Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Slacked off this weekend, so potpourri will be spread out over Monday and Tuesday.

And I'll probably skip the spotlight Friday in favor of normal posts, as I am behind in some pretty high-quality Freeper Madness (On my radar: Bowling Green, Trump defending Putin, Yemen Raid, Fake judges, Trump and the Unions, hating pop culture, and the introduction of Weekly Dose of Trump.)

But enough administrivia, on to the insanity!

alexander_busek hides his dehumanizing hatred behind formalism:
does working with armed forces in Iraq entitle one to American citizenship?

Short answer: No.

Can someone please point out to me the clause in Hameed's work contract there was mention of his obtaining the right to become a U.S. citizen?

No clause = no right.

NOTE: When Leftists use the word entitle, they actually mean, "makes them feel better."
Feckless tells a story of how he is a psycho:
I had a Palestinian interpreter during Desert Storm. Had all of the qualities of a dog except loyalty. Twice had to pull my 9MM on him while dealing with Mujahideen and locals at Al Khafji.

At night he would preach Saddam's "Rivers of fire and weeping widows" BS. He disappeared the night before the ground war kicked off, everyone assumed I had shot him and dumped his body in the desert. I didn't but the thought did cross my mind. I figured he humped it to Iraqi lines to warn them, a lot of good that did.
TermLimitsforAll knows the only way to honor our fallen soldiers is to deny inalienable rights to all immigrants:
A non US citizen does not have rights under the US Constitution period. They are not to be given the privilege of having the same rights as we do. Our rights under the Constitution have been preserved by the blood of thousands of soldiers throughout the course of history. 
To spit in the face of those who died by arbitrarily giving non citizens any rights under the constitution would be an embarrassment.

Riddle me this also. Wouldn't the federal judges ruling in effect be unenforceable due to the Executive Branch essentially enforcing and in effect reissuing previous EO’s and rulings?
TigerClaws continues to perform as expected:
Every time a mosque burns an angel gets its wings.
TheTimeOfMan explains why Muslims are special and need torturing, despite what our SecDef says:
The pack of beer and cigs approach worked fairly well in WWII. It has been tried on islamists and does not work in most cases.

These people have a belief system and a god they fear.

You don’t necessarily need to use waterboarding but you do need ‘enhanced interrogation’, i.e. make them miserable. No sleep, alternating heat and cold, loud recordings of screaming babies etc. You also need to break down their faith to get the best results - which we have never done.

Mattis is great but he is old school and from everything I read he doesn’t understand islam. He thinks he is fighting terrorists or extremists.
BobL thinks that because liberal hatred fades, and Freepers' doesn't, liberals are faking it:
Standard tactic of the left - when the person whom you attacked NON-STOP and VICIOUSLY is out of power, look back with nostalgia and talk about how nice he was.

Makes you, the leftist, look more human and less hateful.

(of course the term “you” here, means the leftist, not C19fan!)
grey_whiskers sees pedophile in the next prominent liberal Freeper target:
Is it just me, or is there something in the expression on Schumer’s face, that reminds me of the exact look on Podesta’s face? (Something to do with pizza, in my own personal opinion, but it might just be extreme smug snarkiness on his part, too.) And the guy to Schumer’s right, with his eyes downcast, *definitely* creeps me out.
Ouderkirk joins the 'everyone we hate is a pedophile' group:
I have this terrible suspicion that these homosexual pedophile rings are all over the nation, and that many of the perps hold positions of power within government, the judiciary, the media, and the entertainment world.

There are, and they do. We are going to have to do a complete exorcism to purge these degenerates.

They should be executed for these crimes.
manc knows liberals aren't really mad about the Muslim ban, they just love terrorists.
Liberals are like a cult. They sit in their houses, and then react to the lies of the media . All over social media this weekend they have acted up like babies with their fake outrage.

He is trying to stop terrorists from getting here and the left are not happy. Why? Do they want more terrorists, is that it?

I have asked that question many times over the weekend and not once did I get an answer, instead I;m racist, idiot, stupid KKK, Nazi. So predictable
manc has never had a sick reletive I guess:
One muslim stated how his father was very sick, needed medicine,and had just gone home for a visit in Iran. Well if he was that sick then why is he fling that far, and surely he has his medicine with him
Dr. Scarpetta with telling and heartening unhappiness at how many conservatives have fallen away from Trump's cult.
I’ve got one oldddd friend, whom I used to believe to be a reliable conservative, now spouting terrible rhetoric like “Unfriend. I still want to consider you friends but when you share your feelings of solidarity with this psycho logically ill, hateful, illiterate, unstable, anti american (despite the catchy slogan), narcissistic fascist - I must “

I hear you. FB is going nuts, and that includes family & friends I know.
TADSLOS wants to invade Mexico:
It may be time for America to take another long overdue trip to Veracruz and Mexico City to remind these banana republic thugs who they are dealing with.
Original Lurker is really pushing the Mexico hate as well:
Mexico has done more damage to the US than the Soviet’s wildest dreams.
Mexico is the new Soviet Union.

Deport illegals!
Expel muslims!
Rashputin - the only way to win is to murder the other side:
I've said before, you can't beat Rules for Radicals with Robert's Rules of Order.

You have to sharpen the edges of your entrenching took, grab it and your .45 or shotgun, then jump in the filthy trench with them and kill the bastards.

You're right, that's ugly. But it's the only thing that works.

aquila48 being hilariously wrong about that shooting in Canada
""It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!'"

I bet it's a Sunni Vs Shia thing. Bringing their cultural enrichment to Trudeauland.
In a time-honored American tradition, Fungi mixes invoking God with maximum bigotry:
Not a miracle, but Melania and Ivanka are a “blessed” reprieve from the wonder monkey and the two daughters who never learned how to smile.
Boomer is setting his hopes high:
Countdown to when CAIR is labeled a terrorist group....
HokieMom sees hypocrisy in liking executive clemency and not liking targeting a religion:
Fired Acting AG Sally Yates giddy over letting criminals out of jail for Obama. But opposed Trump effort to protect us vs. terrorists.
wgmalabama will blindly follow Trump no matter how crazy and inconsistent he gets.
If the President says up today and down tomorrow I am giving him the benefit of the doubt until I see an exact reason not to support him. He is moving so fast I can’t keep up.


  1. I am more and more convinced that the function of RimJob's Free Republic is to provide (in return for monetary contributions) a place for cranky old geezers to complain endlessly. No matter what happens, even when they win it all, they still bitch and moan and they still send money to RimJob. What a bunch of unhappy bastards.

    1. I think most all freepers are beginning to see some weaknesses in Trump's armor.

      It's clear to even the most ardent Troompa-loompa that KellyAnne Conway and Sean Spicer are idiots.

      The coming showdown between Bannon and Kutchner is going to be epic and throw his whole organization into chaos.

    2. Just as long as Jim gets his money every month. That's all that really matters. ;)

    3. As to your original post, yes I do think the main function of FR is a type of Massive-multiplayer-online game for wrinklebags pretending to be tough guys defending white america ...

      albeit with 1990s based text-only primitive bulletin-board technology.

    4. I'd say the big reason that they're still in defensive angry land even after winning is that they know Trump is a liar and that wheat they want to do is bigoted. So they have to stay in perpetual campaign mode so they don't have to confront his weaknesses.

  2. Would one of our Freeper friends please post this to Free Republic? Thanks!

    The end of Sarah Palin is here