Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Fed conspiracy

Freep and InfoWars continue their journey to equivalence, with the latter becoming more partisan and the former getting more and more wild in building speculation upon speculation to weave a fictional reality.

Banking has always been a pretty fertile ground for conspiracy theorists, but Freep stayed away, as the GOP was into banking and only conspiracies with partisan function really gain traction there. Those who want to return to the gold standard were always no the edge, though.

Now Trump has made hating big business cool for Freepers, and the edges have become the mainstream. When the Fed raised interest rates for the first time in forever Freepers did not see this as a good sign of a recovering economy, but yet another liberal conspiracy to stick it to President Trump.

dhs12345 says he wonders, but he doesn't really wonder:
No coincidence that a Trump will be president in a few weeks. /sarc

Wonder if they were holding rates low to make Obama look good?
WENDLE doesn't know a lot:
The FED is political and will need to be gutted.
RayChuang88 is pretty sure Obama killed the middle class and all of middle America:
The Obama Administration business regulations pretty much killed much of the middle class and only benefited four sectors of the economy: government, Wall Street, technology and entertainment. And they're mostly located in the US Northeast, Washington, DC, and the US West Coast.

No wonder why "flyover country" overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump, much to the shock of the people in the areas I mentioned.
ealgeone is pretty sure this is a sign that Trump has already fixed the economy:
It tells you how weak the economy was under bammy that they couldn’t afford to raise rates. Now that Trump’s heading in all,of a sudden were gonna have to have rate increases and at least 300,000 new jobs every month just to keep up with population growth. Watch and see.
kaehurowing does not cotton to the concept of a money supply
When you have the printing presses running at full speed for 8 years, you don’t want interest running on all that debt you’re running up—until you lose the election and you want to screw the next guy coming in.
xzins floats the conspiracy theory again:
Maybe they’re trying to tank the economy right as Trump takes over.
Mr. Douglas is not good at the stock market:
I’ve been a believer that they knew it would be suicide if they raised the rates so for YEARS I’v laughed at speculation that they would raise the rates.

Then I heard this morning that a decision was forthcoming. I thought about the Trump election and the stock market,and how it’s still nuts to raise rates. And I said, I’ll bet they raise the rates. They don’t want a Trump recovery.

Sure enough.
Organic Panic speculates the alternate Hillary future:
The inevitable reckoning of the debt and zero interest rates was just a question of timing. If Hillary won, rates would stay near zero her entire term. BUT, since Trump won, may as well dump it on his lap. It will be painful for a while. 
But if he truly passes pro growth pro private enterprise reforms and policies we’ll be sitting pretty in a couple years.
Starboard declares it all pretty obvious. Too obvious for evidence:
Wonder if they were holding rates low to make Obama look good?

Of course they were. Pretty obvious.

Now, all of a sudden, they’re talking about three rate hikes in 2917 despite nearly 100 million people dropping out of the workforce.

The Fed is highly political. It’s an enabling mechanism of the DC Cabal. I hope Trump finds a way to dump her.
not clear on history, Democrat_media blames the Fed for the Great Depression...
Politicized Federal Reserve and villain Yellen trying to crash the stock marke and Hurt Trump and his economy
They were holding rates the lowest ever near zero to prop up Obama house of cards economy (no manufacturing). I knew if Trump won they would raise rates This is what the Fed did to W Bush to get barrack in 2006 and the “great” depression to get socialist FDR in.

The Fed is the greatest threat to our free society.
Trump has to get rid of Yellen
SGCOS is already disbelieving all economic metrics that look bad:
do not forget the unemployment rate will jump to 14.3% on March 1st
SaxxonWoods declares the Fed doesn't know anything, but also thinks the economy is gonna grow under Trump.
According to the FED, it takes 6 months for a rate increase to work its way into the economy. Immediate market reaction is meaningless, the market knew this was coming.

What this means is the FED is looking for higher growth under Trump than Fidel Obama.

The FED’s forecasts for the next two years are meaningless. Just take a look at their forecasts of the last two years.

They will see what happens and react, which is what they do. The illusion that they lead is just that, an illusion.
Sam Gamgee sees a conspiracy in how expensive toy prices are:
This of course may be completely anecdotal, but when I buy toys for my kids, I can’t believe how much they are now charging for these pieces of crap plastic molded by some Chinese fingers somewhere. Is stuff from China starting to inflate in price?
CivilWarBrewing shows up to demonstrate how those truly committed to partisan paranoia over reality do it:
Queen Yellen will do all she can to SABOTAGE Trump's presidency before she gets the boot.

The global cabal would rather SABOTAGE Trump's presidency than MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

If the DemonRats can save themselves by SABOTAGING Trump's presidency, they would rather do THAT than MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

They should all be treated as ENEMY COMBATANTS and thrown into GITMO.
CivilWarBrewing also has a bunch of angry, empty enthusiasm about how Trump will make America's economy revolt por something:
Trump’s TECH, DEFENSE, SPACE, ENERGY, MORTGAGE/LOAN, INFRASTRUCTURE/INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION II could make the post WWII economic boom seems like child’s play. The man is SERIOUS and everyone who’s met with him is convinced he is on a mission to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, BIG LEAGUE.
WENDLE read something, and gets dramatic about it:
They are a creature of statute. Statute!!~ Think about that.
enumerated is not a good investor.
I’ve become so schizophrenic about gold - I am betting on it going way up but I kinda want it to go down one last time, so I can buy a bunch more on the cheap right before it goes shooting up to $3000!

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  1. All this shit is right out of the alt-right playbook ...
    Who are the enemies of America who control the financial system?
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