Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Golfing becomes OK again.

A short one, but one of the more pure examples of Freeper hypocrisy I've seen.

After eight years of yelling about Obama golfing and vacationing like a lazy negro, Trump took the weekend off, starting his job on Monday. Freepers find they are completely fine with this.

xp38 knows Trump has already taken credit for so much.
Hell, he’s done more before taking office than Zer0’s done in 8 years. I’m down with that.
RitaOK explains that even if Obama's created multiple crises, Trump has to party, and then go to Church, ya see!
Monday is immediately. Friday and Saturday are inauguration weekend and Sunday is the Lord’s Day.

I wonder how different this really is.

Seems one or maybe two big deals were signed by other presidents, on their inauguration day, but really it will take eight hours for Trump to sign off all the Obama EO’s, if he must sign them one at a time, which is seriously doubtful.

What will he do but null and void all but those his staff have pulled to seek his agreement to spare? If ANY.
kabar suddenly realizes Presidential vacations are completely unimportant.
Non-story. Trump is CIC the moment he is sworn in. There are no days off. He is at work 24/7 no matter where he is.
Not bothering to stay on topic, Blue Highway just hates on Obama.
He should get the CDC to stop in to erradicate Obola I mean Obama out of the White House
Wonder how that will be playing in four years?


  1. If Obama acted anything like Trump did before and during his inauguration, and hired anyone remotely like Kelly Anne Conway or Sean Spicer for his spokesmen,
    the "Uppity Nigger!" screams would be deafening.

  2. Can you imagine for one second President Obama going in front of the CIA and bragging about how many times he was on the cover of a magazine? I mean, seriously? After calling them Nazis?

  3. Just when I thought they couldn't get any douchier..."Daddy"? They're proud of this?
    Also -- Remember when the Feds were bad?

    1. I have seen Freepers do some strange thing but calling Donnie "Daddy" is right up there with the craziest things they have ever done.

  4. Remember when the "conservatives" were crying that Obama's use of EOs to enact things that Congress wouldn't push through was unconstitutional?

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