Thursday, January 5, 2017

Pizzagate is still a thing for Freepers

I liked this pithy post from before Christmas, but there are more recent threads that are more scrambly and less focused.

Freepers have more or less fully embraced clicking only on stories that make them feel good, and they faithfully click on all such stories. This has lead to the recent rise of an industry dedicated to telling them whatever they want to hear, and reaping clicks and oftentimes donations. At this point, multiple Freepers say they don't even care if it's real. Pizzagate is the most visible example, but it's not alone. Google and PayPal and the like are working to demonetize blatant hoaxers, but with Freepers driving demand, the market will find a way.

In other words, Pizzagate is likely just the harbinger of Freeper conspiracizing getting ever further from reality.

TigerClaws is there, of course, as the local purveyor of conspiracies.
Brock’s starting to crack. Just came out he’d hidden a million from the IRS in a story today.

American politics won’t be safe until he and Podesta are in jail for their crimes against the Republic.
IMO he succeeds where Butterdezillion fails because he doesn't actually care, and doesn't get caught up arguing minutia - he just moves on to his next bit of BS culled from reddit.

Arm_Bears knows if Free Republic is obsessed with something, it's gotta be true:
For being a fake story, Pizzagate sure has stayed in the news.
Missouri gal just casually tosses off 'safe place for rituals.'

1) legit real estate investments
2) safe places for rituals
3) sites for other illegal activities (drugs, prostitution, child trafficking)

Needs FBI investigation for sure. Yes, FBI stinks pretty bad right now.
sheik yerbouty's belief is not enough to make him good at anagrams.
Alefantis, rearraned is “les enfants”, the children. Of course it’s another Clintonic coincidence!
huckfillary takes other fake news to give this fake news credibility:
My first thoughts exactly. On election night after Hillary knew she lost, an eyewitness reported she began screaming at Podesta, “You pervert, you pervert,” repeatedly. There is no evil of which these people are incapable.
NetAddicted found a politico article that is clearly talking about Satan:
Dark arts impresario? They’re outing him as a Satanist, or is it well known?
The most telling post is Organic Panic getting really gets joyfully righteous about past outrages by liberals, which is why he doesn't care about the truth anymore:
YOU LITTLE PANSY COWARDS!!! For as long as I can remember you and your ilk have called conservatives the most disgusting things and accused us of horrible deeds without ANY blowback aside from a few talk show hosts and brave pundits like Ann Coulter.

NOW, you finally get someone that punches you back right in the nose and you are facing the same kind of crap you have said about conservatives for decades and you’re crying on national radio!!! GOOD.

A pox on you you frikkin cowards. I hope there are stories exposing you disgusting freaks for decades to come. Real or not I don’t care.
Bush’s service record. You made fun of McCain’s crippled arms and fingers (yes I know it’s McCain but still). What you all said about Palin’s family. You laughed when her daughter was assaulted. You accuse Romney of practically killing his employees. You swallow up every bogus “Trump is a rapist” story. Well FU Brooks. Go to your safe space or tell your people to STFU and be honest for once in your wretched lives! 

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  1. brave pundits like Ann Coulter

    Wow, his hero is Ann Coulter? Who's the snowflake now?