Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama endorses Trump, proving he's Kenyan.

Obama is treating Trump like our President, and has downplayed the effect of Russia's selective releases of information on our electoral system.

This is the sort of thing that leads Freepers to the heights of delusion - trying to rationalize why Obama would do something they agree with. It takes a good conspiracy to maintain 100% villainy and still align with the Good Guys.

DarthVader is sure Obama's being blackmailed by Trump's people:
He is backing off now as the lions are starting to roar at him and show their teeth. Would love to see what is going on behind the scenes. This is too funny.
IllumiNaughtyByNature is already excusing Republican inaction for the next eight years:
obama is trading favors so Trump doesn’t take him entire empire down. It’s going to be long 8 year stalemate.
Poor Doogle didn't read past the first word of the headline, it seems:
Blah blah blah....lying till the end
Post-Trump Lazamataz has been doing this 'wise Freeper' thing where he summarizes the thread so far. It's super boring:
Ok, this is interesting.

Hatred of Hillary?

Desire to rescue shreds of credibility for the Dems?

Probably this: His first stab at being the Elder Statesman of the Democrat party.
Good lord, even simpleton dp0622 has more interesting tin foil than Laz:
Also, we all know he HATES the clintons.

And they hate him back.

Obama knows what old Bill has called him in private
DarthVader is adding detail and flavor to his Obama blackmail scenario:
Obama is concerned that he had knowledge of Hillary’s illegal email server that compromised national security.

He was one of the email participants.

Exactly and you can bet your eye teeth that he has had a visit from some folks in the DoD/Intel communities reminding of that vociferously. He is being strong armed.
trebb just accused our intelligence community of treason:
He knows that even a President isn’t immune from treason - which pushing this lie is....
Jim Noble, like Trump, is declaring voter fraud that could not overcome how hard Hillary lost:
Hah! After the recount found massive voter fraud in Detroit, Obama is afraid of what an investigation into the allegations of Russian hacking would uncover.

They had to kill the recounts before they got to Detroit and Philadelphia.
American in Israel also buys into the fraud narrative.
Now that the DHS have been busted trying to hack the Pennsylvania election and Detroit was busted with over reporting votes it seems the Dummicrats have shot themselves in both feet.

Just dang... We have a lot of work ahead of us lancing the boil of what our leadership has become under Barrack Hussein Obama to use his Muslim convert name.
I looked up the Detroit thing. More votes were registered in some districts than ballots were picked up.  Not, as Freepers believe, more than registered voters. Total suspect votes are about  .7% of the total. It's nothing.

Grampa Dave thinks they key is Trump's independent intel sources...?
Trump must have called him and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. “I know where the crimes are buried”.

Trump’s intel sources are definitely better than Obama’s CIA under Brennan.
Also...'where the crimes are buried?'

A CA Guy knows Hillary's assassins are still out and about:
I think Trump should issue a statement that the leaker, who was probably an insider, will be given immunity and a pardon under his administration, and can now come forward and let the world know that it wasn’t Russian hackers, but an American patriot who saw what Clinton was, and didn’t want that.

The person may still work where they were, so outside of getting them killed, what could Trump offer?
Windflier continues to maintain a paranoia level well above even the average Freeper:
Don't trust the snake. If he's dropping the 'Russian hackers stole it for Trump' gambit, it only means the conspirators on the hard left are moving on to the next one.
Fantasywriter, who has been deep into birtherism, Benghazi, Obama's gay affairs, etc, has been enjoying jokes about how deluded blaming Russia is:
The funniest one I’ve read is that Hillary tried to visit WI and MI, but the Russians kept hacking her plane back to CA and NY.

I read it on The_Donald. I saw another hilarious one over there too. An aide tells Hillary she needs to campaign in the rustbelt. She says ‘OK, I just need to check my email.’

A shadowy image of Putin appears on her phone.

She looks up with hypnosis-eyes and says, ‘On second thought, the blue wall is fine. Now, get my speechwriter on the phone; I want to talk about the basket of deplorables in my next speech. ‘
COUNTrecount knows when in doubt, Hitler.
Think of Hitler’s bunker in the final days.

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