Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

nopardons celebrates tens of thousands of liberals dying.
Repealing Obamacare Will Kill more than 43,000 People every year

One thing this blog has done is highlight some of my gender preconceptions - I'm still shocked when it's the female Freepers who lust for death.

RedWulf thinks the only way for America to continue is to become a dictatorship.
Due to the left’s ever great holier than thou signaling spiral we either face civil war or dictatorship with mass suppression of the left by the 2020s. 
Co-existence with the left isn’t going to be compatible with survival as we’re starting to see in the streets. The republic will not survive a second mass civil war. Either the left is suppressed, or the country and a lot of us will be destroyed and the Chinese, Muslims, and Russians will inherent the world.
RedWulf also thinks all women these days are too slutty to vote or go outside without a male escort.
In modern America most women regularly screw loser criminal/bad boys for most of their teens and 20s. There’s literally no downside now that slutting it up because their behavior is excused by everyone. Sexually the average woman has a lot less self control when making long term decisions than the average man does, which is why most civilizations spend a great deal of time making sure women are not around strange men and strongly value female virginity while ignoring men’s bad behavior.

Civilizations don’t live long once they liberated their women.
aquila48 is also obsessed with women having too much power.
I’m having trouble figuring out which will happen first:

1. White men finally waking up and reclaiming the power they surrendered to the feminazis
2. Islamists taking over and raping all the feminazis.
CyberAnt declares the nationwide protests not part of Real America.
Sorry ... I am not “united” with these extreme people.


These people are americans in name only. They don’t vote.

They have no clue who America really is .. and they don’t want to find out .. because it doesn’t fit their narrative.
gaijin explains that because the right embraces intolerance, cursing out Clinton supporters is fine, but doing the same for Trump supporters is the height of hypocrisy.
To be fair, I would say darn near the same things to people wearing a Clinton hat.

I believe you.

On the other hand, YOUR side doesn't go to such extravagant and condescending lengths to insist WEEEEEEEEEEeee are open-minded, big-hearted people who TOOOOOOLLLLLERate people unlike our own, WEEEEEee are diverse and patient, WEeeeeee insist on free speech for all.....

THAT is the difference.

They set a bar that is STRATOSPHERIC and then they don't even extend the courtesies common to deckhands, sailors, construction workers, stebedores and taxi-divers.
blackbetty59 smugly declares that rich preppers putting their getaways in rural areas proves they don't love their 'urban pets.'
The first thing I noticed was that these ultra-liberal rich folks were planning on escaping the “urban folks”. They are buying up areas as far away from their urban pets as they can get. If they loved their urbans as much as they claim to love them, why wouldn’t they be unafraid to survive the apocalypse with them? Instead, they are planning their safe-havens in deplorable zones. Hypocrites.
Intolerant in NJ has some prime bullshit for ya:
Yeah, my doctor was telling me the other day that to keep going under Obamacare he was going to have to start reusing unsterilized hypodermic needles - how’s that for lowering professional standards, Buzzfeed?......
the OlLine Rebel declares only conservative women are truly independent, smart, and strong.
It’s ironic how liberals think they are the ones with “real” women.

But they are all wimpy, like their men. Oh sure, they’re crude and rude, but they really can’t stand serious blowback. It’s a cover for wimpyness.

Meanwhile they call us meek milquetoast housewives “from the ‘50s” (why it has to be ‘50s I am not sure), but many of us have more serious study under our belts (not “women’s studies”), serious jobs, work with our hands, and aren’t afraid to step into a fight!
The purity crusade continues. sport is one of many Freepers opposed to Pryor as SCOTUS pick for petty reasons.
If he was/is opposed to Judge Roy Moore, then I am against him. To blazes with him.
Be fun to watch sport turn on a dime if this is Trump's pick.

shotgun loves Trump's gag order on government agencies, mostly because it makes liberals sad.
Let the tearing of clothes, wailing, and gnashing of teeth begin...
5th MEB assures everyone his literate lifestyle is born out of spite, not intellectualism.
I came back down south (so. cal.) to do some work on the house (my wife still lives down here, she’s got 4 months till retirement).
Last weekend she gave me a choice; we could go to the book store or the movies.
Hollywood makes nothing but angst, homocrap, and perversion for the last 50 years.
jim35 does not trust our justice system to properly deal with murderers.
Anyone want to bet she’s out in less than 5 years? This is not nearly enough. The little murderer-wannabe will charm the parole board, get out in 4 years, all rehabilitated. Then she’ll kill much more carefully.
central_va continues to be zealous about the weirdest stuff:
I didn’t vote for Perot, but I should have.
a fool in paradise is revising even 9-11 to demonize liberals.
Will it take tragedy to bring us together, as it did at 9/11?

That togetherness lasted less than 2 weeks and within a few months Hillary Rotten Clinton was shouting on the floor of the Senate that "Bush KNEW!".

Conspiracy theories about Jews, explosives, and remote control planes went on and on.

Bill Maher said the hijackers weren't cowards.
Neidermeyer, the 'too rational to be a practice juror' from last week, has been engaging in frivolous lawsuits? Hmmmmm....
I’m ecstatic about 2-3 YUGE wins a day... I just won an unwinnable lawsuit by attacking their weakness one step at a time and never stopping... This is not the time to bring on the outcry this will start... get the team in place , get things up and running independent of the president and then start taking on the bigger and bigger items. THEN when we have 50 YUGE wins in progress you yank DACA and take the attention off of your 50 wins in the process of being implemented.
Yardstick declares any public goods to be against the Founders' America. No mention of how the words 'general welfare' and 'more perfect union' slipped in there.
Socialism is an alien ideology that should never have been able to take root here. The Declaration is all about natural rights and the Constitution is about limited government. Combined they amount to a neon sign saying “No Socialism Here”. Yet here we are up to our gills in a struggle against friggin socialism.
pissant is still not happy with Trump.
I’m not panicking yet. I’ll give him another 10-12 days to get Obama’s executive orders revoked. If he hasn’t moved by then, the restlessness will turn to a roaring cacophony.


  1. There’s literally no downside now that slutting it up because their behavior is excused by everyone.
    But civilization is sort of OK with men in their teens and 20s slutting it up without collapse? Who are these women slurring with if not them?

    1. Doesn't apply to RedWulf ...
      he spent his teens and 20s getting none at all because those "sluts" would do it with everyone except him.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking ay-non!

  2. "Meanwhile they call us meek milquetoast housewives 'from the ‘50s' (why it has to be ‘50s I am not sure)"

    Well sweetie, when you allow yourself to be treated that way by the Freeper male majority on a daily basis... *shrug*