Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Spotlight: castlegreyskull

Taking the weekend off to catch up on my holiday illness backlog, so no Pix or Potpourri this week. I'll be back Tuesday.

2009 Freeper, 10% disabled Veteran (epilepsy) who integrates high-level conspiracies with the usual Protestant-by-way-of-Pentecostal Freeper evangelical faith. I mean, why not apply your faith to your partisanship as well? Thus, alongside discussions of how Obama is going to become a tyrant and Gabby Giffords shooting didn't really happen, you have crowing that liberals lost the 2016 election because they didn't pray enough, and that Anita Dunn is possessed by demons.

It makes a lot of sense. I'm not an atheist, but I do believe science and religion should stick to their separate spheres. Young Earth creationism puts faith in place of science, and may be something of a gateway drug to Freeper-esque replacing reality with something more to their dark desires.

And, of course, there's no need to keep consistent if you drink deeply enough of this partisan faith. Thus, Obama was once the head of ISIS who was about to kill Hillary, and seize power. But later Hillary was the more evil, because...she felt more evil. Also Russia.

The final detail is his odd obsession with Facebook. On at least four different threads, he discusses how tough he is defriending people who denigrated Trump supporters. Naturally, he is pretty into denigrating liberals on Free Republic. But his concerns with Facebook take up a lot of his lonely life.

Remember when Obama killed Hillary and seized power forever?
I don’t think he is going anywhere in 2017. I also believe Hillary will not see that year.

I can hear what they will say already:
-There is no one else out there.
-White men have been Presidents long enough.
-The problems he had to deal with, were far worse than anyone realized.
-That’s racist.
Muslim immigrants are exactly like a military invasion:
It is so strange. If a country invades Europe with a military, they will fight to the last man. For example if Russia invades. However, if these Muslims invade, completely unarmed, they just let them in.

I would take 10,000 Russians before I would take one Muslim migrant.
Hillary: so much more eviler than Obama!
I cannot imagine a Hillary presidency. I think I would rather have obama for another 8 years. Both are evil.

However, I think her evil was much deeper. I think she would have made us going into deep depression and would have confiscated the guns. Russia appeared to be preparing for war if she was elected.
But Obama? He is pretty evil...
I think he is ISIS’s commanding officer.
He's a pain in the ass in local politics:
My town’s student attendance is down over 30 percent in the past 6 years. In a logical sane world, the school budget would be down 30 percent. It is not, it gets a 4% increase every single year. When I review the budget, I would see some seriously stupid s^** in it. They wanted 30 K for winches to open the auditorium curtains. But I digress . . .
Young Earth creationist, and itching for a fight over it.
Earth’s been around 4 billion. 100k is nothing.

How do you know how old the Earth is?
Rep. Gabby Giffords didn't really get shot.
Do you know her? Were you there? I am not asking these questions to mock you. I think we been lied to a lot in recent years. This Giffords story has some large holes that just as glaring as many of the other so called tragedies in recent years.

Maybe she did get shot, but I fail to believe it. It is funny that every 6 months or so, we have mass shootings ever since Obama has been president. They were a lot more uncommon before then.
"My partisanship is in charge of my libido!"
From the picture, it seems that she aged well. I often find people who aged well, great people. She is probably the same age as Hillary.
Defriend all on Facebook who don't like Trump.
I defriended a lot of people that bash Trump supporters. They called us sexist racist and on and on. I don’t need to know such people.
More on Facebook defriending.
I didn’t even tell these people not to contact me. I just blocked them. People like this deserve no warning.

I found some people to be surprise Trump supporters. Hillary is a bitch and the whole country knows it. Plain and simple, that is why she lost.
Making things up.
I am pretty sure Michelle Obama called Oprah a fat bitch not too long ago.
Lets not get political on Facebook, though!
Yeah, I don’t like reading political stuff on Facebook no matter the viewpoint. Especially when someone post it in a smug-ass way.
Atheists don't believe the Bible even exists, I guess.
New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert

More evidence that the atheists will ignore.
Maybe Bushes Muslim?
My wife thinks I’m nuts when I say I think Obama is a crypto-muslim

I actually wonder if the Bushes are.
Ancient prejudices are generally correct.
If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Sadly, it was only recently that I realized why ancient/civilized society did some of the things they did to certain groups.
Sticking out your tongue means you're possessed by a demon:
Reminds of Anita Dunn (Former White House Director of Communications) sticking her tongue out while praising Mother Teresa and Mao. Sure sign of being demon possessed.
Permanent Conservative Majority!
I was wondering today. Is Obama’s presidency the high water mark for liberalism? It might be.
Obama has a picture of him shooting skeet. How thin skinned!
I think it shows how thinned he is, when people started making fun of him about skeet shooting. Another reason to think he is very dangerous. Can’t take jokes well.
I wish our justice system didn't have equal protection of the laws.
I wish there was a more serious punishments for illegals who commit the same crime as our citizens. Like rape would be execution.
If Hillary had won, it'd be full Internet cocoon time. Unlike now because...
If hillary won, I would have avoided turning on my t.v. or radio. I didn’t even want to accidentally hear her nasty voice. I would have avoided reading about her and avoided all news internet sites.
Flag burning is a threat.
Kneeling during an anthem is not violent or destructive. Burning a flag contains a veiled threat.
Lower taxes all day, every day.
So they have a downer economy with high taxes, and a downer economy with low taxes, both with a surplus.
Obama gay.
She has needs, and he probably barely fullfills them, mostly because he loves men.
Trump won because liberals don't pray.
I wonder how many on left prayed for Hillary to win. <1 p="">
Check mate, Muslims!
Hey Muslims, if Mohammed was the greatest prophet in the history of the World, why was he the only one that did not personally talk to God? Oh one more thing, how come when the Koran says Mohammed talked to the angel Gabriel, it noted that Gabriel was the angel who introduce God to Moses? There was no mention of Gabriel until the book of Daniel.
So much more moral than liberals.
I don’t think the Left has any moral standard. At least most conservatives use the Bible has a blueprint. With that being said, it seems like the left will just keep eroding the boundaries of decency.


  1. I wonder how medical professionals deal with having to treat someone who is seriously religiously delusional or superstitious? Honest question.

  2. Take it easy Ozzy, I'm pretty sure freeper land will be pretty interesting this week end.

  3. You would think RimJob and his merry band of conspiracy theorists would be happy now that Trump is replacing the Kenyan Usurper but NO. They are more miserable than ever.

  4. Syncro, a Freeper since 1998, posts

    ...18 MORE Gitmo detainees 2 b freed in days-Obama/transfer fanatics who/threatened 2 bomb/behead

    and says,

    "Navy SEALs took out Osama against the wishes of Obama

    Obama took over for Osama and here is more of his actions done to help Islamic terrorism to kill more Americans.

    He must be stopped.

    Frog marched out of the White House right now!

    He is a terror supporting criminal and an enemy of the United States of America.

    The Constitution would be enforced if Obama was arrested now."




  6. "Hey...dummies.

    Who knows, maybe living in the world of endless interconnected conspiracy theories is a lot of fun. Maybe Freepers are just having a whale of a good time -Soros!!!!

  7. chris37: Didn’t these assholes vote to repeal Obamacare around 56 times?
    What if Obama had called their bluff and signed it?
    Oh, oh we were just joshing, Mr. President, we didn’t mean it...

    I will be watching their "attempt to repeal Obamacare on Day 1" with much amusement as it dawns on them how stupid that will be.

    1. So much derp.