Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

HomerBohn wants Democrats on trial, and to close Congress to the public.
Democrats, as well as Muslims, are America's enemies!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to be held responsible for any left wing liberal democrat attack upon any Republican officials. They are the heads of the left wing liberal democrat congress and should be held accountable for their democrat crybaby's. I

If these deplorable events continue the Secrete Service will have to protect all of Trumps Cabinet and staff members.

Speaker Ryan should declare the House closed to all outside visitors and press. Speaker McConnell should do the same for the Senate. Both should impose sanctions against democrats as they are truly despicable enemies.
Ugh, fuck you Simon Foxx:
1. McConnell needs to be recognized for singlehandledly SAVING Scaia’s seat by refusing to hold hearings on Obama’s nominee in 2016.
Simon Foxx could be channeling Mussolini. Or Loki from the Avengers.
Its a funny thing about Trump that people are starting to pick up on - he seems to act like a quick “spine transplant” on those that are around him.

Human nature is such that most people will gravitate towards, and bend their will towards, a REAL leader, because people want to be LED.

When you don’t have one around, most people go back on their heels. When you have an UBER-leader like Trump around, even the Mitch McConnells start feeling like they can move mountains.

'because people want to be LED.'

RushIsMyTeddyBear seems to think an accusation of liberal hyperbole is a challenge to his own hyperbole crown.
Leftards live for hyperbole.

Not enough deaths for the leftists. They despise humanity.
Actually, with Freepers, you can never tell what's humility and what's sincere, delusional madness.

Let's Roll is not up on his populist history, I guess.
As if unions ever answered to the American people.
polymuser focuses on making up the important stuff about Trump.
I just LOVE looking at the photo of our new POTUS sitting at the Oval Office desk!! :0)

And I really doubt he will EVER put his feet up on that desk (like Bammy and W shamefully did.)
PJBankard is only accepting two sources of info:
Don’t believe it unless Trump tweets it or it comes from his press secretary. Trump should not tolerate leaks, unless designed to purposely troll the media.
hondact200 is still being racist at Obama:
Look to Obama - His mother had an afterbirth and named it Barack Hussein Obama III. When she went to Indonesia, his name became Barry Soetoro. Just think Obama’s should have thrown the baby out with the bathwater.
A number of Freepers are indignant about some nobodies insulting Barron Trump. bgill shows how insulting Presidential kids is done. Or, how it's done when they're black and you're racist as fuck:
Malia was supposed to do a summer internship with Costos at the Spanish Embassy. Instead, she was out doping, twerking and partying. Last time they were in Martha's Vineyard, her SS had to scoot her out of a party before it was raided.

Sasha had on last fling on the taxpayers' dime with a vacation with Biden's granddaughter and a group of friends in Miami the weekend before the inauguration. We can only assume she's back in school with grandma "baby" sitting but who knows what Malia is up to.
mumblypeg is still on the Pizzagate desk. It doesn't come up so often, but it's now Freeper conventional wisdom, just like the Clinton death list.
Of interest, possibly, to Pizzagate fans:

Spanish ambassador James Costos would be among the ambassadors summarily dismissed by Trump, no?
His boyfriend, the interior designer who redecorated the WH for Michelle, will have also been evicted from the embassy.

The mostly boring article, linked below, contains an interesting nugget, namely, that Costo & his bf routinely hosted tours of the American Embassy in Madrid, for elementary age schoolchildren, to look at their art collection.

Wut? Why would local schoolchildren in Madrid be taken out of school and brought to the American Embassy, to look at esoteric art owned by a couple of middle aged fairies?
Proves nothing, but seems odd.
greeneyes finds war in all the strangest places.
Well, we are already at war, in every area except full blown military. We have been under attack culturally, economically, cyber attacks etc. for decades.
Trump's election lead to a brief respite, but now Freepers like fella are again predicting/rooting for actual war.
The Demoncrat party appears to be striving for another civil war. If they get what they want it will be very ugly and brutal.
FreedomStar3028 has a really low standard for the miraculous.
Mad dog, now this guy.

Not to mention the amount of prayers to God and Jesus at the inauguration.

This is divine intervention.

Could it be anything else?

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