Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Last Licks on Obama

I started reading Freep back when it was angry cheerleaders for Bush. They had no problems transitioning over to attacking Hillary, and then Obama. And then Hillary again.

But transitioning back to cheerleaders does not seem to be so easy for them. While the speculation that Obama's not going to give up power has died down, they still spend a lot of effort hating him and Hillary. Because hate is a lot more fun than trying to defend Trump and the GOP's swamp-filling. Thus, Freepers' eager reactions to Obama making the obvious observation that the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow are still with us.

Altura Ct. declares acknowledging racism is the same as saying all whites are evil:
America is still struggling to overcome its "legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, and racism,"

No, what 'we' are struggling to overcome is Marxist indoctrination that whites are somehow inherently evil, aracial and that so called 'race relations' only started in this nation and are strictly the responsibility of whites.
Post 3: realcleanguy tells us who the real racists are...
Sounds like it’s his issue. I didn’t have to overcome anything, I’ve never been a racist like most Democrats and apparently Obama is
I guess forgetting about liberal whites, Made In The USA knows anyone seeing racism is just seeking persecution. Because Freepers never seek persecution!
My perception is that anyone still struggling with such things is simply seeking victim status to offset their self-hate, personal failings, lack of ambition, or desire for others to pay their way through life.
dsrtsage knows the true and only source of all legacies of Jim Crow:
And until the democratic party is abolished, it will always be
That isn't even an assertion, it's just a contentless insult turned to be kinda on topic. Lots of Freepers post from emotion, not words.

a fool in paradise works a bit harder to declare racism to be only a Democratic thing, but gets distracted by putting words into Obama's mouth:
The legacies of the Democrat Party fall squarely on Baraq Hussein Ubama’s shoulders. He denied the Rat Party ever had links to the continued practice of slavery, to the Klan, to Jim Crow laws...

Palio di Siena repeats what's becoming a Freeper standby:
This is why Clinton lost.
This whining is ridiculous.
'Liberals saying a thing irritates me. It must be why liberals lost!'

Jack Hammer manages to journey from declaring systemic racism ridiculous to deciding all blacks get affirmative action:
Another ‘racialism’ squawk.

If you’re not achieving all your dreams, it’s due to systemic racism - not the fact that you’re an incompetent idiot with a room temperature IQ and no education.

Well, don’t worry - no matter how stupid you are, affirmative action will open all doors for you.

2banana knows Obama disproves racism.
Americans are racists. Even if they elected a black president...twice.
So I guess he voted for Obama, then?

ClearCase_guy just smugs all over Obama's words because words don't matter:
Obama is the fish at the poker table. He thinks he can win the pot by playing the race card. Well, we have a Full House. And a Senate. And a White House. And most of the Governors. And most of the state legislatures.
noiseman tells of how he owns liberals by pointing our slavery exists in the world, so America's uniquely bad variety wasn't so bad back in the day!
I love to bait leftists on their slavery obsession. I begin by asking, "If someone invented a time machine and you could use it to go back in time to when slavery was occurring and do something about it, would you?" Of course, they all say "yes."

Then I follow by saying, "Good. Fortunately for you, you don't need to wait for a time machine. Black Africans are being enslaved by muslims in the Sudan right now! They are even auctioning them off, just like in the "old days" that you are so obsessed with. So, if you're serious I suggest you get yourself over to the Sudan right away, or at the very least stop complaining about something that happened over 150 years ago in America and focus instead on what is happening in Africa right now. If you're not interested in that, then SHUT UP!"
jospehm20 joins the smelly Obama train!
Hopefully we will soon overcome the legacy of smelly Obamunism.
wny neglects Jefferson. And Adams. And certainly Jackson. But he's not really speaking:
truly the first certified a$shole president.
bert counters a discussion of the legacy of Jim Crow with some stereotypes about lazy tribal negroes:
Many of American people with black skin are working as hard as they can to maintain their slothful lurch backward into tribal African values.

The black urban subculture that shuns education and work tries it’s damndest to drag down those who get educated and work and have real families and suceed
a fool in paradise focuses on colonialism, because immigration is colonizing...it doesn't really hold together. Again, not actual thoughts!
If colonialism is so bad, why is the Islamist president importing a s***load of muslims to America (61% of all muslims in America are first generation immigrants) to colonize this nation (with foreign funded mosques)?
x1stcav takes the time to post about how he wishes he weren't posting on this subject:
Go away Loathsome Creature.
deweyfrank is so oppressed!
I am on the receiving end of racism almost every day. When Barky and his ilk figure that out, then we can start to repair the divide that exists in this country today. He is truly the divider in chief.
polymuser's kind is racists, I guess?
I know the feeling of being discriminated against. My kind have been called terrible names, given nasty hand gestures, negatively labeled in the media, demonized in many articles, told we should be exterminated.

Barack Hussein Obama: Be quiet and go away. Blacks have been given ten times the breaks of my kind in America. That they’ve wasted it is their own doing. And you wasted your great opportunity to help them and improve relations.
Another who assumes racism must be universal, originalbuckeye eagerly provides a counterexample. She saw a movie trailer about one woman who got to do calculations for NASA. Presto, no racism!
We recently saw a trailer for a movie about the Black women, who were calculating the math for the Mercury Program. I was watching that trailer thinking, ‘this is the early 60’s. Who would ever think that Blacks were lagging behind Whites, in education etc, and would need Affirmative Action?’

The Democrat’s pandering to Blacks has really set that community back decades. If the expectations for Blacks had been the same as Whites, during the last five decades, we would be on a level playing surface anyway. I like that Trump asked the Black community ‘what have you got to lose?’.
DCBryan1 loves how his bubble is full of anti-Obama people.
Comments at the link are awesome. WORST POTUS EVER!
honurider was homeless, and so has the authority to declare anyone using the term racism to be the real racist.
I despise and find you repugnant, you globalist pricks.

I lived on the street for more then 5 years I have seen people kill for a shopping cart full of their stuff. Kind of tells you something.

Real America does not cares anymore about the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, racism.

Let me go backwards.. the words ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ although fictional, are only used by those that are bigoted and prejudiced; in other words used by those that fit the description invoked by the word ‘racist’ (beside the point I think a user of this word is either ignorant or a sophist).

Next, colonialism. jesus christ man based on what is available on the web regarding the education level of the overall American population; most Americans do not know what the word means yet alone anything about it and this applies to Jim Crow as well.

Now regarding slavery, good god man get over it. Every ethic group in the past has experienced slavery. And the philosophical argument has been debated since the first slave, or some 5,000+ f’king years. If humans really wanted to do something about it they would have. Quite lying to yourselves, the 3 oldest professions: prostitution, politics and slavery.
xzins wishes Obama would be nicer.
Obama has been a divider instead of a healer. Sometimes one can motivate with guilt, I suppose, but our nation has made such wonderful advances in race relations. I think we do far better almost always using positive affirmation to motivate toward greater accomplishment.

Obama hasn’t seen that yet....so he never will.
xzins also thinks Obama hates black people, because he's all the bad things at once:
If America is “racist”, why do people from other countries want to come here so badly?

Is he saying that people immigrating here from Africa are stupid?

He’s a politician. If backed in a corner he would say that Africans are stupid. After all, he rejected his own brother who endorsed Donald Trump in this past campaign.

Obama is a mixture, I believe, of Marxism and Islam.
zzwhale shows up with his discursive rants. Obama is racist, and SOROS, and Saudi, and BLM, and is in hell...Again, not meaning what he says, just emotion that took the shape of syntactic patterns.
obama is THE RACIST in chief....
he is obsessed with this crap...
how much is soros paying him,,,???
homuchis the house fo saud paying him...???
or paying groups here in America to disrupt normal day to day life...

someone tell this jackass to stfu... and things will immediately get better..
he is BLM in a suit... blood on his hands as if he pulled the trigger...
chicago and the like are his legacy.... hatred and divisiveness are his expertise..
. he is an evil negative force driven by self hate and being a mulatto...who went out of his ay to focus onthenegative, when so much positive is around...
he lives in his own hell.... burn baby burn to use a borrowed phrase i am sure he is familiar with .... hahahahaha

he did nothing to help people at the bottom of the economy and only made their lot worse... hwo does he explain that..?? how does he explain the worsening situation in chicago..?? he cant and he doesn’t becuase he wanst and encourages the status quo, because it gives him power.... but no longer.

Trump will take positive steps to offer jobs and opportunity.... let’s see who takes advantage of it... meantime obama will be the constant negative background noise...
Pollster1 hauls out the tired 'lets be color-blind!' plan, and then puts the lie to it by playing the real racist card right after.
The best way to overcome legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, and racism would be for government and courts to be completely race blind. The focus on race does far more damage today (just look at what racist democrats and their policies have done to the black family in America) than any of our past's sins did.
Polster1 should be more color-blind and stop accusing Democrats of anything to do with only blacks.

Fred Nerks's fear of 'community organizer' really highlights how it echoes the 'Outside Agitators' of the Civil Rights era. Jim Crow's legacy, here on Free Republic - who would imagine!
He never stopped being the community organiser from Chicago, that’s what Frank Marshall Davis’ indoctrination moulded him for. His destiny was to be a black panther leader. Bill Ayres elevated him way past his capabilities, Soros paved the way and the rest is history.
Candor7 also hits the Community Organizer thing. And then adds in some investments in future tin-foil dreams.
He never stopped being the community organiser from Chicago, that’s what Frank Marshall Davis’ indoctrination moulded him for. His destiny was to be a black panther leader. Bill Ayres elevated him way past his capabilities, Soros paved the way and the rest is history.

Those who consider Obama merely sophomoric need to read your post again and again until it sinks in.

I can hardly wait until someone pierces the veil on Obama’s Occidental College records, his client list at the Illinois Bar Society, and also Michelle Obama’s client list and practice record from that bar society. Many of Obama’s records have been sealed or obscured, but not for much longer.
Candor7 is another whose instinct is 'Jim Crow? I know you are but what am I?' He then segues into accusing Obama of dividing the races by daring to not be conservative as President.
AFTER Obama gets elected TWICE by white America, he turns on whitey and makes race relations in our country FAR WORSE.

We will silence Jim Crow for good. Obama himself was a perpetrator of Jim Crow.

Obama can eff off. It will be several generations before we have another “minority” president, thanks to Obama.And thats a shame.

Obama could have represented all Americans, instead he defined a false down trodden series of communities across the nation, and then stuck it to every institution we have in unAmerican ways, including state and local police.

Then Obama had the unmitigated treason to then use health care and the IRS, and Muslim immigration as means of liberal fascist social engineering? Eff him, the dust bin / crapper of history awaits Obama, wherein he can go, to compost for eternity, taking his now caterwauling supporters with him.
honurider is gonna try and make empty chair a thing.
Does Obama realize that we were the colony, not the colonial power? I wonder how the word is treated in Common Core history.

I think Obama is a repeater, no ideas of his own, not even modifications of others. His legacy will be an empty chair.
databoss does not know how dog whistles work.
Obama’s dog whistle to his crew...FUPOTUS
SAYING 'legacy of Jim Crow' isn't a dog whistle, dude. But he just heard the right accused of something and so has to devalue it by applying it everywhere.

John S Mosby starts with a bunch of barely couched racial slurs and then moves on to Hitler, who was just like Obama but strong enough to kill himself, at least.
Jesu Christo— have we heard enough of this useless mack daddy poverty race pimp, who has lined his and his crony’s pockets with literally billions of “shovel ready” money that produced kickback donations to not only the demonrat party but also to the Clinton crime family foundation connex).

What utter narcissistic horse shiite. Hitler’s rant ended with “German people do not deserve to be saved— and they don’t deserve me”. You can hear this attitude reverberating through this asinine screed. Hitler, at least nominally, killed himself and his pervie girlfriend- a proper end to German National Socialism with a monstrous mental status and superego. This deconstructing America hating marxist a@@hole is not done re-writing his OWN history, to cover up the utter crap sandwich he has made. No, he must talk about himself- in a professorial “im the expert” tone, talking down to us..and apologize to the world once more. Jeez, are we not all sick to death of this?
“Jim Crow”?— please name how this is possible, obamaumao.

“Legacies(plural) of slavery”? again give examples that Pigford, the war on poverty, ACLU, NAACP and other subsidized social justice warriors have NOT removed—what “legacies”?

“Colonialism”? please, obamaumao— name the “colonies” that exist in the American Empire. What shiite.

“Racism”— oh yes- you are right about that obamaumao— you
rubbed salt into old healed wounds— to create
a new revived liberation theology black panther
legacy of white(and hispanic) hating domestic
terrorism. Right out of the COMINTERN playbook,
to divide and conquer (but, you will not- we
have your number on multiple levels).
Hot Tabasco is sure Obama is going to be unforgivable black for a while now:
Once Obama leaves the white house, his new job will be to oust Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and become the new black race baiting hustler......
Neoliberalnot straight up calls blacks monkeys, and it gets worse from there.
Ah yeah Obama, like you and your troop of monkeys were all slaves, like my Scottish and Irish ancestors were. BO, do you have any comments on cannibalism in Africa?


  1. "Name the 'colonies' that exist in the American Empire."

    Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, the Philippines, and Hawaii.

  2. Oh, I love the lie that the Irish were held as chattel! And almost invariably, "they had it else than any [insert racial slur] ever did!

  3. My kind have been called terrible names, given nasty hand gestures, negatively labeled in the media
    That's totally as bad as being born into slavery and having your spouse and babies sold as property. Poor little snowflake.