Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Jim Robinson spent a lot of time espousing the 'Liberal Fascism' line to prove Trump isn't fascist.
The left tries hard to draw a left/right contrast between Marxism and fascism but there’s really not that much difference between them. Marxism and fascism are both totalitarian forms of government where the individual is subservient to the state and has only those rights the state happens to allow on any given day. The state literally holds the power of life and death over the people and eventually descends into mass murder, chaos, revolution, war.

Marxism/fascism are extremely authoritarian (totalitarian) forms of government, usually godless, lawless, statist dictatorships that place the interests of the state over the individual and tries to control every aspect of human society and economic/political activity.

Examples of Marxist/fascist totalitarians include: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Obama (wanted to be a Marxist/fascist dictator, but blocked by we the people).

Our republican form of government with its God-given individual freedoms and liberty for all guaranteed by the US Constitution and with its governmental powers limited by the constitution and supported by conservatives is exactly opposite to the Marxist/fascist totalitarian forms of government supported by godless democrats, progressives, liberals, statists, socialists, Marxists, fascists, and communists, ie, leftist revolutionaries.

The real distinction is between statist Marxism/fascism vs god-given freedom and liberty.

Freedom is a Judeo-Christian principle and is hated by Marxists and fascists.

America’s founding and our republican form of government and constitution was inspired by and based on Judeo-Christian principles and is hated by godless Marxist/fascists (democrats) who constantly try to subvert it and make it fail.

Trump supports our constitutional government and freedoms and Judeo-Christian way of life and therefore is no fascist.
Buckeye McFrog excuses plagiarism by making up the fact that everyone does it:
If we were to sit down and read every Doctoral Thesis ever written, how many do you think were plagiarized?

30%? 50%? 80%?
PCPOET7 tells how Trump won him over because Trump attacked liberals.
did not think in the beginning that he was right for the job but he has won me over. I think that what scares the left about him is that he really does not care about there opinion on anything and rather then ignoring them when they are foolish in what they say he points out what ever the hypocrisy is. My biggest fear is that he will be assassinated by one of the power brokers in Washington.
Blue Jays has some made up numbers, and a made up legacy.
President Trump has prevented the arrival at least 1 million (and possibly even 2 million) refugees from Muslim nations onto our shores.

I concur with you that if he continues to make excellent decisions, he will be viewed much like President Lincoln and President Reagan.
reg45 takes the death of the last man to walk on the moon and repurposes it for some short term bullshit.
A greater hero than John Lewis.
SamAdams76 blames liberals for cutting our space exploration budget (because they hate America, of course). He might want to check out Johnson's space budget did versus budget hawks Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes...
I remember watching the moon shots as a boy and wondering what planets and even solar systems we would explore by the 21st Century. Back in 1972, it was easy to believe that fifty years later, we'd all be living like the Jetsons. After all, the world of 1972 was utterly unrecognizable and far more modern than that of 50 years prior (1922).

But as you point out, liberals made us ashamed of our progress in space when there were still "hungry people" down here on Earth. How many times did we hear variations of "We can put a man on the moon but we can't feed the children of Africa".

Ironically, our foray into space in the 1960s and early 1970s introduced technologies that greatly improved our overall standard of living today. Imagine how much better our lifestyles would be if we had continued to explore and discover.

Thinking back on the Dark Ages when we had the New World - a land of riches - just a few thousand miles across the ocean but we were too timid to explore out of ignorance and superstition. In a way, we have been in a new "Dark Age" since the last moon landings.
Seeing More Clearly Now declares a rabbi who doesn't like Trump must be one of those counterfeit Jews totally mentioned in Exodus:
One thing for sure. Despite that the article says, this guy is not “orthodox,” no way, just because he says he is and just because he puts on some hippy garb. He’s without a doubt, a Leftist poser and a Marxist enemy combatant within the Jewish community. 
Tradition has it that there is a group of not real Jews called who left Egypt with the children of Israel and have been a thorn in their sides ever since. This person is clearly one of this Fifth Column. Trump has major support from Jews who can think clearly and see that the Trump’s becoming president included help from the hand of God. Shmuly whatever his name is apparently thinks he’s God.
terycarl thinks maybe caps lock and lots of question marks will help ignore all events from 1965 on.
It amazes me that everyone seems to forget that the people who attacked Lewis were DEMOCRATS....Alabama, George Wallace, KuKluxKlan are all DEMOCRATS and when Lewis recovered from his injuries having his skull fractured by a DEMOCRAT....he joined them...?????????????????
I guess still feeling a bit scared, hal ogen continues to reassure himself that Obama was elected only due to his blackness:
Clown Dunce nobama...the ultimate affirmative-action hire. Loser. Pathetic.
Eaten up inside from bitterness, MadMax, the Grinning Reaper writes a long screed about how many people deserve painful deaths from cancer, like his parents got. Spoilers - it's all Democrats.
No one deserves the full ravages of cancer.

Some people do.

Arthur, right on, re “Some people do” re “No one deserves the full ravages of cancer”.

Can you think of a Nazi SS torturer or execution who you wouldn’t wish cancer on? The same for the Japanese torturers and murderers of tens of thousands of our men and women, often in the styles of ISIS today.

How about the Communists of the Soviet Union and Red China, No. Korea, No. Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge, who made torture, starvation and mass executions into an “art”?

Would you wish Charles Manson “Good health”? How about the Marxist psychopath and FOObie Bill Ayers? Would you want the murderers of the KKK to have “good health”

HELL NO!. I wish them all the pain and suffering they deserve because they have EARNED it.

I’ve known Communists in this country (plus some bigtime white racists, black extremists and plain old traitors) who I would love to see die a slow death. In fact one did, Sen. Frank Church (D-IO?) who sold out our intelligence programs and agencies in the 1970’s which led to 9/11 (long story but trust me, I saw it happen). The last time I saw this POS he looked like a POS. He earned it.

Now, both my parents died of cancer (Liver and Leukemia) and I just had a minor skin operation last week, so I know what serious suffering is in a person, but my parents were good Americans, both served in WW2, my father in the Army, my mother in the Dept. of the Army. They raised a family, helped the poor, gave a black young man a job when others wouldn’t, and worked hard (my father literally died when his first Social Security check came in, from his medically forced retirement).

I’m sick and tired of wishing evil people or even stupid people who were warned about the dangers of their actions, “good health”. Screw them. They sold us out - our country, our children, our exceptionalism. I don’t care where they go when they’re gone. I want them to suffer while they are still alive so that they can think about what they did to a whole country.

I’m not an officer and a gentleman though I’ve been called that. I’m an old street fighter kind of guy who has seen the betrayal of America by the traitors and the stupids. It is time that they pay for their actions.

I’ve met Communists in Vietnam and Cambodia (POWS and defectors) for whom I had more respect than the shits we have who have continually sold out our country. The sooner our human termites are gone, the better.
libh8er keeps his perspective on H.W. Bush's ill health:
Hope it doesn’t overshadow Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s inauguration is a pivotal moment in American history.
Dude, it's a party, the ceremony is never the meaningful part.

JPX2011 explains why Trump's cabinet doesn't need to know anything:
Actually, I don’t care that Perry knows next-to-nothing (supposedly) about nuclear weapons, nuclear stockpiles, or nuclear energy. There is a fallacy in thinking among liberal technocratic circles that it takes ‘experts’ to run things. Not so.

Consider: why do companies hire CEOs from other companies that previously had no experience in their sectors? Because they know how to run organizations. That’s what I expect from Perry. How good is he at sniffing out B.S.; that’s the true test of his ability to run DOE.
tcrlaf has a really rarified idea of why Democrats are:
There is no “Democratic Party” anymore, and it’s last gasp was 2004.

There is only the Radical Academic Socialist Billionaires Part now.
Grimmy disbelieves direct quotes from Trump, because they are quoted by 'the msm.'
Did Trump say it? Or did some piece of msm scumsuckage make it up and project it as wish fulfillment rebranded as “news”?
9YearLurker worries Trump may be weakened by scheming women.
Ivanka with the “senior advisor” Democrat husband.

The same Ivanka who just spent an hour on the phone with Michelle Obama.

Add in the GOPe Priebus and three out of four of Trump’s top advisors are not on our side.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin really leans hard on the slave narrative for Freepers.
No more bowing down to the radical racial dividers. We finally have a statesman instead of a politician. Finally, a light at the end of a long tunnel in which we have been living, cut off from reality, contact with others who think like we do and hopeless in the world. Thank God almighty we are about to break out into the light and freedom again.

We are no longer slaves under tunnel vision taskmasters trying to force their will upon us, force their thoughts into our heads and control everything we do, everything we buy, where we wish to live, how we practice our religion (if they disagree with it) and how we shoot our guns.
Thank God almighty, we are free at last. Everybody sing, "We shall overcome....." 

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  1. Arthur, right on, re “Some people do” re “No one deserves the full ravages of cancer”.

    All that Jesus-y stuff is completely wasted on them.