Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Using the Aleppo Massacre

It's not really news that Freepers approve of genocide. Nor is it news that they see events overseas through the lens of partisan utility. But it's still pretty shocking how callous they are when confronted with Assad's blatant, targeted, massacre of civilians when he took Aleppo. This isn't one of the 'those wacky Freeper' posts.

Pearls Before Swine is pretty sure Assad hasn't targeted Christians too much, which is all that matters.
The Syrian people were better off under Assad than under the so-called moderates backed by Obama, Graham, and McCain. Especially the Christians.

And the Libyans were by and large better off under Khadafi than under the current chaos.
McCain and Graham released a statement condemning the massacre. LegendHasIt makes overdetermined jokes about how they're gay.
They aren’t Tops.

They are Bottoms.
With Miss Lindsey being even Bottom McCain’s Bottom.

If you get my drift.
TexasFreeper2009 refuses to distinguish between civilians and terrorists.

why do we care if Assad kills a bunch of terrorists?

I say it’s taken too long!
In his cheerleading, SolidWood seems to be ignoring the killings entirely.
Aleppo has become the graveyard of the neocon warmongers delusions of “reshaping” the entire Middle East for their foreign masters. Jihad McCain’s and Lindisis Graham’s tears of helpless anger are so delicious.

Team Assad for the win!
WENDLE starts with conspiracies, and then talks about international law...?
Aleppo is a testament of a sovereign nation protecting against sunni overthrow of a alawite/ Shia government. McCain is so stupid he cant pour piss out of a boot before he puts it on. McCain absolutely met with ISIS in SYRIA!! there is no damned doubt about it.

I predict Trump goes and kills every last ISIS Sunni but other that that— I don’t give a crap about these bastards killing each other but let us observe international law or we are going to see China invading to support “only BLACK lives matter” and we are speechless because we have shamelessly violated international law of sovereignty OURSELVES!!Screw McCAIN and his butt bot Graham!!
Hugh the Scot is totally fine with genocide, so long as it's by the legitimate government.
Assad regime = Legitimate Syrian government.
Aleppo = Syrian City
“Opposition forces” = CIA/ISIS

John McCain and Lindsey Graham = Liars, Morons....
kingu blames Obama's admittedly failed rebel-arming policy, which is a red herring at best. So he just makes up some death numbers.
I absolutely agree, it is a shame that both of you should resign congress over. The shame of giving weapons to Islamics who used those weapons to kill tens of thousands. The shame of your continued vendetta against the Assad regime that created the conditions where Islamics took over a city and used the population for their pleasures and as human shields.

The blood you see is absolutely on your hands. Now what are you going to do about the situation you created?
Mr. K knows if Obama had only let Assad crush the rebels in 2013, the reprisals would totally have been more muted.


TTFlyer does not care about any humanitarian disasters so long as America still contains Muslims and LIBERALS:
America’s greatest threat is NOT Russia or Assad. It’s the Islamofascists and the Neo-Marxist scum that LIVES WITHIN OUR NON-EXISTANT BORDERS.
dp0622 is gonna explode:
indcons knows you can't defeat ISIS without breaking a few eggs, and victory is just around the corner!
Aleppo will be testament to the defeat of Isis, FSA, and other Islamists.
fella has been reading rt again...
There are a lot of videos on the net of the citizens of Aleppo chanting, singing and dancing in celebration of their deliverance from our moderates who have held them hostages as human shields.
rdcbn is pretty sure you can't point out a massacre unless you also note that ISIS is bad.
total silence from McCain and Graham on the genocide and crimes against humanity, including cannibalism, gruesome murders via beheading, crucifixion , drowning , burning alive, sex slavery , rape, perpetrated by the Jihadi those two have supported
MNJohnnie on the noble sacrifices Putin is making:
Putin is clean up the mess our idiots created. He not gaining anything he trying to hold what he had from our neo con cowboys
I guess knowing precisely zero history, map just doesn't get why a dictator would ever exterminate his own people. Also McCain is a foreign agent of some sort.
Why would Assad want to kill hundreds of thousands of “his own people”? As immortal a dictator as he is, you would think he wants tranquility in his domain.

As evil a creature as he is, he protects Christians, Alawites (his denomination), Yazidis and other minorities within his borders.

Why are McCain and his cronies so determined to remove the 40+ year Assad reign? Why now? Why is it so much important to kill tens of thousands, destroy cities and villages, and bring instability to the region, inviting the worst of the jihadis to wreak havoc?

Who is paying him? To whom is he paying his debt? Who are his masters?
BenLurkin is just an evil fuck.
I do not agree with the proposition that the death of innocents is everyone’s problem.
baltimorepoet is also a horrorshow of a man:
Every Muzzie that dies in Syria is one less Muzzie that the West has to face in a future war.
baltimorepoet continues to show how far one can take dehumanizing.
I view every Muslim to be a potential enemy.
Its like when I see a mosquito flying around. Maybe its not going to try to bite me. But I have no way of knowing for sure. 


  1. The disciples of RimJob are having a lot of trouble facing simple truths about the Obama Administration.

    "Scandal-free?!? Yeah, if you don’t count the lies, perversion, murder, and treason of the Obama kakistocracy."


    It really doesn't show much character, does it?

    Why can't they admit the simple truth? Why can't they live in the real world with the rest of us?

    1. Freepers: "What about the scandal of him being BLACK ?!?"

  2. Heads up ...
    keep an eye out for freeper reactions to the "Golden Showers" reports burning up the blogosphere tonight.

    1. Clearly a lib false flag something something. I'm sure butterzillion will get to the bottom of it.