Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Potpourri pt. III

oldfart scoffs at the idea that there are any other principles beyond winning at all costs.
I do not accept or endorse a win-at-any-cost philosophy. I have values and principals and morals that I will not sacrifice to the gods of power and influence.

If you will not fight with every weapon available - you will not win.
To me that is like a sports team that can’t win without stealing their opponents playbook.

You watch too much sports. This is not a game with awards for ‘participation’ or ‘good sportsmanship.’ This is - quite literally - life and death, for you, your family and for western civilization. Sacrifice yourself for your principals if you wish but get back to me when your children die in a car-bomb attack. Tell me then about principals and morals. Better yet, tell me about theirs.
In similar ends-justify-the-means news, Jeff Chandler does not care if we become a protectorate of Russia, so long as his team has the ribbon in the end.
I don’t even care if it’s true. If Trump nominates two or more Constitutional originalists to the Supremes, I’m good.
In a related school, greeneyes does not care about tanking the GOP's poll numbers, because anything that isn't short term is a fraud.
I don’t care what they say about his approval ratings either. Remember when they told us over and over during the Toon’s impeachment that his approval rating remained high?

The day after the Senate voted no - they totally reversed this and reported that his approval rating for the economy was good but his overall rating was in the toilet.

After their polls this election, who believes them anyway??
Steely Tom loves that Trump is going to end those ISIS payoffs to our politicians not to bomb them so hard:
Why all the interest in Trump-Russian relations?

Several reasons, the biggest of which is that Trump and Putin might make common cause against ISIS and other Islamic extremists, payments from whom to various retired (and not-yet-retired) politicians will stop if the people who sign the checks are pushin' up daisies.
Steely Tom also thinks Obama hacked Trump!
You watch.

You juuust watch.

Before this is over, we’re going to find out that the only hacking that was done, was done by the Obama administration against Trump.
The 'no, U' conspiracy theory really shows how little effort you need these days.

samtheman would rather that we all die of diease than spend money on something he's decided is false.
I don’t support “vaccine skepticism “ but I do support globull warming skepticism. I’d rather our president had both than neither
I know it's repetitive, but I'm not yet tired of Freepers like Ann Archy who despair that the Clintons keep escaping justice for all the crap Freeprs make up about them.
NOTHING will touch the Clintons....NOTHING!! Even though there are mounds of evidence they are TOO BIG TO JAIL....unlike the rest of us!! Even Huma is too big to jail....witness her husband who was into underage girls!!

Sadly, we live in a Banana Republic, and not even Trump can change that.

I PRAY I'm wrong.
Ann Archy is in rare form. Here she's all in on the latest vaccine conspiracy:
WHAT???? Are you saying that ALL vaccines now have ABORTED BABY CELLS in them??? OMG!!!! GOD will NOT be MOCKED!!! NOTHING GOOD can come out of ABORTED BABY CELLS!!!
Ann Archy gets the name of the source for the Trump-Russia dossier wrong, but has the usual Freeper ad-hom questions.
Sooooooo....Is Christopher Hill a GAY, or a COMMUNIST??? It’s one or the other!
Ann Archy still hates the guy who was one of many causes Trump won:
DEFINITELY COMEY!!!! He sold his soul to Obama and Hillary!!
Paladin2 knows interagency conflict is the key to purity.
Trump needs to have the FBI investigate the CIA and simultaneously have the CIA investigate the FBI. Then clean both houses.
Grampa Dave advocates for Trump disbanding the CIA.
Is it past time for President Trump in 2017 to end the CIA with an ExO!?

President Truman did not trust the OSS and its increasing power.

At the end of WWII, he signed an ExO ending the OSS.
JLAGRAYFOX really hates McCain. Still.
McCain is not only insane...he is a traitor to the USA...always has been!!! The good pople and voters of Arizona should immediately...”Today”...recall him, fire him and send a truly loyal senator to the Senate in Washinton. McCain should be jailed for his actions!!! Sad days for the American Republicl!!!
NEMDF blames a school stink-bomb on Muslim children:
Just some pre-teen muzzies testing out chemical combinations. Nothing to worry about. Hoping they’ll get invited to the WH like clock-boy. I expect the German govt to announce that this was just some kind of misunderstanding about the use of chemicals.
trebb excuses Trump's latest pick straight from Obama's 'swamp:'
Shulkin is the VA's current undersecretary for health (a carry over from the Obama administration.

Lots of folks getting all "concern troll" over this w/o thinking beyond "he's an Obama" appointee". he has a good history and wasn't put in until so much bad stuff was being aired about the VA - he may be one of the few decent selections Obama let slip through the cracks.
Cicero's version of Obamacare is pretty hard core:
So, taxpayer funded abortions and sterilization were mandated by an amendment to Obamacare. Women can choose to abort or sterilize any way they want, no matter how expensive, and we get to pay for it. Phasing out that taxpayer freebie is "bad for everyone," evidently including tax payers and murdered babies.
exit82 knows truly understanding economics means ignoring science and data.
Trump is a man who can size up a volume of information quickly, and is not paralyzed by inaction or indecisiveness.

He obviously understands economics—being the only person in the last 25 years to show how the globalist policies of the NWO are crippling America.

As for economic statistics, they are a huge waste of time and a means for misdirection. Like blind men describing an elephant, no one gets it right.

And for the last eight year, they are the stuff of fiction.
Third-grader Eleutheria5 takes issue with another Freepers' torture fantasy:
Cut off his head and replace it with a pigs head. He will have no fun in the afterlife. Need to start converting Muslims to the religion of Christ. Islam is not a religion—its a Moon God death cult only. Might as well be worshiping Moloch or Bal.

You mean, touch a yucky terrorist’s head, and get all those terrorist head juices all over you? Ewwwwww. The pig’s head is a fresh-picked daisy by comparison.
Pinkbell characterizes liberal twitter:
You haven’t been to Twitter. Those drooling in cups are drinking their own drool & believing what the media is selling.
Maybe it's a generational thing, but I'm bewildered in how some Freepers like Impy make 'I'll bet he's always drunk!' part of the usual namecalling.
Soon we will have a Vice President who’s blood doesn’t smell like gin.
KarlInOhio tries to calm down Freeper paranoia with military coup fantasies:
Even if Obama declared martial law what would happen on the 20th? Trump would arrive at his inauguration in a tank instead of a limo and Obama would be carried off to Gitmo.
Boatperson83 pulls the same 'black crime is rampant but covered up' trick for European refugees:
I knew it. Refugees raping Whites really doesn’t even qualify as news anymore.
glennaro has already turned his guns on the next liberal heir apparent:
I know -- Let's keep track of how many times Faux-ca-hontas is on the losing side of the vote. Because it's obvious she thinks that by being really, really, really, really tough on Republicans she'll become the "new" Hillary Clinton just in time for 2020.

If that's true, then Liar-Watha better get used to losing!
jiggyboy comes out much more moderate than the latest American Thinker article, which advocates for straight-up censorship of CNN:
For those who may find themselves uneasy at the possibility of official censorship, remind yourselves that what CNN is being censored for is not reporting, but lying.
May I remind the author that CNN has not been censored, officially or unofficially. He could ban them from all press conferences and that's still not censoring them.


  1. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3514990/posts?q=1&;page=1

    Dis gon' be gooood... Already plenty of shrieking homphobes, people accusing Obama of being gay, desperately trying to be offensive by calling her Bradley, hoping for murder, calling on Trump to suspend the Bill of Rights...it's exciting.

    For some reason, it keeps entering two comments every time I press "Publish."

    1. Their imaginations are running wild.

  2. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3514374/posts

    Thought it was a thread worth sharing

    1. I love their ad hoc ideas for how to replace the ACA -- most of which have already been rejected as unworkable. They'd know that if they'd ever read the details of the act, which they decided not to do out of spite.

  3. Old fart don't play by that old grammar book with its "proper" punctuation!

  4. As should be surprising to no one, Truman eliminating the OSS is far more complicated than Grandpa Dave posits. Long story short: Truman was kinda butt hurt over being left out of intelligence briefings while VP, the older military intelligence units resented the OSS and sent him negative reports, and many parts of the OSS were still simply moved to the Star department. That's still oversimplified, but if anyone wants to read more, check this out:

    It's got a number of good primary source docs and analysis.

    1. Oh, and had nothing to do with then having too much power or being corrupt.

  5. I'm not sure what generation I am supposed to be in, I was born in 1983, too young for gen x, too old for millennial. I like the term "Gen Y".