Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Potpourri pt. II

donna knows what monsters are in the anti-Trump FBI!
It’s the Feminists in the FBI. They follow no rule of honor.
SpaceBar is amazed at the things Obama gets away with, and only Freepers see the truth.
Obama "Gifts" Iran With Massive Uranium Shipment From Russia Sufficient (Enough for 10 Nukes" (TR)

Obama could wear a T-shirt that says “I’m a traitor” and the asswipe media would say that he was just making a fashion statement. I may be reaching for the stars here, but I hope with everything in me that Trump gets the goods on this monster and has him imprisoned or better yet, executed.
Gaffer is pretty sure everyone in the State Department are Jihadists.
My personal belief is that the fruits of Obama’s efforts in destroying this country by hamstringing our security, our DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA and every other executive agency has led to this pre-positioned situation of Islamic Jihadists in our midst - and they have finally come on the ideal terror scenario. Your shopping and daily doings.

Obama didn’t need to sabotage the State Department because it is a liberal elitist snob organization that has mired our policy in duplicity and ulterior motives. They are all Allah’s warriors, IMO.
ncalburt is doing his part to keep Freep pure.
You are a lying Dem party mole here for awhile so crawl under your lies along with the crap you troll from fake news from Cnn and the Compost.

Your time is so over Dem party troll .
Your the idiot who trashed Rick Scott to get a Dem elected years ago in Fl.

you are a liar and fraud and you LOST .troll.
Army Air Corps is amused by his revisionist definitions.
It is amusing to see lefties decry Fascism which was just another flavor of Socialism.
gspurlock knows the Founders had set it up so that Trump would return us to the True Constitutional Way.
for the first time, thanks to our founding fathers and the millions of conservatives, tea party folks and constitutionalists who have all been studying the Constitution, we just may restore our republic!
hal ogen thinks letting Mosques be built is treason.
And what the hell is it with all these mosques?!?!

$100 million dollar one in Maryland, i think?!?! WTH?

Treason, no?
Pollard wants some made up numbers about jobs Trump has created so he can win Facebook fights.
so how many jobs and how many dollars invested in the USA since the election? Anyone here keeping track? I want to post it on fb and drive a couple of relatives crazy
PeterPrinciple explains how Freepers differ from anti-Trump folks, all of whom "work" for the government:
I’ve noticed the most violent, nonsensical rantings against Trump on Facebook have been from people I know who are getting a government check.

Yet, if you and I were in that position, we would be trying to figure out how to be productive so we wouldn’t lose our jobs.

Unfortunately many jobs by definition are unproductive, so what do you do then?
samtheman declares Birtherism forever!
I think it’s important we get to the bottom of this, even once the Kenyan stops occupying the WH.

What better way to discredit Big Media forever, than to prove they either collectively colluded in fraud or were massively incompetent... for 8 long years.

If this story has legs (and at the very least the college-records portion does) I want it to crawl down the throats of Big Media and choke the life out of them.
Nero Germanicus's birtherism extends back in time to revise history:
Tom Paine and Alexander Hamilton were Founders but they were never eligible to be president due to foreign birth.
Southside_Chicago_Republican acknowledges white flight, but blames the resulting economic collapse on blacks.
I grew up in a mostly-white, blue-collar town. It was nothing fancy, but still a nice place to grow up. About thirty years ago, the demographics began to change. There was white flight. A lot of people sold their homes for cheap . Now the town is 80% black. Thirty percent of the homes are now abandoned or in ruins. One whole subdivision was bulldozed. Eighty percent of the people are on some kind of public assistance. Crime is rampant. The school district, which was once among the better ones in the state, is now one of the worst.

Blacks need to start owning their problems.
CodeToad has deleted the Emancipation Proclamation as inconvenient to his Confederacy boosting.
What did the Union Army do with slaves that came into its lines?

Re-enslaved them into service of the Union army.

Slaves were not free until the 13th Amendment. That was after the war.
With some added anti-Muslim hate, publius911 wonders where the federal government gets to regulate federal elections?
Elections are the exclusive purview of the states. 
Tami, show us where, in the enumerated powers of the Constitution (Our Constitution, not the trash queeran) the executive is empowered to have any say whatsoever in elections.

Sorry. Just go away quietly, while you can.
DoughtyOne on the evils of compromise:
Your note reminds me of Rush’s view of compromise with your enemy.

To compromise, you have to be willing to give up good and accept at least some bad.

Don’t do it.

I think he’s right on target.

There’s no problem with giving your enemy a token concession that allows for something decent, but beyond that, no.
Neoliberalnot really likes the lazy run-on strawman another Freeper came up with.
It’s Bush’s fault, global warming is real, trannies in the can, I had a phone and a pen, It’s Bush’s fault, the cop acted stupidly, we can do ‘stuff’ to ya, I killed Bin Laden, they’re the JV team,if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if the political winds blow ugly, I will side with the Muslims, my Muslim..er, uh Christian faith, they bring a knife, you bring a gun, get in their faces, I’ve been to 57 states, it’s Bush’s fault, I won, get over it, I only know when I read it in the paper....”

May I please borrow your post to send to friends and family?.. Please.
Taxman heard Obama was trying to get membership into a golf club, and so the pettiness continues:
I have some advice for the Board of Directors of the Woodmont Country Club: Blackball the Bastard!

Don’t let Ophonybama anywhere near your clubhouse!
trebb decides Dylann Roof's death penalty was decided on only by liberals, which prove they are racist.
I thought leftists despised the death penalty for any reason?

It's situational - if a Black guy kills 100 Whites, the death penalty is racist. If a White person breathes air, all Whites need to be exterminated - crime or no crime....
Anything to claim persecution!

T-Bone Texan declares that numbers indicate lynching was never a big thing.
More white people are murdered by blacks every year than all the extra-judicial lynchings of blacks ever throughout the entire history of the Untied States, including Colonial history.

I think that fruit is pretty darn strange.
Yaelle is pretty excited about Trump's anti-vaccine flirtation, and tries to make it partisan:
good pick. Kennedy has seen the light and doesn’t believe the media or CDC lies any more. And I bet it was hard for him as a lib. 
All the libs I know “believe” in vaccines being infallible even to infants and even in bulk.
gaijin recalls how Freepers fell for fake news during Bill Clinton's Presidency. But that was all clever lies put out by evil Bill himself!!!
Remember back to the Monica Mess..?

“Oh man...! Bubba is getting grilled in a video deposition, and then he looses it, man..! His face turns purple and he starts sputtering and stuttering and his NECK VEINS are all bulging out..!

“You gotta tune into it tonight, bro, Bill Clinton suffers a TOTAL MELT-DOWN, RIGHT ON CAMERA..!!!”



And it made his enemies looks totally stupid.

Yeah, the Clintonistas themselves rigged up this fake atom bomb “that would blow them all up” and it was FAKE.

And ya know what..?



  1. Just don't point out that government checks for the military pay for unproductive work... At least until we find a way to commoditize push-ups.

  2. By the way, what's butterdezillion think of Trump these days? Seems like 2013 was not a good year for butter-putin relations:

    "George Soros, Vladimir Putin, or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? ALL of them would do what they think is best for the rest of the world - which they’ve already shown is NOT freedom."

    Even compared him to Satan himself!

    1. Apparently, butterdezillion is still fucking that "Fuddy was killed because she knew too much about the birth certificate" chicken. And humblegunner is still mocking her for it.

    2. Shouldn't she go after Trump now, since he publicly declared in September that he was no longer a birther and therefore wrong (like she was)?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. LOL, "letting Mosques be built...is treason, no?"

    Not according to Amendment 1.

    Oh sorry, I forgot that on Freep, the Bill of Rights only applies to white, Christian, land-owning, males over age 25 - just like in 1791! My bad.

    1. Sorry, you're wrong. There's only one amendment, the second.

  5. All liberals love vaccines? News to me. I'm as libby a lib as they come and love me some vaccines, but I'll admit that a good chunk of anti-vaxxers are granola crunchers who usually ID as liberal. Of course there are also the anti-vaxxers who also build bunkers, distrust science, and ID as conservative (like a certain monarch of crappy sponge cake).

    Hell, it’s an issue that actually unites people on both fringey ends of politics!