Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Spotlight: Talisker

I cannot tell you when this long-time Freeper signed up, because he's been zotted for reasons unknown. Oftentimes zotting is temporary, but this one seems to have stuck.

Could be the offending posts have been deleted, or it could be that the lame slapfight he gets into with miss marmelstein over victim-blaming women who get raped in Muslim countries, though I didn't think she had that kind of pull. Or something behind the scenes like he didn't pay his dues.

What is clear is that this guy is mainstream Freep. He believes all the main Freeper conspiracies and more, including chemtrails.
He also has the requisite knee-jerk reactions to anodyne statements. "Obama said he got tackled in high school? BRAIN DAMAGE!"
And he's also a great devote of the 'All Muslims are inbred to be genetically evil' half-baked neo-eugenics.
He doesn't take Freepers who disagree with his fervently held theories at all well, but then what Freeper does?

His hatred of Hillary takes a second seat to no one. She's a demon for reals. Also she created feminism 40 years ago? The Clintons are so evil, murder is okay now. He was already terrified of her in 2011. He also has real problems with women in general, except for the conservative ones.

He likes demons a lot. He abuses Christianity a lot - his religion enables, it never guides - complaining about how wimpy people have made Jesus. He also amusingly tries to argue Ayn Rand's works are Christian. He does like Rand with all the fervor of a college student who has read only the Cliff's Notes. This leads to him denying society is a thing that exists???

Another area of particular strength is strawmanning liberals. Where some conservatives content themselves with spurious mental illness diagnoses, he goes to demons, and beyond to a realm of infinite evil. And they want to kill all conservatives, especially the women. Just like Muslims, a comparison he loves to make.

Mystery flight circles over Denver; officials have few answers

It’s a mega spray plane. Psyops.

Anyone who believes the military doesn’t know who’s flying above Denver, of all places, is clueless.
You can tell he loves justice from his torture boner.
Man sentenced for rape of 90-year-old

This is why God made plastic shredders.
Freeper virtue signaling generally involves crimes against humanity.

Hillary was the Biblical Destroyer. Remember in Revelations when the voters defeat The Destroyer?
There is no way to properly gauge the size of the catastrophe to humanity we’ve just been spared. She’s not just a demon - she’s the Destroyer from the Book of Revelation.

Or was.

Hillary is appetite incarnate.
The hubris of that bitch.

Yep - she's appetite incarnate.

And what her followers can't seem to ever get through their exalted heads, is that she'll eat them just as easily as anything else. To her heinous, everything and everyone is nothing but food.
Hillary will kill all Chinese dissidents.
Tiananmen dissident warns of Trump danger (Wu'er Kaixi, survivor of PRC 1989 Massacre)

What a shame that he suffered so much and yet learned nothing.

Hillary would roast you alive on a stick and serve you as an appetizer to the Chinese ambassador, you fool.
Hillary is the end of America.
Hillary is the end of America. Trump will save America from destruction. Clear enough? If not, write it on a rock and shove it up your @ss, and crawl back to DU with the message.
Cyborg Hillary.
Subdermal implant. Either to release chemicals or to emit some sort of radiated signal to her brain, which is why it’s in her face - ultra low power.

Any way you look at it, it’s creepy stuff.
Hillary created feminism.
Hillary's forty year strategy to seize the presidency was more than audacious. Through feminism she created the soccer moms, through the soccer moms she created the snowflakes, and through both she murdered maturity itself, and then corrupted the hearts of the resulting adult children into a feral Lord of the Flies Democratic Party that would relate to her own soul corruption as the "new normal" they would identify with and vote for.

She lost, but she's left us with these destroyed people. Her crimes before God and humanity are virtually limitless. She's a murderer of an entire people. "Psychopath" doesn't begin to describe her.
Christian Cake Club.
Christian bakeries would now put up a sign stating that they no longer make wedding cakes. Any wedding cakes, for anybody. They make all sorts of other cakes, including birthday cakes, but not wedding cakes - even for Christians.

Then, they would advertise a separate, private business: the Christian Wedding Cake Club. It would take a nominal fee to join ( say, five bucks), and also require the person to be a member in good standing of an affiliated Christian Church - one that has already been vetted and accepted into the club. Then, for those members only, the bakery would make and sell Christian wedding cakes.
Making stuff up.
She hiding a huge smile with that hand - she was watching Gaddafi being raped to death per her orders by the future members of ISIS.
Arguing over which Communist Hillary is
Hillary is Lenin. A corrupt drunken lesbian Lenin, but still Lenin.

No, FRiend.

Hillary is Stalin.
2011 Hillary fear.
Everyone wants Obama impeached or defeated. but who do you think is waiting in the wings, like a snake in the grass? Hillary, that's who. So interpret things at least at two levels if you want to see what's going on - the Obama level, and then underneath, the Hillary level. Once both are considered, THEN look at the exterior events and ask yourself what they could mean, for and against these factions.

Otherwise you won't have a clue.
Ferguson police shootings are a Hillary False Flag.
Guess this will knock Hillary off the front page.

I expected something like this.
Hillary is on the brink of death!
Hillary stepped back a bit or to the side and fell off? This kind of stuff makes us look like we are really stretching because some of us really ARE stretching.

Don’t we have enough ammo to do the job (no, not assassination) of defeating her without being so picky or stretching headlines using the same style as lefties use?

Oh SHOVE it, you patronizing shill. She WASN'T on a chair, LIAR. She was on a low, stable concrete platform several people could have stood on - and she STILL couldn't maintain her own balance. And there are NO other times exaggeration has been used towards her. Like the MSM, you make crap up out of the whole cloth and then insinuate conservatives are doing the fantasies of your own sordid imagination.

Get lost, you mind f#####g CREEP.
A roundup of Clinton conspiracies.
Is Bill a serial sex attacker? Is she a husband-beating lesbian? Is Chelsea really Bill's daughter? And does a billionaire paedophile have a secret hold over Bill?

Yes. Yes. No. Yes.

And that's just the start.
The fucking Chelsea's parentage bullshit, I don't know why it still amazes me and the other stuff doesn't, but it's still incredible.

American liberals are the most racist people on the planet.
Liberals are dehumanizing conservatives. This proves they are not human.
I’ve had similar experiences with liberals. There’s a severe level of programmed virulence they manifest, like robots utterly unable to think past their programming. There’s literally a humanity, or a profound level of humanity, missing from them. They assume no common ground with anyone, only politically defined differences, and those differences are absolute.

In other words, they don’t see themselves as human beings talking with other human beings in common humanity, jointly discussing differing views as human beings for our common human culture. No. Instead, they see themselves as paragons of not even virtue but perfection, of established truth, and anyone differing from their views in even the slightest ways as medieval heretics, and that difference invoking criminal charges up to and including burning at the stake. And yet at the same time, when challenged they can’t defend those views - but they know they’re right, and they know the greatest possible evil is the questioning of those views.

It is very disconcerting - something has been broken, lost, replaced, removed from them. There is no casualness, no relaxation, no insight, no humor, no perspective. They are frightening people, if they even are people anymore. I think they more see themselves as enforcers of purity, which I believe is also what the Muslim religious police call themselves.
Liberals are infinitely evil.
there are things murderous soviet communists won't do.

There are no limits to what murderous liberals will do.
The problem with liberals is that they want to kill everyone else and don't care about truth.
The Left will not be defeated until it is universally understood that they do not want to "win," nor do they want to "teach" a better way - what they want, pure and simple, is that anyone who disagrees with them be killed. In this they are identical with Muslims. That's why arguing with a liberal is so futile, and why you can almost see the liberal laughing at your efforts - they can't believe you don't understand what they really stand for, and how they absolutely don't give a damn about the truth of anything. To a liberal, anyone who actually believes in the truth is - literally - an idiot.
Liberals dream of killing all conservative women.
Democrat women don't disagree with others, or have discussions, or debate, or consider alternative viewpoints.

No, no, no. These peace-loving, baby and families oriented paragons have a much better method of dealing with disagreement:

They Erase You.

So you see, there are no Conservative or Republican women. They don't exist. Right now, it's figurative. Such women are shunned and not acknowledged, literally denied their humanity and existence.

But as history has repeatedly shown, that's not where progressives leave things. Oh no. Because some sunny day they'll be able to ACTUALIZE their dream of "peace" and actually make all those disagreeing women... disappear.

And then liberal women can say there really, actaully are no conservative or Republican women in America, just like the president of Iran looks the whole world in the eyes and says quite truthfully that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

You think the same females that can chop up a living breathing 9 month old baby into bloody pieces and call it freedom won't do this? LOL! Dream on!

They DREAM of it.
The only way liberals will learn is if we get angry and violent.
Millions have implanted their thumbs firmly in their mouths, crapped their pants, and sat in it, screaming. That’s America today - in virtually every family. How many Freepers are about to have to deal with Thanksgiving and a load of these creatures in their own family?

We’ve tried loving kindness. It doesn’t work. These people need loving aggression, in their faces. IMHO, they need to see the rage THEIR subhuman narcissistic insulting contempt has generated. They need to be personally challenged as to how many teeth they are willing to lose for the cause.

This is a war by other means. These idiots serve masters who intend them and us dead. Being harsh to them, therefore, saves lives.
We are in eternal civil war.
If we were actually in a true civil war, then yes, you would want me on your side.

We are, actually, in a true civil war.
Remember when Trayvon Martin's shooter was killed in prison?
Brazen harrassment and setup for murder. They want Zimmerman in jail so he can be whacked by another prisoner (no doubt paid), and get them off the hook for falsely charging him.
Dude loves reddit's The_Donald.
We're pretty jaded over here. The excitement at The_Donald reminds me of how Free Republic sounded in the 90's.
Never-mind that China isn't even really Communist anymore.
Communist China's EXISTENCE is a crime against humanity. There will be NO peace on earth as long as Communist China EXISTS.
Saying Muslims are genetically evil isn't Nazi-esque, because this time it's true!
This is the kind of crap that the Germans spewed in ‘36.

I don’t need another reason to hate Islamic terrorists. I wish people would stop this kind of crap.

This isn't "crap," it's genetics, and it translates directly to actual birth defects and mental illness that serves to support the murderousness of Islam in a significant way.

The Germans in '36 were justifying the mass murder of the inbred, mentally deficient. This article is about the fact that inbred, mentally deficient Muslims are committing mass murder. Totally opposite conditions.
Do not deny the FACTS I have decided are true about Muslims!
Call it stupid all you want, but its statistical, biological and Islamic reality is beyond question. What seems stupid is to challenge these FACTS. Who does that serve, and why? After all, its not like Muslims aren't actually ACTING inbred and mentally ill all over the world, right? I mean how many more people do they need to slaughter before you'll find this issue significant? How many more millions of female genitals do they need to cut out and throw into the garbage? And where else in the world do you find similar TOTALLY indefensible and maniacal behavior supported by a billion people?

You don't make any sense on this issue. They act insane, and this is PROOF they can be statistically verified as genetically insane. Deal with it.
The usual Freeper dream of Muslim genocide.
The world is still in denial about what Muslims are.

But that will end, because Muslims won’t stop murdering.

Then, one day, a critical point will be reached, and there will be a pause. And then, shortly thereafter, Muslims will end, because they will cease to exist on this planet.
Jews are natural socialists.
Jews generally consider themselves the “chosen” and are not known for their insecurity. In fact, overall they think pretty highly of themselves.

So it is not a surprise that people who call themselves the “chosen” would be attracted to a method of totalitarian political control which requires “masters” to run it.
Jews aren't known for their insecurity? Haha

Blacks are Stalinist revolutionaries.
[T]hey don’t care about being black, you fool. They are Stalin’s useful idiots, too stupid to realize that the “revolution” they want so bad can only end in their own deaths. Their leaders are collectivist totalitarians, they are morons, and you are an enabler - and a fool.
Obama putting Civil Rights lawyers into the DoJ Civil Rights division? That's demonic.
Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division has reversed a pattern of systematically hiring conservative lawyers with little experience in civil rights, the practice that caused a scandal over politicization during the Bush administration.

The absolute, 180 degree, blazing hypocrisy of this statement is the product of not only law school, but demonic possession.
Not keeping old rockets is TREASON!
Hey Ted, tell NASA to check their dumpsters for the Saturn 5 engine blueprints. Because throwing them away was really rational and excusable and not f*****g TREASON, right?
I'll bet Obama's brain damaged haw haw!
When I was young and played football briefly, there were a couple times where I'm sure that that ringing sensation in my head and the needing to sit down for a while might have been a mild concussion, and at the time you didn't think anything of it," Obama said at a White House event designed to highlight the risks of sports-related brain injuries.

I guess "mild concussion" is Hawaiian for "massive brain surgery."
Society is not a real thing.
Collectivism is parasitism, because collectives don’t exist.

Collectives DO NOT EXIST.

People exist, and people make things and trade with each other.

The word “collective” is the magic word that is used to get everyone to go along with parasitic slavery. That’s all.

Humanity will either realize this, and destroy the mind-f****ng parasites and live, or it will not, and it will die.

There’s no third way.
Laws against murder no longer matter, because Clinton.
Well you can’t just go around killing people. No matter how justified you decide their death to be.

Agreed in principle. But forty years makes a mockery of the law.
Lock up the press
For some reason one of the counties in the state is destroying ballots that 'were not counted' yesterday.

Here's how you stop Democrat voter fraud. You see the above sentence, where the writer and editor state that the reason for the destruction of the ballots is unknown? That's the MSM not only dumbing down the population to rocklike levels, but also limiting the discussion of this event to the level of a 3 year old passed out on cough syrup.

That, right there, is the ENTIRE reason the Rats get away with this sh!t - because the public forum to confront them has been seized, locked up and functionally destroyed by the MSM.

The solution, therefore, is obvious. Arrest the writer and editor of that sentence, and convict them of sedition, and sentence them to LIFE in prison without the possibility of parole.

Do it a few times, and "magically", voter fraud will stop.

The power of the MSM to destroy the country has been grossly, and almost fatally, underappreciated.
Women be sluts.
I think these packs of drugged, drunk, ferocious, utterly hypocritical and staggeringly cruel women - and there are now literally millions of them - is THE elephant in America’s living room. They are the power behind the abiding madness of the Left.

What these poor fools don’t realize is that they have been led to completely, utterly, destroy their lives solely for their votes, and that their precious feminism has only ever been a front for international communism at the most barbaric level. Oh - and that every one of them is completely dispensable.

It’s a profound moral collapse in every way, by women too frightened and vicious to reverse themselves. Which is a good thing for Hillary, because if these women ever really grasp what’s been done to them by Cankles & Co., they’d rip that bitch into chunks.
Feminists are psychopaths.
Feminists are insane. They are literally psychopaths. They want their way to be the only way, and they want anyone who disagrees with them to be utterly destroyed - not only physically, but psychologically, emotionally, financially, socially and every other possible way.

Remember the Clones Wars in the Star Wars series? THESE are the REAL clone wars. These aren’t “feminists.” These are HILLARY CLONES. And as such, they are totally, murderously insane psychopaths pretending to be “women.”

But women are the one thing they are not, and will never be. If anything, they are anti-women - “anti” meaning the same thing as “anti-Christ.”

In short, they are evil, and bring only destruction.
More on how awful and evil women are.
you aren't acknowledging the number of wrong women around today, or the social constructs designed solely to make as many wrong women as possible.

Women have been taught to hate womenhood in the name of being a strong woman, and define the self-crushing of their femininity, hatred of men, and absolute codependence upon Leftist-led female obedience groups as the achievement of female liberation.

The fundamental insanity of this has made them fundamentally insane - by the tens of millions.
Ayn Rand's Christian parables
That's why I like her work, she starts from fundamentals. Christians say everyone is a sinner and needs Christ. Ayn Rand agreed - and then observed that most people do NOT receive Christ in their hearts. So she simply asked, okay, how would such people, who refuse Christ, act? What WOULD govern their behavior? How would they justify it? What would they actually do?

Simple, but brilliant.
Beware any who try to argue Christianity means not being a dick!
Beware scolding infiltrators, Freepers. Note when they can’t hold back their collectivist “we,” “us” and “our” statements. They are firmly determined to create a “Conservative TM” brand label to enable Leftist horror by denying the power to speak against it.

It is a soft war, a war of “disappointments” and “sadness” and chiding and tsk tsking and pseudo-Christian turn-the-other-cheek crap. It is psychological sabotage, and it is deadly - and those who practice it mean it to be deadly. RINOs are not irritants - RINOs are traitors.
Jesus didn't really like wimpy mercy.
In my experience, the problem with mercy is that it is interpreted by evil people as weakness, which they then treat with contempt, or attack outright.

I believe that’s why Jesus said not to throw your pearls to swine.
Jesus didn't change a thing.
That was an old tactic before Jesus died for our sins.

One would think such a sacrifice would change people.
Maybe what got him zotted?
I was once told by a Brit how Dubai had it all over any disgusting vacation place in the USA. Brits are Arabists, even when they are raped within an inch of their lives.

Within the context of this article that is a heartless, vile and contemptuous thing to say. Period. At least buy enough integrity on some street corner to be able to own your own written words. Or take a pill and pass out and stop bothering me with you arrogant hypocrisy.


  1. What is the most important thing? The most important thing is keeping RimJob in the lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed. Sure, you are older now, your income is not what it once was but please, I beg you, don't stop sending him money!!!

  2. If you happen to be a fan of the old Three Stooges movies you might recognize the comedic back and forth in this thread -

    Obama's Sinister Act to Disrupt Trump's Inauguration Is Not A Coincidence (READ THIS) Michael Savage of the Savage Nation radio show

    Honest to God, Freepers are as dumb as a bag of rocks.

    1. I do not get your Three Stooges reference at all, unfortunately. But, two things concern me:

      Rashputin: More than half the "left wing" governments that have ever existed were established with CIA help and manipulated by the CIA for the entire period between when they were established and when the leadership was whisked out of the country to the US or Switzerland as the country melted down into anarchy that proved to be very profitable for US companies.

      ... Left wing?

      cpdiii (to GOYAKLA): "I’m filling air tanks and cleaning regulators today and going diving tomorrow. Maybe I can locate the tools, I lost in last year’s boating accident! I hear many others, like me, are doing the same thing this weekend!

      Went boating last week and my prop struck metallic objects in 80 feet of water due to tragic boating accidents. Going back tomorrow with diving gear, I might find some good stuff. :)"

      Does anyone have any idea what they are talking about?

    2. I don't know, but I've decided for absolutely no reason that their references to boating and diving are code for some unspeakable activity. I'm going to take my firearms to the local marina to recon. Wish me luck!