Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Ordinary Post: Freepers vs. Intelligence

Like any good cult of personality, Freepers have lost faith in everything that isn't Trump. This means previous parts of the government they were super into, including the spy agencies that have featured in their cloak-and-dagger fantasies for a long time.

This also allows the really kooky Freepers to come out of the woodwork and get support for their theories about CIA mind control assassins, JFK, 9-11, etc. Even theories Freepers have derided, like the CIA creating the crack epidemic, are now on the table. Anything to defend Their Trump from all who would say an improper word.

I chose the thread on the former intel guy who left Trump's transition team, because the opportunity to make it personal always brings out the best in Freeper crazy.

Trump_vs_Evil_Witch minimizes as hard as she can:
Yawn, who cares how many elitist puppets choose to join or leave Trump, who should care?.....(the enemy within is far deadlier than the one outside, anyway)
Alberta's Child never liked this advisor, he tells us!
Good. In fact, this is GREAT news.

I didn't even know this guy was on Trump's transition team in the first place. I would have been apoplectic over that, since he's a long-time "neo-con" globalist, a paid stooge of "green energy" industry groups, and a global warming alarmist.

How the 'eff did the Trump team end up with a swamp creature like this on their transition team?
Swamp creature? Like Pence, Sessions, Priebus, Flynn, Munchin, Perry, Mulvaney? (Off the top of my head)

reasonisfaith's gut aligns with Trump always being correct:
My gut tells me Woolsey is to compromised to help with any of the swamp draining.
CodeToad declares him a Liberal!!!
He no doubt was asked to resign. He is a liberal to the nth degree.
WashingtonFire whips out the SOROS. Lots of that lately.
Seems to me that Trump likely detected he was a Soros plant .

Treason is heavily ingrained in our government that even 0bamas departure won’t solve everything
CreviceTool declares senility:
Saw Director Woolsey on Fox within the last 10 days. I was shocked by his washed-out appearance - he looked almost enfeebled. What’s more; he was NOT in command of the facts and kept fumbling for words.

Sadly, Director Woolsey may be sliding into dementia. While I wished the best for him, I hoped that he would not continue as a PE Trump surrogate.
Rome2000 wants crazy people in our intel community:
Time for Trump to bring in the psycho MF’s.

Bloods versus Crips.

No mercy, no quarter.
RummyChick's got that One World Government fever:
I have always believed the CIA had something to do with killing Kennedy.

Once Trump made that announcement..I knew it was going to hit the fan.

I really do hope he stays safe.

Fighting the Federal Reserve AND the CIA can get you killed by the powers that be.
2big2fail is against intelligence:
Nailed it. Intelligence organizations are enemies of liberty.
DesertRhino has a whole novel where the CIA did all the things, including that evil WMD story:
They have been at the center of at least 5 drug waves to hit America. They protected the Corsican Gang of French Connection fame, they protected the Golden Triangle heroin trade during Vietnam. They protected the cocaine trade at the Mena airport in the 80s to fund the Contras. They have been happy to let the Mexican cartels run wild and have favored Sinaloa. And heroin has now exploded from Afghanistan.

Realistically, they were at a minimum, fully complicit in the murder of JFK.
They pushed the WMD story. We all get excited about gas shells here and there, and they grasp onto that. But everyone was worried that Saddam wanted a nuke. That war wasn’t to all round up some sarin and mustard gas shells.

They were founded by a cabal of Ivy League banker connected types and have worked feverishly for every NWO scheme since then.

They switched sides in the war on terror in Libya and supplied and supported black flag waving Al Qeida with money, weapons, AAA missiles, etc.
Now they have turned their intelligence sights on normal Americans.

Id like to hear an argument that we shouldn’t be at war with them.

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