Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The yugest crowds, I tells ya!

In politics, crowds are like potential energy. They are meaningless unless transformed into electoral results, but then they're strong.

Unless you're Trump, who has to win in all things, even the largely symbolic. Trump's crowd numbers were not great. Trump just had his press secretary lie about it, and tried to use outrage to cover it up, and Freepers now can't dismiss crowds, and are now obliged to go along with the buffoon

A 2004 Freeper snarkytart I had rarely seen, spent all day on this. She starts this thread, and posted in a lot of other crowd threads:
These people are vile liars and fake news spreaders. They fake polls then get surprised when they lose. They had their paid thugs out in DC causing violence that create two hour delays getting to the inauguration speech then they take pics before the ceremony started to spread propaganda to say nobody was there, when in reality once people got through the check points and the ceremony was started the crowd size was massive.
snarkytart hopes Rush will save her from having to read non-right wingers!
This is why I made this thread. Hopefully Rush and others will deal with this LIE tomorrow.

It’s a disgrace that they are allowed to spread their lies. They have encouraged violence at the inauguration for weeks, then it happens causing delays getting into the area to watch the inauguration and they run with some pic before the ceremony was in full swing. After people got through it filled out as you see in the pics above, one of which is from CNN itself. The left are deranged liars.
snarkytart knows if  these fake facts get out, it'll be all over for Trump:
It’s the kind of lie that causes a deflation and suppression of support for this movement. It’s a lie point blank. I’m glad Spicer called them out.
snarkytart then starts quoting other Freepers to just repeat the simple 'it's a media conspiracy' BS they are spouting:
Chris Wallace, the Democrat mouthpiece on Fox News, said this morning that Press Sec. Spicer should not have said anything about the inauguration numbers controversy. However, these photos were used by the Democrat media to discredit Pres. Trump and further the DNC theme that Pres. Trump is an illegitimate leader, voted in by the minority of Americans. 
The msm should be fought at every turn, or Pres. Trump will wind up as discredited as Pres. George W Bush, who did not confront them about their lies. They should be slapped down every time they slant the news. When were these photos taken? It took Trump supporters hours to clear security and many actually missed the swearing in because of the security bottle necks caused by the slow checks and several of the 12 gates being blocked by Soros funded protests that kept Trump supporters out. Where were the stories about the protesters who deprived many families, who had driven hours to come, from witnessing the swearing in.

This is a great and truthful post. The pic and numbers of attendance would not be a big deal but the left keep pushing this "he did not get the majority of votes" "He won because of Russia" "He's not legitimate" so this stuff NEEDS to be addressed at every turn. Chris Wallace, like most in the media, should not be listened to on ANYTHING regarding what Trump should and should not do. The media also says he should not tweet anymore. Forget them and their RINO, losing strategy.
Jeez, snarkytart what's going on with you? Just going to use all the excuses all at once are you?
True, DJT supporters are scattered throughout the country and not concentrated in areas like DC, Baltimore, NY, Philly etc. All those cities are leftwing and within a 3 hr train ride to DC. not to mention all the Universities around that area. 
Easy to get leftist to rallies in DC vs middle America to come to DC. However, once DJT started his speech that place was packed with only small areas way in the back not filled. 
Many have posted pics on their blogs and twitter with over flow crowd. It was 2 to 3 hour delays to get through check points to reach the area to stand to watch the speech, people filtered in while the ceremony was going on ... it’s really a disgrace that the left created this situation then brag how nobody was there at the beginning of the speech. Gee, you talk about violence for weeks, create over the top security that cause people to be delayed hours getting into the mall area, and then take pics talking “nobody was there”.
"It was because DC is liberal! And also it's a hoax! And also liberals blocked the entrances! And violent threats too!" Pick a story and stick to it.

hal ogen manages to get a word in edgewise to explain that snarkytart is overthinking things:
Liars lie...that is what they do. Never trust the “media”.
Hillarys Gate Cult is ready to unskew every crowd from now on:
Looks like the left has learned a new trick. Deflating crowd size photos. They’re so used to falsely inflating crowds on Hillary’s campaign photos that I’m surprised they could pull that off.

Was anyone able to tell what they’re showing? Original photo taken at first light or on an earlier day.
RebelTXRose remembers the Tea Party was super huge, but no one covered it:
I thought it was interesting yesterday hearing that the “women’s march” ORGANIZERS estimated their own crowd.

Remember 9-12-09? When there WAS 1.5 million of us in the mall and only “tens of thousands” was reported. The estimate of the organizers was NEVER reported.

So glad PRESIDENT TRUMP made the correction about Friday!
noiseman goes internet sleuth on stuff that's easily looked up, and finds an answer he prefers:
The misleading pic looks very similar (though from a higher angle) to how the mall looked in the background during the FoxNews broadcast about 2 hours before the ceremony. I think it’s an early pic, taken before most had been able to get in. Having attended the 2009 Tea Party march, I would say the inauguration crowd was larger (judging by the REAL pictures during the ceremony), and the Tea Party crowd was huge.


  1. Never mind photographs. Didn't even one of them watch it on TV? I did. That was Spicer's dodge later on -- he didn't mean largest crowd in person, of course he meant the largest audience via YouTube.. Of course, if you watched it live, you could see the empty stands and bleachers along the parade route in real time. Footage of which is all available on YouTube.

    1. They know what the reality is but it's officially become deny deny deny and somehow they think that will change reality. Or trick people? I don't know. They're just terrible and don't care.