Thursday, January 19, 2017


It is the day before a great shift in America, and in Free Republic. To many, this change is not for the best. To those in that many that are Freepwachers, there is at least some amusement as Freepers are reluctant to switch from attack dogs to cheerleaders.

Now, the last pre-Trump....TAGLINES!

BuffaloJack has quite a limited definition of American...
 (Own a rifle. Be an American.)
Democrat_media always has a conspiracy theory in his tagline.
 (bots are donating to Jill Stein's website for the recount. Soros behind big scheme)
Democrat_media, again.
(Yellen raising rates with only 1.8% growth to hurt Trump send USA to depression)
StAnDeliver has an odd hangup:
(Protocol: "President Trump"; subsequent references "The President" or "Pres. Trump". NO "POTUS")
Tax-chick does not like choice:
(Nations commit self-extinction one free, personal choice at a time.)
klb99 has come to be pro slavery, it seems:
(I now understand why the South seceeded)
 Kellis91789 remains committed to radical change, towards an unspecified goal:
(We hope for a bloodless revolution, but revolution is still the goal.)
palmer has an out of context quote that proves Hillary did all the e-mail things:
(turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure)
Spktyr knows peace is only real under constant threat of violence:
(Overwhelmingly superior firepower and the willingness to use it is the only proven peace solution.d)
Grampa Dave wants a more pure echo chamber:
(Challenge Freepers, who post a bs article from the left and don't challenge it!)
cgbg is pizzagating it up still. I suspect this is the new Clinton murders 'are you crazy enough to believe THIS' Freep shibboleth.
(Pedophiles--the siren is wailing--incoming!)
ForYourChildren advertises indoctrination.
(Christian Education [ - Classical Christian Approach to Homeschool ])
DoughtyOne really hates McCain, lol.
(Recall John McCain. NOW, before he gets us in WWIII.)
 jmacusa declares victory over liberals forever:
(Election 2016. The Battle of Midway for The Democrat Party.)
ROCKLOBSTER is clearly gearing up for the next 4 years.
(It's all Obama's fault.)


  1. "Sadly, far too many blacks, living in America, are now too damned stupid to see reality for what it is and just mouth the crap that the damned COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS tell/teachers tell them. Their salve ancestors were more intelligent and informed than they are."

    1. Who knew? The best sources for knowing what is best for blacks are fat old white wrinklebags from FreeRepublic!

    2. Meanwhile, fat old white wrinklebags just mouth the crap that Freerepublic tells them to, or else.

  2. Replies
    1. The worst thing for them about the inauguration is how embarrassingly deserted it's going to be. Trump is a coward, anyway. President Obama had to deal with people showing up with guns strapped to their backs, and he didn't worry about it or whine and cry.

    2. Barrack Obama had balls of steel -

    3. I'm sure that freepers will view it is as raging success and news organizations will keep camera angles close on the crowd and it will be considered a standard, if not huge, event.