Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Spite Agenda

The House and Senate have passed resolutions to work on repealing Obamacare. Based on Freepers requirements, I'll believe it when I see it.

Freepers' knee-jerk reaction is tellingly empty. They don't mention insurance premiums, or coverage rates, or anything about policy, really. No, they just dance around about how bad liberals must feel.

Freepers used to have some crazy principles they stood for. Racist, xenophobic principles. But at this point, I'll bet if Trump said he was going to ensure blacks got reparations, but found a way for liberals to oppose it, Freepers would crow that this is a masterstroke, and Hillary's surely crying and throwing stuff, haw haw.

Secret Agent Man is ready for some revenge, making that imaginary oppression real:
They are going to experience being governed the way they have governed for so very, very long.

Way m-f-ing overdue.
TomGuy is pretty excited to make Obama suck it.
De-licious! that this repeal is starting while Obama is still in office.

ACA was the only real domestic legacy accomplishment he had, and now all he can do is watch it being dissolved — while he is still in office and can do nothing about it.
RC one fantasizes about frowning liberals:
Beautiful. I would have loved to have seen their frowning faces as the bill passed. 
This is a victory for the working people of America who have, for too long, had to subsidize free healthcare for those who will not work for a living.
ROCKLOBSTER likes it stern.
(Majority Whip John Cornyn) would say in a stern voice: “Point of order.”

Excellent. That's exactly how it's done.
Being a visual creature, Excuse_My_Bellicosity is hoping for some YouTube schadenfreude.
This election win is the gift that keeps on giving. I’m sure we’ll see another video series of butt-hurt libs on YouTube. That’s great, have at it, I’d rather see angry profane videos than people hitting the streets throwing bricks and setting things on fire.
joegoeny is one of many Freepers super into Trump's 'you may get tired of wining' line.
Oh the winning! The pain of it all! If you experience emotional overload from too much winning call toll free:
1-800-win-too-much. Again if you experience emotional overload from too much winning call toll free:
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin targets the lawmakers that voted for Obamacare:
Every one of them should serve a minimum of 10 years in prison. EVERY ONE OF THEM.
C210N endorses regression to the super successful days of 2008.
We are six days from fundamentally un-Transforming America, away from Øbamunism that has ruled for 8 years.
rod1 wants some cheap, petty theatrics.
What would TRULY be superb is if Trump had the bill in his pocket at the inaugural. After the oath, he takes from his coat and signs it right there on the podium.

Yes! As he turns toward Obama and says....”I won.”


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  2. That's way too many numbers for a phone number! Typical freeper liar. Sad!

  3. I don't know what kind of person calls themselves American (or Christian) and laughs at the idea of over 20 million of their fellow citizens having a more difficult path to visit a doctor.

    Regardless of what people think about Obamacare, at least it gave people who wouldn't otherwise have it, better access to health care. And the price? It cost us all a little bit more.

    I guess that's the problem: as Americans, a good percentage of us are rather unconcerned with the welfare of others if it gets in the way of us having a few more gadgets per year.