Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spiteful Christmas!

Going a bit achronistic, I had this picked out over Christmas before I took my unexpected hiatus. Freepers are on a warpath of whiny victimization based on the weakest of anecdotes. Here, a Guardian article about a few petty guys who gave gifts to liberal causes in the name of conservative relatives.

Freepers egg each other on from complaining about pettiness, to ruining Christmas, to Satan to rants about how vile and crazy liberals are, and how Freepers need to fight them like the underdogs they wish they were.

Spktyr is really happy with the hypothetical disowning he's imagined:
Then they’re going to wonder why their families have cut off all communication.
Drew68 is pretty proud of how he's been directly petty:
It’s all good. I gave my Hillary-voting brother a “Make America Great Again” cap.
Candor7 really hopes he managed to drown the ties of family with the bile he spews:
My lefty relatives won’t be donating to liberal causes in my name.

After I described the True Obama to them, and what he did to COngress, and to Libya, they will not be likely speaking with me anytime soon, hopefully years and years.
pinkandgreenmom may want to check how bitchy this thread has become:
Only the left would use charity as a way to be bitchy.
heavy12773 has the sick burn of nonstop mass cards:
The planned parenthood contribution proves their souls are dead.

Respond by buying them a mass card with mass to be said at nearest Catholic church and mail the mass card to them.

Repeat as necessary.
manc calls other people babies, which is pretty rich:
when are these people going to grow up? I am so sick of these babies acting up, hell I would not put up with it with my kids, and see no reason why I have to put up with it for these babies acting up.
FrdmLvr thinks this minor pettiness is insanity:
These people really are out of their minds. Their true colors and their true character have been revealed. These are Hillary’s people.
ez hates how those inhuman diabolical liberals dehumanize other people with their charitable contributions:
It’s an indicator of selfishness within the soul.

There are millions of weak minded persons in this country who have been absolutely convinced by the media that Republicans are evil people that aould starve their grandmothers to make a dollar. In their twisted minds, they are fighting evil. It’s diabolical, really. Literally, diabolical.
lovesdogs takes refuge in a totally real story of a Marine in Obama's last honor guard who openly hates Obama:
We had the privilege to attend a dinner last night with a wonderful Trump supporting family right down to the teens. One of the young men is on the honor guard for Marine One at the Inauguration when obama hauls his sorry butt on board for the last time. He told us that he will be mentally flipping him the bird as obama boards.
freedumb2003 is excited to meet badwrong charity with some tired talking points she still thinks are sick burns:
If someone were to send me a donation to pp “in my name” I would find the most disgusting heart-wrenching picture of a dead aborted baby and send it to them with a “your donation at work” note attached, and then add the real background of marge sanger’s eugenics speeches and writings, ending with “the KKK appreciates your support.”
myprecious has gotten so away from what real people are like, she seriously thinks owning stocks makes you conservative:
I have a great Christmas idea for the little snowflakes in your family.
Give them a little basket of stocks in a price range you’re willing to purchase.
Let them learn about profits and growth. With a little skin in the game they might be more more willing to recognize accomplishments by Trump instead of only looking for the negative side.
polymuser declares liberals a disease:
Proggies are so often petty, mean, unloving, intolerant, unreasoned, spoiled adult children. They’re a disease in America. They truly cause dis-ease.
fatman6502002 has not read this thread:
Only progressives could make revenge a part of Christmas. They are truly sick people.
Like enduserindy, whose been scrooging it up for years via conservative partisanship:
For years I’ve told my liberal family members that current tax burdens require my Christmas budget to be cut and just give them a card.
Poor TheConservativeParty is really bent out of shape about his inlaws - fake news versus real news. Also SOMEONE'S DATING A MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!
My in-laws are leftists. State union raised believers in liberalism. Had to go there yesterday for Christmas Eve Day for a couple hours of fun. THEY brought up Trump. They’d found a tiny blurb in the Madison, WI birdcage liner The WI State Urinal, that said somebody Trump knew had said he wished Zero would get Mad Cow Disease and that he wished Moochie would just admit she’s a man. I later found this tiny page 100 article as I read their newspaper to avoid conversation with them.

Now, if true, who cares, but more so,,,I don’t suppose the fire bombing of Trump campaign HQs was a problem for them, or the beat to a pulp Trump supporters, or the rent a mobs everywhere, or the cop killings with the approval of Zero (my f-in-law was a career cop and didn’t even care evidently that police are being assassinated thanks to Zero).

But if someone Trump may or may not know, made a joke about Sasquatch and Mr.Sasquatch, oh my, they sure get mad.

They whole damn world is on fire because of O’Muslim.

Oh, here’s the kicker,my sis-in-law is working in a sharia law country. Yes, she is. I know it’s stupid but so is she. She came home for Christmas. She is dating a Qatari named ....you guessed right...Mohammed. She showed up numerous pictures on her phone, of all her male muslim pals.
It was freaking frightening for a normal person, but she’s an idiot, and claims they’re all so darn nice. Until they aren’t and chop off her head.

I am not kidding. She is working there for 3 years. At a school. She is stupid. She thinks being in a wealthy area, getting paid a lot, will protect her, I suppose. Party with the muslims. That what her photos showed. I was mortified. My husband thinks she’s an idiot too.

Yet this smarter than everyone else person and her parents, pick a tiny blurb about some guy joking about the usurper and Mrs. usurper to get all upset about.

Half our country is that stupid.


  1. What I love about threads like this are freepers openly admitting how infantile they are.

  2. It's not like they need to admit it! It's hard to ignore.

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