Wednesday, January 4, 2017

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Wishful thinking edition.
An open letter to the Obama’s:

On January 20, 2017 at noon, the Secret Service and all other Federal police will suddenly stop obeying you and start obeying our God fearing Patriot, Donald john Trump.

Well, boy, you have never proved you are in the US legally, as President Mr. Trump has promised us that he is going to immediately have illegals, especially terrorist and gang bangers, like you, arrested.

Without a doubt he is gong to authorize AG Jeff Season to investigate PizzaGate, you have never shown proof that those two little girls are yours as daughters.

My suggestion to you is to RUN. Run now while you can, for at any time after noon Jan 20, 2017 he can say to your SS detail, “Arrest him!” I assure you, barak, the cheering will be deafening.

Run now while you can, but leave those two girls here, the PizzaGate investigators are going to want to talk to them.
Curdled casserole of conspiracies and racism brought to you by The_Republic_Of_Maine


  1. It's amazing how the Champions of Liberty and Freedom and Constitution and Law and Order can genuinely think that it's not only true, but desirable for the President to be able to unilaterally order the arrest of any person, at any time, with no probable cause.

    1. Freepers have seamlessly transitioned from "My freedoms!" to "Police State Now !!!" under their group Trumpnosis.

    2. As a FReeper, I sadly agree with you. Liberals, however, don't have a better record as far as wanting a police state. Both sides just want choose the police.

    3. Yeah, extremists on both sides always want to use the government to punish their enemies.

      But Free Republic is a lot more populous than DU. And they seem to have recently gained power...

  2. God fearing Patriot, Donald john Trump.

    "God fearing." Puhleeze. Trump would probably tweet "I like Saviors that don't get crucified, OK?"

    Well, boy,

    ... boy? Really? Sigh.

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  4. Here's a couple of openly racist threads today based on reports of a young man apparently with a developmental disability being held captive and mistreated by four individuals.

    Granted this incident does appear to be politically and racially motivated based on the reports and this is a completely heinous act, but don't think for a second that the racism isn't mutual on FR. It's very much alive and well and not only is it not called to task but it is applauded and even encouraged.

    The first thread has a Freeper openly lamenting that white people can't call black people the "N" word, with the word spelled out and the post left completely intact at the time of this posting.

    The second thread has, in the midst of open cries for a race war and white men being chided for their "cowardice", a Freeper stating that he (or she) at this point practically desires blacks killing each other and "knuckle dragging" themselves to abortion clinics, with another Freeper giving an "atta boy!" for being so open about it.