Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Potpourri pt. 1

FreedomStar3028 does not care about corruption in Israel, and I'd wager America as well.
Is the evidence of corruption legitimate?

Personally I wouldn’t care if it is. Netanyahu is an amazing and effective leader.

But I hope he doesn’t get ousted before Trump takes office. Who knows what kind of man would take Netanyahu’s office.
sport just assumes all evidence of corruption in people he likes is fake, and all reporting it are dangers to the State:
This is very disturbing. If Soros and Obama are trying to take out Bibi, what are they going to try next against Trump?

I would say probably the same thing they did to BIBi. Trump up charges, attempt to arrest him and he will be killed “resisting” arrest. 
The quest that remains to be answered is , should this happen, what will be our response? These are very dangerous individuals. And anyone that believes that they are going to give up their power merely because they lost an election are only deluding themselves.
Candor7 tellingly mixes up Jeff Sessions with Jesse Helms. What, all white racists look the same to you?
NOW Jesse Helms needs to sort out the quick and the dead to secure future freedom of America and its citizens.This is why the Democrats are jumping up and down like monkeys about Jesse Helms confirmation process. That's the real story amid Russia Hacking False News.
Even at this late date, buffyt casually diagnoses Obama.
I said from day one, he is schizophrenic... Only with one change to the diagnose...

Schizophrenia is Paranoia with delusions of grandeur. He has Delusions of Adequacy! LOL
Yaelle is really out there.
Pedosta’s ashes in a pizza box?

That would be a beautiful day.
greeneyes explains Hillary's voter fraud happened, but was overwhelmed by Real America.
Well, they miscalculated and HRC didn’t get enough manufactured votes, so they need to make sure that they can count the votes in order to control who actually can win.
silverleaf uses made up stuff about Obama to excuse Trump's thin-skinned bumbling.
Let’s compare the amount of time it takes to send some tweets to the time it takes to play a round of golf
miniTAX demands the CIA reveal it's procedures, or else he will sue for treason! And subversion!!
“We assess with high confidence” and... zero evidence.
One more good reason for Trump to drain “17 intelligence” agencies” swamp. 
Not only should they be fired, those liars must be sued their pants out for treason and subversion.
goodnesswins knows who to blame for all problems:
Reince Priebus: Trump accepts that “entities in Russia” responsible for DNC and Podesta hackings


ConservativeMind sides with Russian propaganda:
Completely bogus finding against RT.

Sham agencies, all of them.
FES0844 explains away Trump being a dick to the nice old man whose been the announcer for every inauguration since Ike.
Brotman told ABC News’ D.C. affiliate he was “heartbroken” to learn he wouldn't be announcing what would have been his 12th inaugural parade.

“I’ve been doing this for 60 years,” Brotman told WJLA.

“I was destroyed,” he added.

I hate when seniors don’t recognize its time to give someone else a turn.
Herman Ball blames Democrats for all extremism.
Home grown extremist come from liberals,the media and Democrat spiel. The are the making of the Democrat Party and it’s spiel in Congress. It is time to stand up to the Democrat heatherns.
Syncro finally explains Obama's support for mixing fabrics and coitus interruptus!
Anything that the Bible shows as destructive to a person, or wrong in other ways, is added to a list of things that Obama will push and support.
CivilWarBrewing completely buys into the schizophrenic delusions of the latest mass shooter.
'Santiago' went to the FBI and told them the CIA was making him watch ISIS videos and making him fight for ISIS.. Many have speculated the CIA is actually ASSISTING ISIS, not seeking to STOP THEM, so.. Why would this guy say this when it's actually a plausible statement, given all that's been theorized lately? 
This could be absolute NUTZO, OR with Brennan supposedly being a Muslim convert, and also word that the U.S. founded and arms ISIS as 0dungsh*t continues to MINIMIZE their threat ("JV team"), I think Congress needs to investigate Santiago's comments further. SERIOUSLY. 'False flag' or whatever, with all we know about Team 0dunga's subversive history with helping Iran while trashing Israel and his total disregard for what has happened in the ME and the emptying of Gitmo regardless just how dangerous those barbarians are, this needs to be investigated by the Trump administration.
In fact, a lot of Freep's doctrine seems indistinguishable from the diagnosed mentally ill, except for the laziness. Proyecto Anonimo:
Is talking about stuff like MK-ULTRA still considered conspiracy theory or have we gotten up to the general acceptance that our government is regularly up to its eyeballs in creating monsters to conduct terror attacks against us?

July cop shootings.

All programmed. Had to be.

Too many happened in 36 hours.

All ambushes. May they rest in peace.
Speaking of crazed delusions, Diana in Wisconsin makes herself depressed that imaginary liberals never get assassinated like imaginary conservatives do.
The problem is...they’re STILL walking! If ‘we’ behaved like the Leftists/Socialists, these people would have bullet wounds in the back of their heads, all of their valuables STILL ON THEM at 4am on a Tuesday, while they were supposedly on a, ‘Bagel Run’ before work!

I HATE the world we’re living in. But, in reality this chit has always been going on...most of us just weren’t paying attention.
Mad Dawgg has some quality fake news, courtesy of Gateway Pundit.
Hey guys apparently CNN tried several times to retouch the Airport Shooter photo to make it look better for publication:
This one apparently was rejected because it made the shooter look "too white"...
Timpanagos1 - we've always been at war with Eastasia.
Trump has been clear on this all along.

We will finance the Border Wall, build the Border Wall and Mexico will pay back the US taxpayers for the Border Wall.

It’s just like a Construction Loan.
Jeff Chandler is pretty sure Trump's wall backpedaling is a clever plot to trick the liberals:
It doesn't matter. The moment Trump said Mexico will pay for the wall the debate changed from Can a wall be built:No, to If a wall is built will Mexico pay for it?

Think about it. Three years from now when our border is secure and the Left says Mexico didn't pay for it Trump can smile and shrug his shoulders because the majority of the voters will adore him for building the wall in the first place.
When did Freepers decide the NYPD were all Freepers? AC Beach Patrol has some petty plans for Obama's intel leaders.
I’d make Brennan go through security and be escorted

LMFAO!. That's a good one. I'd also have the surliest former NYPD detectives escorting Brennan and his security detail. Telling his security detail agents, "You can just STFU, we have our orders from Mr. Trump. Btw, where are you a**holes from??"


  1. Because the NYPD answers directly to the President...

  2. Personally I wouldn’t care if it is. Netanyahu is an amazing and effective leader.

    Amazing and effective = dictatorial powers to kill and imprison ideological enemies. The moment the tables are turned, those qualities are "tyranny."

  3. "Sued for treason" was truly precious. I laughed out loud for minutes.

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  5. It's like they don't realize Trump doesn't just own golf courses but plays on them too.

    Nevermind the fact that Obama's total vacation time in office is loads less than GWB's which they were fine with. During the height of 2 wars.