Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Ordinary Post: Ethics Are Another Conspiracy

Unsurprisingly, Trump's not doing the whole disclosure and vetting thing with his nominees. I'll admit I'm just idealistic enough to be a bit surprised that the GOP Senate is letting him - I guess the lure of a tax cut is really stronger than statesmanship!

Freepers, of course, line up behind Trump. No time for imagination, just attack oversight as a Democratic plot!

Da Coyote can't get behind an ethics office that doesn't buy into his conspiracy delusions:
Ethics office?

Ethics office?

Where the hell were you clowns when Dorkbama the Muslim eunuch and his collection of felon marshmallow majors were knocking at the door?

Da Trump man is coming and hopefully, “You’re FIRED!”
"Obama's administration was basically scandal-free? Proof of a coverup!"

CaptainMorgantown declares a double standard without checking to see if it's true:
Did this office exhibit a similar level of concern in January 2009, when the Democratic controlled Congress confirmed the majority of Obama’s cabinet by the end of his first week in office?
Actually, yes it did. And the Senate backed it up. But facts don't matter.

Jim 0216 knows it's a set-up
Please, who is in charge of the “Ethics Office”? The Clintons?
Lazamataz does not like answering official Congressional inquiries when they come from Democrats:
You’re sending letters to Schumer and Warren???!?

I predict someone will need a new job soon.
Neidermeyer thinks Bill Ayers was in Obama's cabinet?
Is this the same office that approved of communists and former bomb throwing radicals in the Obama administration?
tiki is really doing great work devaluing the reporting on right-wing craziness:
May I be the first to say, Fake News.
trebb knows where the real corruption is!
Ethicstician - vet thyself...
Jim 0216 wants to just end oversight entirely.
The corrupt “Ethics Office”. NUKE IT!!!


  1. And speaking of "ethics," when did Judeo-Christian ethics get downgraded to a plantation with a safe space, or not? The Republican health care plan get more incoherent every day.

  2. Freepers are old enough to remember the endless, and I mean endless, string of scandals in the Reagan administration. Why can't they give President Obama credit for a relatively exemplary 8 years?