Thursday, January 26, 2017

NYT calls Trump a liar.

Freepers have been making stuff up for years, so they've had zero problem doing the same to defend Trump's spate of ridiculous lying.

Still, either from the imprimatur of the President, or fear that they've come to worship a clown, they really go for the gusto to prove shift the burden for Trumps repeatedly debunked claim (randomly, in a meeting with Congressional leaders, hahaha!) that illegal aliens totally voted against him in the millions.
I don't even think this was a tactic to roll out voter suppression (though it may have that effect) it's just Trump being a baby man.

fhayek knows who has to prove there WASN'T millions of illegal alien voters.
Somehow, the New York Times is able to prove a negative.
Freepers like TEXOKIE have gotten so good at dog whistle politics they create dog whistles where none exist:
I heard a news clip of Obama ENCOURAGING ANYONE IN THE USA to VOTE!!!

Ahem.... fake news, anyone?
Hey, Reno89519 is a logical fallacy that somehow gained sentience. Not a lie if you can't prove me wrong!
Can anyone prove President Trump is not right? No. Therefore, not a lie.
BookmanTheJanitor is willing to round 'millions' to 'one.'
NY Times - prove every vote was legal and by a legal citizen.
Az Joe attacks the original poster, which I always find amusing, since Freep lives for these hatefests.
Hey, why don’t you quit posting fake news and Left wing propaganda. Are you carrying water for the Slimes or what?!!
ChessExpert argues maybe Trump is just so ignorant he has no idea he's parroting long debunked falsehoods:
To make the argument that President Trump lied, you have to make two arguments:

a) President Trump’s claim is mistaken.

b) President Trump knew his claim was false.

The article does not make a serious argument in either case.
Dagnabitt is probably serious, but I hold out hope for sarcasm:
Audit California!

- sounds like a reasonable plan.
Enchante slips a 'might' into his argument that does a shitload of work:
The LIE is for the NY Times to call this a “lie” because it is President Trump offering his opinion about what the intersection of perverse liberal trends (tens of millions of illegals, lax laws and enforcement, Obama and Democrats encouraging illegals to vote etc.) might have meant for the level of illegal votes in 2016.

Actually, the NY Times has NO IDEA what the truth of the matter is, but like any dedicated libtards they assume their belief is correct and denounce everything else as a “lie”....
I also like that second paragraph, because Freepers are paragons of humility.

Showing how someone who reads only right-wing media keeps their mind well closed, A_Former_Democrat cites crap that reporters have investigated and discarded, and asks why it hasn't been investigated.
Hey Slimes, how do you know it’s a “lie”?

Did you investigate Detroit? Philly? Broward County? Chicago?

Why don’t you actually do investigative reporting for a change, and let us know what you find

Then you can opine one way or the other
JLAGRAYFOX might have my favorite post. Never has so little thought gone into so much text.
Actually.....both California & New York were massively out of line with the rest of the 49 states voting demographic patterns. There is no doubt that illegal voting of all stripes was overwhelming in both states. But....the Democrat illegal vote, was inspired & endorsed by Obama, Clinton and the Democrat Party. There was illegal voting going on in every state of the union, also. Had Nevada & New Hampshire been legal in votes, Trump would have easily carried both these states. Colorado, Virginia & Minnesota were also infected by ilegal votes.

This Democrat sponsered illegal voting was the Obama/Clinton, “ace-in-the-hole” card, that insured them that with thes massive illegal votes Hillary Clinton could lay back, for she was assured a massive defeat over Trump. Trump out foxed them with his massive “LEGAL” votes. The rest is history!!!
1. CA and NY...and the other 49 States!
2. Demographic patterns prove NY and CA were full of fraud!
3. Actually, it was all the states, not that there is any proof.
4. Well, mostly about 5 states Trump totally shoulda won. No proof, not even 'demographic patterns.'
5. So Democrats created a bunch of illegal votes in CA and NY, because they don't understand how the electoral college works.
6. But then Trump cleverly got people to vote for him, which is too clever for these sly but dumb voter fraud schemers!

kingu's math is also pretty strong. Count states and then add and then subtract and then presto millions! Also voting isn't secret, is it?
Oh, shoot, this is an easy lie to disprove. First, let's count the number of states that actually require proof of ID to register. Now, add in those states that require proof of ID which would identify citizenship to vote, then subtract states that permit open vote by mail without providing the slightest amount of identification and you'll have a probable number of illegal votes.

So, umm, Trump's likely right. Or maybe he's wrong. The actual issue is that WE CAN'T TELL. Now, if a newspaper actually got the voting records (including vote by mail) and actually investigated to find out how many of those voters were not citizens (say through a FIOA request from the White House for green cards issued by the Obama administration to children of illegals), they could actually prove or disprove Trump's statement.

Gosh, can you imagine a drive by media outlet doing that?
RedWulf wants some retribution:
Note that the NY Times is slandering the President of the United States on something they have no way of knowing is a lie. They should have their press credentials revoked, banned from all federal offices and then sued for slander.
I agree - Trump should cut the press off. It might return us to investigative journalism.

FreedomStar3028 points out that even if the Times debunks, it doesn't count because that would be media bias.
Thing is it doesn’t matter what they find. It will always be in the negative for Trump or anyone on the right side of the political spectrum.
As she does, Trump Girl Kit Cat uses CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! as evidence!!!
I live in CA. I can guarantee EVERYONE HERE that ILLEGALS are voting in this state by the THOUSANDS!!!! Dems don’t care and WILL NEVER fix this Trump will have to fix this!!!
Not even an anecdote? Lame, Kit Cat.

lodi90 knows real patriots threaten the press when they don't like the reporting.
NY Slimes calling POTUS a “liar”. This won’t end well for them.


  1. I always find it amusing that Freepers believe they could never legitimately lose an election. Like it's impossible for there to be enough Democratic voters for a Democrat to win.

    1. It's a result of their echo-chamber environment.

  2. "Can anyone prove President Trump is not right? No. Therefore, not a lie."

    This is heartbreakingly stupid. There has been a lot of this sort of thing at Free Republic lately. A lot.

  3. See this?

    Trump argument bolstered: Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds

    I think the Moonie Times is pulling Freepers legs here. If you Google political scientist Jesse Richman, you get this -

    "Stop misquoting our research."