Thursday, January 12, 2017

Freep ramps up the Merkel hate.

Germany is concerned Russia is going to screw with their election by empowering their right wing. Well, America's right-wing Freepers are way ahead of you there. At some point they've decided to turn Merkel into the cartoonish strawman they favor hating. And by Freepers, I mean the right wing blogs they read. It's probably just the right-wing obsession with immigration leading to targeting someone who has become an outspoken advocate for it.

Still, the international focus is not common for Freep, and seems odd to my eye. Bonus: it's not an American leader, so I hope you like death threats!

SisterK - Merkel is Satan.
She knows what she is doing.
Just another bride of Satan.
ExSoldier - Merkel works for the AntiChrist.
Merkel is probably running for Secretary General of the NWO in the long term (making her probably #2 to the Anti Christ himself) or to the UN in a shorter term. She is certainly a high roller in the Bilderberg Group.

Trumpisourlastchance - Merkel is Soros's puppet!
Merkel works for George Soros, the arsonist. If he asked to burn Germany to the ground, she would do it without hesitation.
Boardwalk - SOROS! Kiiiiilllll.
Soros aka Dr. Evil in his lair. Eliminate Soros eliminate pure evil!
Dr. Evil is...not very sinister.

Boardwalk - kill them both!
Yup Merkel and Soros are the combo that needs to be taken out!
Heart-Rest - Kill them both!
I agree - the Islamic terrorist welcome-wagon (Angela Morekills) and her evil boss, the Sleazy-Slimy-Sicko-Psycho-Soros, are a dreadfully hideous pair, who both have to go, the sooner, the better.
pallmallman - Kill Merkel.
The sow should be executed.
samtheman - Kill Merkel.
heights - Kill Merkel.
Is there not a single brave man in Germany?
lee martell - Kill Merkel.
“Will no one rid us of this meddlesome Chancellor?”
CivilWarBrewing - Torture Merkel to death.
Put Merkel in a Burqa with hands tied behind her back, then force her at gunpoint to apologize to the German people on national television.

Then, set her loose in a pen full of hogs that haven't eaten for days.

Watch her feel the pain she has inflicted on German families as the hogs chew on her ample belly fat. Public admission is FREE!!
PA-RIVER - Kill Obama.
Obama has imported more than a million muslims. We are going to be dealing with terrorism, constantly, after he leaves office.

I hope his secret service detail drinks and sleeps on the job.

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  1. I agree, we'll probably be dealing with terrorism constantly after Obama leaves office, but it will have nothing to do with anything Obama did.