Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Pix Pt. II

Haha. The need to be cool continues.

The Deep State/shadow government meme is being pushed hard to explain why Trump sucks so much. And SOROS plus Alinsky makes everything better!
Angry Latinos are automatically illegal. So are the happy ones, it seems. Also lol Big League.
Freepers' cultish personality means their reality does indeed resemble constantly warring monarchs.  
Blaming Obama for everything.
Seems legit as those Protocols.
In a world where everyone is rich, attractive heiresses, be Emma Bloomberg.
Also living rent free: Deadly, deadly, Hillary Clinton.


  1. Freepers don't seem to realize that in the real world Lindsey Graham is not some nobody, he is the Senate Majority Leader.

    "Soros’ money reaches nearly every nation on earth thrigh NGO’s and shills like Graham. Graham is a Georgie- bot. And Putin is no friend of Soros.

    Soros...a NAZI ...wants to be king of a planet made in his image."


    Here is a paragraph from the article under discussion,

    "Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, called on President Donald Trump to make a clear statement that Russia must pay a price for interfering with the election even though Democrats suffered most from the hacking. A Senate bill to sanction Russia is likely to get more than 75 votes and Trump should sign it, he told the Munich Security Conference on Sunday."

  2. This one is a lot of fun ...

    "Milo Yiannopoulos Tapped as Keynote Speaker at Conservative Political Action Conference (Exclusive)"

    Lots of "anti-gay" vs. "Who cares? He's conservative and bitchy!" fights, with a good dose of racism (Milo has a black bf) thrown in.

    1. They are all so confused at this point. Completely unmoored.

  3. This one is perfect!

    Barron Trump needs a teacher and FReepers think they're smart enough to teach the president's son?

    Oh God!!