Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

kvanbrunt2 was prepared to go full tactical badass to keep liberal violence down:
that’s ok i am instructing everyone i know about our people sticking together in groups of 20-40 in order to creat hollow squares as a defense mechanism armed with pepper jell. I will have a back back with as much as i can get a hold of prior to the event.
CivilWarBrewing still wants Putin to save America by revealing all the Freeper conspiracies Russia has been pushing online.
Trump needs to ACTIVELY PURSUE the arrest and prosecution of George Soros for funding domestic terrorism, among other things. I'll betcha Putin can tell Trump a thing or two about Soros. Gitmo, Bundy land issues, border invasion, Bergdahl, Hillary/Huma/Weiner/Jarrett/0dunga/Brennan/Rice/Kerry/etc, Iran deal, etc.. So many things to wonder about with regards to how and how fast Trump deals with them.

I wonder what is happening along our border right now.. ANY CHANGES YET?

Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure 0dunga bombed as many terrorists as he could this week IN ORDER TO PREVENT THEIR U.S. CAPTURE, INTERROGATION BY TRUMP'S MILITARY AND POSSIBLE DETENTION IN GITMO!
Obama kills terrorists so hard because he doesn't want Trump to capture them!

bgill wants to arrest all protesters lest dissent grow:
Nip it in the bud on Day 1. Arrest them and lock every one of them up for everything from littering to protesting without a permit to blocking traffic to attempting to harm the POTUS. Fill GITMO up with them.
Except bgill also thinks growing dissent isn't a big deal:
A real civil war will end in the first half hour with them on the losing side.
Poor JohnBovenmyer, like so many Freepers, got so over-the-top with hypothetical pardonapalooza they couldn't really get it up for pardoning Chelsea Manning and some 1970s Puerto Rican terrorist.
Less than 5 days remain for her pardon.

It would be interesting if something came up to medically excuse Obama from attending his dethroning. And if it were just sufficient that he wasn't up to officially signing Hillary, etc.'s pardons. 
Now, under the 25th, Biden could take over and willingly, shamelessly, sign what is necessary, without having to stain THE LEGACY. 
And the MSM would leap to deify Biden for that. But there is a bunch of process that would need to be co-ordinated between VP, most of the Cabinet and congressional leadership before Biden could take any official action. 
Remember the fun when Al Haig said he was in charge after Reagan was shot? Consider how well organized this administration normally is compared to Reagan's and recognize all the needed endorsers will be in the process of cleaning out their offices and moving. It would be ironic if they had to blame their own inefficiency for failing to get a valid pardon signed in time or if Sessions was able to show an alleged pardon wasn't valid. That would really be fun winning for our side.
blackbetty59 tries to get his back up about Manning, but ends up derailed by the transgender thing into an anti-Obama rant.
The more I think about it, the more I understand that this is just one queer, pardoning another queer. 
I don’t say that lightly. I have never believed Obama was born in Kenya, or was in any way ineligible for president. 
He was, in my opinion, born in Hawaii, of an American ugly slut mother, and a very black, very ugly, very stupid, very muslim, very in-bred Kenyan father. He is the reason that faggots, trannies, and stupid ugly things like manning and liberal arts majors even are allowed to exist.
GrandJediMasterYoda continues to overpromise on Obama's evil, though I presume he forgot about it when Obama underdelivered.
I predicted Manning would be pardoned only two days ago, that was a give. He has all the requirements for Obama: He is an enemy of the USA and a tranny freak. He might pardon Hitlery as well but remember, if he does that would be him admitting that he endorsed a criminal for President so he might not plus he doesn’t like her.

Bowe Bergdahl definitely will be and 911 architect Khalid Shiek Mohammed absolutely. Why? Because like I said in 2009 when Obama first took office: He’s an Islamic agent working for the Muslim brotherhood. What else has this guy done but empower, defend and help spread radical Islam while kicking the legs out from the USA and our allies on every level? This is a guy who has been reinforcing the enemy through Gitmo for the past 8 years, who arms our enemies, helped them take over entire countries and these same subhuman pieces of garbage in Congress who are now bashing Trump never said or did ONE thing about it, even when he released those 5 Taliban commanders.
So if Obama didn't pardon those people, does that mean he's not an evil Muslim?

txrefugee explains that genocide is OK if you feel your claim is legitimate.
Bill Clinton gave the Muslim Albanians Kosovo, a part of Serbia, because the Albanians had illegally come to live there. They had squatters rights, according to the Philanderer in Chief. Serbia rightly considers Kosovo theirs and will never stop trying to get it back.
Trump bumbled into endorsing single payer healthcare. kiryandil forgives him because Hillary.
If it wasn't for Trump, we'd be preparing to take The Felon Queen, Hillary, like a dry rhino horn covered in sandpaper, straight up the patoot.

So I'm not going to wring my hands and wail, considering that he's done and is doing that which I asked from him - destroying the Media DeathStar.

Everything else is gravy.
Gasshog is suddenly OK with national healthcare, so long as we keep some nationalism in it.
Lets have insurance for US CITIZENS.

Thats all.
proust has also thrown over the whole party of small government for the party of Trump.
I tried to warn the trumpites that this was his position. I even posted a video of Trump making that very statement. And for telling the truth, I was suspended for a week.

That he wanted insurance for everyone? The horror!
Neidermeyer tells of how he was part of a mock jury and was separated out due to his logical thinking skills.
Don’t know ... I do know they took it to trial .. on the “mock jury” they separated us into 2 groups I was put with the logical thinkers (they didn’t want us to “pollute” the second pool) ,, the second group was your more typical jury pool ,, older people , people with no accomplishments , people that watch a lot of TV...

They probably got millions from the hospitals insurer if at the real trial they got “their” jury ,, in the mock trial the second pool didn’t ask any questions and assumed guilt without hesitation ,, went right to damages...
Sivad fears for Trump's life, because no one wanted to kill Obama.
I am not the Chicken Little type but with unprecedented
amounts of left wing hyperbole out there I actually fear
for the life of the new president. 
If harm did come I would predict a national wound that would rival that of the War Between the States. And, it would be made worse by many classless Trump haters who would openly celebrate.
COBOL2Java knows lack of evidence is the greatest evidence of all...
I also never saw any evidence that she did anything. Some people portray her as some puppet master but I never saw any evidence of it.

Many people say the Devil doesn't exist. It's his greatest achievement.
caver, totally not racist.
John Lewis books sell out on Amazon day after Trump’s tweets

More fake news. Lewis’s followers can’t even read.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch wants to end the CIA in revenge for killing JFK and because they don't love Russia.
Just as JFK interfered with the CIA effort to engineer the Vietnam War, Trump may interfere with the globalist agenda to attack nationalist Russia

No president since John F. Kennedy has dared to take on the CIA or the rest of the national security establishment […] They knew that if they opposed the national-security establishment at a fundamental level, they would be subjected to retaliatory measures. Kennedy… After the Bay of Pigs, he vowed to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds. He also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, who, in a rather unusual twist of fate, would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s murder.
Texas Eagle seems fully on board with Russia getting Trump elected.
What makes Barky think he can goad Russian into a war against the man they helped get elected?

He's doing this for some other reason. To deflect attention from something even more egregious.

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