Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Freeper 2017 predictions!

One of my favorite things is Freeper predictions, since it provides such a window into their thoughts unalloyed by the dim tickles of reality.

This year is, as any regular reader will predict, particularly dark and paranoid. Because Freepers are having a lot of trouble dealing with victory. The only unexpected angle is the anti-environment angle coming in so strong. I think because this is a battlefield where Freepers feel Trump may not disappoint them.

2ndDivisionVet really....swings for the fences:
Near limitless cheap energy, which will help make the United States the manufacturing and creative powerhouse of the world.
LonePalm joins the Freeper trend of existing entirely to make liberals sad. It's rapidly overtaking hatred of illegals as the backbone of Free Republic:
Great wailing and gnashing of teeth from liberals.

Many liberal garments rendered.

Oceans of melted snowflakes.
JudyinCanada is also into the energy:
Stock market will hopefully soar, especially in the energy sector, which is where I moved a lot of my relatively small investment funds.
I expect Cobra64 is sure everything will be Obama's fault for at least four more years:
No, now the libs’ new mantra will be: “Trump’s Fault,”
a fool in paradise hates how no one made fun of Obama. It's almost as if Trump is somehow more mockable!
Comedians are relieved that they can once again tell jokes about the sitting president.

Libs no longer have to say “Bush’s fault” about anything in the economy or abroad.
Enough about the petty predictions. CodeToad lusts for death:
There will be a lot of dead stupid liberals that follow the likes of Obama and Soros and Hillary and McInsane to riot.
The_Republic_Of_Maine is full on conspiracying:
There will be a lot of dead stupid liberals that follow the likes of Obama and Soros and Hillary and McInsane

by suicide as their names and involvement comes out in the PizzzaGate investigations.
Pizzagate still seems to be happening on Freep...

vooch is still chasing that black vote, even as Free Republic thinks the majority are genetically violent criminals:
1) rollback of executive orders & regulation
2) 800,000 fewer federal employees
3) Federal Debt down by 1/2 to $10 trillion
4) Charter Schools expand by 20% a year
5) 60% of African Americans vote R
6) Democrat Party becomes even more irrelevant
7) legacy media outlets are forgotten
luvbach1 wishes something to make his persecution complex real:
I’m sorry to have to predict that there will be an assassination attempt by a Prog, but unsuccessful, and Trump will escape unscathed.
StAnDeliver with the usual:
Civil war. We win.
DaveA37 hopes we fuck the environment hard while we still can:
“Global warming” will be put on ice.
In a meaningless gesture of empty triumphalism Disestablishmentarian feels Trump is going to destroy the world of all who oppose him.
The Congress MUST establish the Trump agenda into law, ASAP.

Those who think Trump is deranged are RIGHT, according to their world, because he is going to destroy it.


  1. I predict one full year of zots for any freeper who even obliquely criticizes Trump for his boobery.
    Finally, it will become too much for even freepers to ignore and Onyx and HarleyLady will have to establish a safe zone thread for protected daily Trump worship.

  2. I predict JimRob won't make it to 2020. This isn't me gleefully wishing for his death or anything, just noting his actual health condition (as opposed to Hillary's imagined).

    I don't know if FP would continue, but if it did, I wonder if it would go even crazier and fundier like a post-Lenin situation, or pull back a bit?