Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Teaching Black People

In the Trump era, a lot of my buffer has become stale. Thus, I'm going to be cleaning out some of my older posts. Here is some racism from 2014:

Anonymous found a spectacularly racist quote. I decided to look further.

A Harvard study concludes that teachers Blacks and Latinos are taught be more bad teachers than than Asians and Whites. This is not unexpected, given that schools are funded by property taxes, and the general differences between urban and rural infrastructure. Freepers seem to think it's on accounta a black people's feralness. Or Harvard's racism.

bray knows not to trust studies he doesn't like.
More agenda driven science. Bet the data points to just the opposite of the findings.
Mouton - Harvard has become all negrified:
Harvard, I just determined, actually has a Hip Hop Analytic Research Institute complete with a director and assistant director. The assistant director was recently quoted giving an analysis to the song “beef” which was playing during the shooting by a white guy into a car load of juveniles in Jacksonville. He categorized it as thug music and his defense is he perceived a threat by what he believed to be an unrecovered firearm in the vehicle. So, why should anyone give any credence to this "study"?
E. Pluribus Unum is sure affirmative action means all black teachers suck.
That's because white students get white teachers and black students get black teachers.

All affirmative action does is ensure more inferior teachers.
AEMILIUS PAULUS's racism has not diminished!
I would hope so as it is insanity to waste good teachers on groups intellectually unable and morally unwilling to learn.
EinNYC explains how black culture works:
Students from "feral" urban ghetto backgrounds, with rare exceptions, have little interest in academic learning. In fact, there is a strong anti-education subculture afoot. Students who try to get good grades are ridiculed by the boors in classes. Often, they go along with the disruptive students in trying to derail the class to avoid being called "oreos" or actually being beat up.

It would not matter if you put the "best" or the "worst" teachers in front of such students. Why should the "best" teachers be rewarded for their skills by being placed into classrooms where they will not be respected, they will be the target of the lowest dirtiest gutter language, where they will have empty plastic beverage containers thrown at them, be spit on, and threatened if they dare to impose any sort of control ("Please sit down. Please be quiet. Please put away that cell phone.")?

And why should the students who strive to learn be "rewarded" with less skilled teachers? Is that fair to them?
DeFault User is sure it's the racist principles diving the high-quality whites away.
I knew a woman, a very effective teacher, who was assigned to a minority school. She was doing a good job for the students assigned to her, but the female black principal had no use for white teachers in her school. The principal constantly hounded her about minutiae, such as the displays in the classroom: the capital letters had to be above the lower case, she spent 15 minutes on a topic instead of 6, etc., etc. This became an intolerable nightmare and she quit midterm.

I suspect that this same pattern is repeated in a lot of minority schools.
Also, in my poking around, I found THIS. Not Freep, WOW that is some racist bullshit. Don't miss it!!!


  1. Donald Trump should hire a bunch of freepers in their rascals and hover-rounds to go into Chicago and clean it up, teach those black people what is the best for them.

  2. Let's hear about how great it is to teach middle school in rural Indiana or eastern Kentucky where there are no "feral blacks."
    I think the average Freeper is a guy who lived for the day he got out of high school and didn't need no more teaching, so I don't know why they're all high and mighty about classroom etiquette.

  3. Where is their Trump messiah after the tornadoes in Georgia? They're all pretty quiet. Maybe Franklin Graham can fill in the gap and rebuild their houses.