Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Oh noes, dp0622's sister believes the wrong conspiracies!
I fear my sister has gone off the deep edge because she follows this site religiously.

Speaking of which, her miserable husband has driven her, inho, to an over-religious state. Religion ain’t for hiding from life behind.

She sends me a kooky story every day from infowars.

The army was gonna take over the south. obama had a million man service group akin to the nazis, ebola was gonna kill everybody because obama wanted it.

Obamas a POS more than enough without making up silly stories.

Jade Helm was the southern takeover thing.
Pollster1 is having fun with is flag:
This morning, I replaced my Gadsden flag with the Stars and Stripes (flown right side up for the first time in eight years).
Wyrd bið ful aræd spends a lot of time analyzing Olivia Munn's looks:
Her nose is quite aggressive, and she’s got a large forehead and mouth/teeth. Coupled with that skinny neck, jutting collarbone and clavicles, and eyes not big enough to set off that big ol’ “fivehead”...She’s alright, but you see better on any college campus. She’s got a hard, mean look to her face as well.
gaijin thinks photopshop is the window into the soul.
You take the brows off, and sorry, there's NO WAY to make it look normal:

Strongly connotes some type of dark mental problem. 
More visual silliness when ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton knows how to bring liberals to heir knees!
We need a table comparing Ivanka to ValJar and then post it ALL OVER FB...
Liz gloats that Latinos are not AMERICANS:
Latinos threatened Trump time and again——if he didn’t see it their way, he could not be elected.

Fact remains.....AMERICANS elected Trump-—not some insidious third world bund plotting to overthrow the US govt.

Nyyyaaaa, nyaaaa, nyaaaaa.
As Liz goes super racist, Toughluck_freeper knows the real racists are those who think aren't completely color blind:
Another Racist comment by liberals. They don’t even realize how racist they are.

In their view a person should be part of the President’s cabinet based on the color of their skin, instead of the person’s capabilities and skills.

What? an Asian and a Hindu and a Black was not good enough for them?
Though he no longer matters politically, DaveA37 still wants Obama to die:
Perhaps he will get by a stray bullet next time he visits his place in Chicago. We should be so lucky.
HypatiaTaught is another woman-hating Freeper woman.
Sad to say, and I am a woman, many women are absolutely out of their minds. As a woman it is a lonely place.
LydiaLong embraces objectifying her own gender:
Can you imagine the ‘ugly’ in that march?
SAJ is pretty smug about not being in America, because Panama is much more free:
this minute, I hold both US and Panamanian citizenship. Both legally and lengthily acquired, I assure you.

Had Hitlery won, I should have renounced US citizenship and become a full-time resident of Panama.. Now,I've a dilemma; fortunately, there's no deadline for the decision. If Mr. Trump looks like keeping his promises, I'll return. If not, I'll think some more.

Just FYI, renouncing US citizenship now costs approx. $2500 and takes some months of bureaucratic delay. In return, one becomes exempt forever fr/FATCA, FBAR, and a host of other things, including both taxes and filing the forms.

Yes, I'll do a post on Trump's crowd silliness tomorrow. Gaffer found a pic he likes, and declares it the authoritative one:
Incredible resolution with the full 180 degree coverage from Trump to the Washington Monument.

The pictures media are showing elsewhere are lies. I’m surprised CNN showed this, actually.
Sidebar Moderator continues to unskew:
Like I said, I generally don’t trust polls. But most of the polls that have President-elect Trump under 50% are corrupt media polls, rigged by the fact that they don’t even screen for likely voters.
Sidebar Moderator does not understand how addition works:
The only way Hillary “won the popular vote” is by excluding 49 states outside of California! Hillary is basically president of California LOL
WildHighlander57  wants to let the media know he counted Trump's crowd and it was lots!
This message is directed at CNN and the msm.

Hey, CNN!

Press secretary Spicer showed screen caps of the crowd size at the press conference, at half an hour into the ceremony.

I’ve got the same screen cap, that —I— took at the same time, and guess what?

—they MATCH—

Same massive massive crowd, going from the Capitol to the Washington monument; an ocean of people.

All y’all were shown visual proof by press secretary Spicer, but even after that, —still— you lie.

-—end message-—
realcleanguy strawman's the women's march as all about sluttery:
Most women would jump into bed with any man, if they are attracted to him. This is what I call ironic. They march to hate men, but can’t wait to get naked with him and let him screw and humiliate them. They call out men as evil, and will turn around and cheat on their spouses and boyfriends either physically or mentally for sexual satisfaction or gratification, and then piously claim to be a woman of virtue.

So this wasn’t about Donald Trump saying “Grab them by the pussy”, Its about women’s rights to chose to have sex with any man they like, to kill the fetuses, and to demand the right to be honored for screwing any man they want and that the man must pay for everything while they pay for nothing.
brucedickinson has a different set of people he'd like to decide were the womens' marchers.
Yes, middle-America is coming out in force against President Trump. Gays, Satanists, angry spinsters-- the people who make this country work are up in arms.
Oops, in his tribal competitiveness, MeneMeneTekelUpharsin forgot about making policy!
You want to see crowds? President Trump, please hold celebration rallys across the nation on Saturdays and we'll give you crowds. The media won't know what hit them. Literally.
Windflier gets really pissed off when a Freeper wonders how he actually suffered under Obama:
Hmmm.... I'll bet you know a great deal about the sacrifices my family made during the Obama years.

Yep. That's the only way you'd make such a snarky comment.

Yeah, you know all about our inability to sleep well at night, not knowing how on earth we were going to make ends meet at the end of each and every month.

Yeah, you know all about the incredible humility we experienced when showing up to the local food bank to accept the kindness of strangers, while trying to feed our kids.

Yep. You know all about the extraordinary lengths I had to go to, competing against illegal aliens, while trying to sell my services to homeowners in the marketplace.

Question: Have you ever experienced a 50% pay cut? A pay cut that lasted over ten years? Well, I have, and so has my family.
That President Obama was pretty rough ten years ago.


  1. Sidebar Moderator is John Robinson ...
    Jim is actually making him do some work on the site for awhile.
    My prediction, Jim is going to give up active participation within the year.

    I'm going to guess that Windflier might have more time to work if he wasn't obsessed with on-line bitchery at FR and other sites, which probably caused him to lose jobs in the first place.

  2. "NY Slimes calling POTUS a 'liar'. This won’t end well for them."

    Really? What is going to happen to them? lol

  3. Oh, fucking hell:

    Kellyanne Conway has struck immense jealousy and fear into the leftist liberal fascists of America.


    Simple. She is presidential material, and very easily could become the first woman president of the United States.

    5 posted on 1/24/2017, 3:53:37 AM by Candor7

    1. That's the funniest thing I have seen lately. lol

    2. Someone being "presidential material" is meaningless now that Trump has become president. If he can do it, anyone can. But that doesn't mean anyone is jealous or fearful of Conway.

  4. "Gosh, see how weird this guy looks when I Photoshop the eyebrows off him?"

    1. Just imagine what the bumps on his skull must say about his character!