Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Eddie01 is really hoping Trump silences dissent:
Donald Trump met with Jeff Bezos.

Bezos response was to turn the Washington Post bilge output up to 11.

I just don’t think things are going to work out well for Jeff or the Washington Post.
wallowing in the confirmation bias, marktwain laments how TV is all about insulting white people.
I can’t imagine a TV program without at least one black person in it.

I have not watch TV regularly since 1994.

Isn’t it required that bosses be black, white men idiots (unless they are the required homosexual), and that anyone who owns a gun is evil, ignorant, and racist, or all three?

I suppose a mandatory tranny on every show. Has that happened yet?
fortes fortuna juvat is really drinking deep of the Muslim hate:
I want to tell my Muslim friends here in the states, get these guys under control or we will. It will get ugly and I really really want to avoid that for your sake.

You have Muslim friends? You must be a Muslim.
After a bit of a flame war, fortes fortuna juvat concludes with this breathtaking bit of guilt by association:
Son, go back to your sandbox with your Muzzie friends and quit bothering me. Maybe if you use your knee pads they’ll let you try on one of their suicide vests.

Allahu Akbar, Troll.
Right Wing Assault's strawman Obama is worse than reality in only one respect:
obama missed check mark on his "Destruction of American Ideals Tour." He forgot to forbid NORAD from tracking Santa.
RedWulf continues the hyperbolic hate for Angla Merkel Freepers have picked up in the past 2 years. About as long as Russia has been monkeying around in right wing politics...
Merkel should be strung up and hanged.....she killed these people with her intentional actions as much as she was the CIA agent which ordered a Hit. She knew this would happen and wants it for the destruction of white Christian cultures. She WANTS her German citizens annihilated.

She’s aspiring to be something even worse than Hitler.
LibsRJerks is as pure an example of calling poverty a moral failing as you will see:
Too damn bad. I live responsibly, every single day. I get up early, go to work, plan, save, and think about my future.

I don’t party excessively. I am SERIOUS about life, and always have been. I always see the wolf at the door, even at times when I’ve been swimming in prosperity.

Tired of people, especially women, who are seemingly not forced to live as I do. They live loosely and vicariously, on MY dime. Then they ask ME to pay to destroy the lives they have created through their activities. The horrible evil destruction of innocent human lives ...all at our expense. They choose to stay stupid and uneducated.

They are and have been given EVERYTHING that any of us have been given public education, free assistance with everything ...they just squander it and continue to waste our precious resources in this country.

They can all die off, as far as I’m concerned. The strong will survive.
TimeofReason has a very ironic name, and presents this bit of confirmation bias and rumor:
Straight out of the False Flag - pin the crime on the patsy - copybook. Some other examples:

A wallet belonging to James Earl Ray (MLK assassination) was found on the sidewalk near the scene of the crime.

A wallet belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK) was found at the scene of the murder of a police officer.

A passport belonging to Satam Al Suqami (one of the 911 attackers) floated to the ground undamaged, near the WTC.

One of the London 7/7 suicide-bombers, Shezad Tanweer, supposedly left IDs at two separate bomb locations(!)

US “domestic terrorist” Chris Dorner supposedly left IDs at various crime locations, one of which was made from “fireproof” plastic.

One of the Charlie Hebdo assassins, Said Kouachi, supposedly left his ID in the getaway car.

Mohamed Bouhlel, the Nice 2016 terror attacker also allegedly left his ID in the truck cab.
Most of those seem to check out, but others are rumor. And out of all the terrorists since 1962, this is not an surprising amount.

boycott literally advocates for Pogroms.
Kill the immigrant bastards.............

Agreed. Slaughter the evil bastards.
max americana continues his sad quest for people to give him attaboys for his zealotry:
My nightly prayer:

Dear Lord, please allow the Civil War to start in order for me to save my nation. We cannot co-exist with liberals and they really need to go. Kindly arm me with weapons and firearms that will make short work of these Godless heathens called liberals. Kicking them in the face and smashing their heads in with a baseball bat is not enough. If you wish for your religion to prosper, then liberals have to go. They don’t believe in You anyway, so give me the strength to destroy our enemies.

I was at church here in Hollywood and just blurted it out and someone behind me said “dude, is that a real prayer?”. I told them it was a prayer for St Ronald (Reagan)...
longtermmemmory liked Rogue One. Cue attempting to Freepize it!
there were no homosexuals anywhere.

It was not a “big scale” movie. (a LOT of product placement of new and old toys)

BTW anyone notice how the good guys are all from outer “fly by” planets? (see flyover country)
Stopthethreat continues with the post-Trump paranoia:
The fix is probably already in. Mooslims and Globalists have probably rigged all future elections. Same thing would have happened here had the unindicted felon stolen it. We dodged a very big bullet.
meyer similarly doesn't discard his voter fraud conspiracy just because there is no evidence and also Hillary didn't win:
When the fraud settles - which it probably won’t because nobody seems interested in tackling that major issue - then it will be learned that she lost by about 10 million nationwide.
Feckless is sure Trump is going to stand up to Putin, not like wimpy Obama!
Queen Putt's chin has been Long Term Parking for Vlad's 'Nads for 8 years. Who will be Pimp Daddy Vlad's new Bottom Bitch?

I'm betting Not Trump.
seastay has this whole narrative that GOP approval of Russia isn't real, and Democrats are still the pro-Russian tools:
The democrats have praised communist Russia for decades , ted Kennedy ask for their help to win the presidency , they modeled healthcare and the auto bailouts after communist ideals. Obama voted communist party candidate in his younger years, and this election they supported hillary.

So why now are they concerned about Russians meddling in the affairs of our country ? One theory is that this is a smokescreen projection of obamas own involvement with putin and the Russians on to trump , to divert public attention away from any suspicion that the upper democratic leadership have been puppets to Russia.

While the Saudis owned the bushes, and the Saudis plan was to controll Iraq and Syria, using US troops, Obama instead sided with Iran giving them billions, lifting santions allowing them to partner with Russia to control iraq and Syria,, obama is the one being influenced by the Russians. ,
Teacher317 continues to quest for metrics by which Trump won the popular vote:
Trump won the majority of counties in 43 of 50 states.

Hillary won Oregon, despite taking only 8 of its 36 counties.
Hillary won Washington, despite taking only 12 of its 39 counties.
Hillary won Nevada, despite taking only TWO of its 16 counties.
Hillary won New Mexico, despite taking only 13 of its 32 counties.
Hillary won Colorado, despite taking only 22 of its 64 counties.
Hillary won Minnesota, despite taking only NINE of its 87 counties.
Hillary won Illinois, despite taking only 11 of its 102 counties.
Hillary won Maryland, despite taking only 7 of its 24 counties.
Hillary won Delaware, despite taking only 1 of its 3 counties.
Hillary won Virginia, despite taking only 15 of its 95 counties.
Hillary won New York, despite taking only 16 of its 62 counties.
Hillary won New Hampshire, despite taking only 4 of its 10 counties.
Hillary won Maine, despite taking only 7 of its 16 counties.

From the Mississippi River to the eastern border of the 3 West Coast states, she took a grand total of 126 counties... out of 1401...

She got 3 (of 114) in MO, 2 each in KS/ID/NE/ND/UT/NV, 1 in WY, and zero in OK.

and in her first First Lady state, she got 8 of 75 in ARK

(She got 27 in TX, and 33 in CA)

But sure, it was a close election. Ahem.
FreeReign is reading the opposite of these things somewhere, I guess?
Pro Trump hate crimes turn out to be hoaxes.

Recounts turn out bigger margin for Trump.

EC vote turns out bigger margin for Trump.

No direct evidence from CIA about the claim of Russian hacking.

Over-and-over, Big Media reports fake news.
As they will for the next decade, W. continues to fantasize about Obama dying:
I suggest a scuba tour of the Arizona. I hear that can be very dangerous.

Hee, hee, hee! Glub, glub...
libstripper blames Obama for the F-35.
From many of the earlier posts here, it looks like the F-35 is an almost ideal ideal Obola boondoggle--a massively expensive "defense" project loaded with opportunities for graft that doesn't deliver a usable end product while simultaneously cutting off funding for other projects that could work, and work economically. Looks like PRESIDENT Trump is attacking on another front. GO TRUMP !!
After Ivanka Trump is accosted on a flight. mastertex is super pissed Obama has any security:
Where was the secret service.....Guarding Muchsell Obama I bet....if anyone in the world does NOT need SS protection it’s Muchell.....and Barry O
Aaaand cue doxxing.

InkStone hates his lesbian neighbors for reasons he doesn't bother to specify:
homosexuality is a serious disorder, and this lifestyle is vile and sad.

I have a female ‘couple’ next door; usually they are angry, fearful and mean. They cause trouble with the neighbors, then suddenly they remember they travel half the year. So now that they’ve offended their neighbors, they must have people stay in their house for the 6 mos. they’re gone, to keep it safe from those they’ve grieved.

I watch this in amazement, wondering why they simply can’t live in peace with others, but that is beyond the darkness in their hearts. May Jesus the Christ touch those who insist on living outside of His goodness.
Merry Christmas!
roadcat is warmed by visions of a violent purge of Muslims from America:
Mosques will be much more lightly attended after the first terrorist attack on a Church or Synagogue in America.

Yup, we'll brighten up mosques from sea to sea with bonfires as retaliation.
eyeamok takes another Freeper to task for not thinking liberals are evil:
I am starting to believe the dumb theory that the Democrats REALLY want to destroy America as we know it.

WHat took so long to take off the Rose colored Glasses? I threw Mine away when Carter was President.


  1. My God the hatred from these people is beyond astounding. It's like watching demons from the pits of hell who are utterly convinced that their malevolence will somehow earn them an honorary place in Heaven.

  2. I think most of them need a psychiatrist and maybe at least one friend who isn't just a screen name. The fact that they have an annual post to talk about how they spend Christmas alone tells me all I need to know.

  3. I hope Teacher317 doesn't teach anything related to government or math, given they're spreading a version of that mis leading bs. Hillary won about 487 counties across the country, for the record.

    But I guess it's easier to deflect that she won the popular vote and say she lost the Real American's votes - AKA rural - AKA not dirty coasties aND city dwellers.

    Remember, we don't need to update the electoral college or expand congress to reflect extra population and new states! It reflects a USA of the 1930s - you know, when America Was Great!