. Instead of going to college, piling on the debt, and then working 20 years to just get to where you break even before you can start a family at 40 why not just tell the feminists to **** off?

I did.

Got married at 18 and started a family. In the middle of it all I went to a trade school to learn how to cook (my mother taught me how to ‘cook’ with a microwave) and I work part time while being a full time mom.

I’m happy as a clam. Meanwhile my old friends are struggling to get through schools that don’t have room for them and they have student loans that will have to get paid even if they don’t get a degree. A family and a home are not even in their dreams.

Give them 20 years and maybe they can start a family right about the time I will probably be holding my first grandchildren.


Feminist liberalism is a lie. Nice to see another young woman discovering this before it’s too late.
Feminism is why women aren't all marrying much older men
I’m 22 and could not find anyone my age (or close to it) who was either worth marrying or interested in being married. Got lots of offers for short-term relationships and non-committal shack-ups from them but nothing else.

Finally met a great guy who is a lot older than me. My mom is jealous of what I have.

Seriously, women wanted to be men and now they’re reaping what they sowed. It’ll be generations before the damage of 150 years of lesbian feminism is undone.
Taylor Swift is totally anti-feminist.
The leftists hate Taylor because she’s an actual woman and not some man-hating, always-angry, lesbian douchenozzle.

Which is why I like her! Taylor was the first new celebrity who made it acceptable to be feminine again!
I can see it. I can also see her self-diagnosing, or even just making it up.
I’m a functioning autistic and I resent Hillary’s remarks.
Of course she homeschools.
We homeschool. One of my husbands oldest daughters (by another marriage) was homeschooled and has now graduated from Hillsdale College and is working in the wine industry in California.

I redid high school on a home school curriculum which vastly improved my reading, writing, mathematics, and history knowledge. I’ve even picked up some Spanish which is handy every now and then.

I cringe thinking of what I was subjected to in the public schools and would NEVER do that to my own children!
High school was full of black males sexually assaulting her nonstop, so now she's racist.
I graduated high school Class of 2008. In all four of my years in high school black males who I didn't even know would come up and put their arms around me, hug me, rub on me, and etc. and I could always count on the liberal faculty to do absolutely nothing about it.

Meaning all those civil rights laws never applied to me when I needed them so why should I give a sh*t about them?
She used to get in trouble with the Sacramento police for unspecified antics.
I do not miss California and I don’t hold any great love for the Sacramento Police Department or the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. But I will say that even when the latter two agencies were mindlessly mucking around in my life the CHP officers I ran into were consistently courteous, thoughtful, concerned about my well-being, and professional to a fault.
Oh no, what if God loves Bernie Sanders???????????
Birds For Bernie

That’s scary as that kind of thing would indicate a blessing.

President Sanders.

I guess you find a new God...

Purge all the gays, like everyone throughout history did. Except for Sparta. And Rome. And Victorian England boarding schools. And some African peoples.
I now understand why every society that wants to endure periodically purges these people as they are inherently destructive of all of the good and decent things that make for a successful society. These people can no more coexist with decent people than radical Muslims can peacefully coexist with Jews or anyone else.
Just making shit up right there.
Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration

He was selling immigration visas to Muslims with the full knowledge of the Democrats and the Clintons.
More making crap up, again about Muslims
Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany

Sounds to me like witness intimidation. The girl gets raped and the authorities tell her to recant or face persecution.
Doxx those who cross Trump.
Post Gonzalo Curiel’s home address on social media. That often helps these freaks realize that their black robes don’t make them all that special.
The best part of a revolution is the purges afterwards.
Just my own humble opinion, but it would be nice if maybe someday we have a revolution and in the result of that revolution everyone has to be interviewed. Those who are found to be Americans, who are productive, who speak English, and who contribute in some way to the country (even if it’s just by their example as individualists) will be welcome to stay and will receive citizenship in the new republic.

The other types, for whom English is and always will be a second language, and who cannot fathom the idea of supporting themselves, and who think that other people should support them, and who think that stealing wealth from others is the path to happiness...all of these people will be sent to the Mexican border, airdropped on Syria, or anywhere else stupid enough or anarchic enough to take them.

Those who remain, be they white, black, or etc. will be Americans and they will build the new Republic whose Constitution will not be a mere suggestion, but will be the law.
Liberals will kill you if you apologize, or something.
NEVER apologize to liberals because they are NOT Christians! Christians see a heartfelt apology as an act of contrition and a reason for forgiveness.

Liberals see any apology as a confession of guilt and a justification for the death penalty (which they oppose in cases of murder but approve of when someone is ‘offended’.)
Remember the wave of liberal violence in 2012?
Shooting at Family Research Council office in DC

I was wondering when the leftards would start shooting.
Liberals even kill liberals in 10 out of 10 imaginary scenarios!
If Hillary or Trump gets assassinated it’ll be by a Democrat.
Muslim Holocaust is OK, because Muslims evil.
You sound like Hitler and his group during WW 2.

How is that logical to you? Hitler hated the Jews and supported eradicating them. The vast majority of Muslims (99% or better) also support killing the Jews and during WW2 the Muslims were allied with Hitler in the Balkans, in Iraq, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in North Africa, and in Eastern Europe.

Opposing Islam and wanting to eradicate it is no different than opposing Nazism and wanting it eradicated given the historical and indisputable FACT that Nazis and Muslims were ALLIED against Western civilization and Judaism.
And for the record, if the annhiliation of 1.5 billion Muslims is what it takes to attain peace with these people then so be it. I really don’t care because they’d do the exact same thing to us...and worse...if they could get away with it.
Genocide against the Muslims? OK. But celebrating the killing of Bin Laden? That's in bad taste!
it was in bad taste to celebrate someone getting killed, even if it was OBL. Forgive me that, but I’d expect that kind of thing from the barbarians in the Middle East and not from Americans.
What the fuck kind of double standard....?

Vigilante justice is best justice. Solves all crime
The murder rate in Chicongo would DROP if they got rid of the cops!


Because decent people would arm themselves absent the police to keep them defenseless.

And the decent people would get to declare open season on the criminals who are frankly being protected by the police.
Fifth-grade level burns.
What the hell is a “freshperson”?

That’s how they say “rug munching bull dyke” these days.
America gonna fall by 2067.
America in fifty years, at this rate, will not exist.

Hawaii will be taken over by China.

California and other parts of the Southwest will either be an independent Hispanic state complete with Aztlan-sponsored ethnic cleansing or it will be part of Mexico.

Texas will be independent again.

The US military will be second rate. Maybe even third rate.

China will dominate the mining and manufacturing sectors and the remainder of the US will be subject to a mercantilism relationship with China.

Or we could elect a conservative next year and see this country prosper through the end of the century.
Bill Clinton is Satan.
Seems fair to have a statue of Satan outside the Arkansas capitol since he was inside the capitol from 1979–1981 and again from 1983–1992.
Seems like a joke, but there's no affect to it, and given the other crap she's said...

Why do black people get to say nig...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
So what that Paula Deen said the word ‘nigger’? Turn on any rap radio station and you hear it all day long. I don’t get why anyone pays any attention to the PC crowd on this. As long as they keep using it on the radio I really don’t care if anyone else does.
Also, the radio bleeps all sorts of stuff, 'nigger' included.

Turning that paranoia inward.
FR is STINKING with trolls.

Agreed. Some of them are pretty good at it, too. You have to go to their posting history to start to see the subtly negative and anti-conservative trends and themes they promote.

Like I almost don’t mind the overt Trump haters. It’s the ones who offer ‘sage advice’ about Trump who to me are the more pernicious of the trolls.

I’ve also observed that you’ll note that troll accounts almost all show as joining FR in the two years leading up to a Presidential election. Is it a fact? No, but it is my personal observation because I can’t recall the last time I saw a troll who signed up in the year after a Presidential election.
California secession? Traitors! Sadly, I don't think she's aware of the inconsistency.
From the website of the traitors:

Yes California is the nonviolent campaign to establish the country of California using any and all legal and constitutional means to do so.
But then she's not part of the Freep anti-Manning squad, even if her reasoning is awful.
Just myself but I don’t have a problem with what Manning did.

If the US military and the US government had not been committing crimes and doing things that they were ashamed of then there would have been nothing to leak.

Same thing with the DNC emails, the Podesta emails, and the Clinton emails.

It’s amazing how this works: If you don’t do anything wrong you won’t get caught!
Acknowledging the Alton Sterling shooting was a needless killing.
That’s not what you see or hear on the video. What you hear is that one officer says the man has a gun. Then you see one of the officers draw his weapon and aim it at the man’s chest and he fires.

Afterwards a witness reported one of the officers took the gun out of the dead man’s pants.

With that much established it will be an interesting investigation.
The usual Freep prediction, with the usual result.
He’ll pardon Hildebitch tomorrow morning.


  1. If this chick graduated in 2008 that makes her about the same age as me (26) but with 7 kids (holy shit.)
    That's a pregnancy every year that is extremely unhealthy.

    1. That's assuming she started at 19 instead of 13 or so...

    2. She keeps changing her age to fit different situations, so no one really knows.

    3. Yeah, she got married at 18 AND at 22. Hmm.