Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Pix

I'm not sure where this Deep State rhetoric is coming from, but it smells like InfoWars.
Happy MLK Day!
Patronizing a strawman to salve your fear of dissent: Freepers better get used to it.
Actually, the lying media has become a feature - Freepers call Trump's tweets Fake News if they're awkward.
And by accurate, they mean comforting.
Freepers still having some trouble with the election being over. Your Clinton conspiracies won't save you now!
Good lord, more media hate. You'd think they'd be done making they're making their own reality.
'I'll bet Obama didn't act dignified even though he did!'
...Limbaugh is part of the media...


  1. Conway: Trump White House offered 'alternative facts' on crowd size

    It is hard to believe we have come to this.

    1. Very small crowds. Here's hoping this unedited footage never goes down the memory hole.


    brave freepers detail their acts of political dissent in the last 8 years.

    1. "I don’t believe I did either. As I think back to the beginning of the last eight years of pain & misery, I basically referred to him as Hussein (because he seemed so very proud of the name), Odrama, and The Imposter in the white house. In the privacy of my home, and only to my other right-wing friends, I called him many things I cannot say here."

      So brave in their naked racism. *gag*

    2. "I can now put the stamps on letters right side up now. Been waiting eight years to do that. Thanks to President Donald J. Trump."


    3. I'd really like to know what actual pain and suffering they've experienced, except for the Odrama they've inflicted on themselves.

  3. Apparently HarleyLady's older daughter was killed the morning of Inauguration Day...she claims anyway.

    She's back to FR pretty quick for losing a daughter, but maybe it's her only way of grieving.

    Strange though.;brevity=full;options=no-change;brevity=full;options=no-change

    1. HokieMom: I would like to suggest that the group privacy setting on the facebook page be changed from open/public to closed. Most of us on facebook use our real names and that’s prohibitive to being able to freely participate as deplorables.


    2. People grieve in different ways, but I do see a lot of Freepers acting grumpy and out of sorts since the election, like they're going through drama withdrawal.

    3. Here's the link to the post where HL announces it.

  4. Y'know. I'm not one to be happy about another person's death, nor am I one for encouraging a slow down in scientific change that expands our lifetimes. But godammit do Freepers bring that out in me.

    And I say that as someone whose Aunt kept a NOBAMA magnetic on her fridge for the last 6 years (mysteriously disappeared after she got cancer).

    My immediate family is liberal or moderate, but otherwise conservative, I am thankful that all that politics were shoved to the side.

    I only bring this up because who has a theory about why you would want to alienate your family for a political purpose? As long as you're connected to your family shouldn't that be secondary?

    I'd love to ask the question on Free but I'm sure I'd be zotted immediately.