Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Obama's fault

Trump's style of not thinking has already lead to some unneeded military deaths when a half-baked raid that had no supporting intelligence went wrong. And now Yemen is no longer our buddy. Winning!

Freepers for years turned 'Bush's fault' into mockery until they themselves turned on Bush. Now they eagerly do the same thing for Obama. And, being Freepers, they don't bother with making policy connections or actual arguments, and just make shit up about Obama working with ISIS to take down these SEALS.

HarleyLady27 just feels like this can't be Trump's fault...
Something about this whole thing doesn’t fit...Barky had it ‘set up’ and President Trump let it happen, did he have Gen. Mattis on board when this happened? If not, then I have to believe it was ‘set up’ to bring Trump down...
rktman is pretty sure Obama just called up ISIS.
Hmmm. My understanding is that the op was planned late during the last administraton and given a green light by the current admin. 
Knowing how the previous admin liked to share info...................... Just sayin'. "Hey isis/is/isil/daesh. We're planning an op for Sunday afternoon around 1500 hrs. Just wanted to give you a heads up."
Grampa Dave has some kind of weird military-stalkers-that-don't-kill-you power fantasy.
If the timing and place of this attack was leaked, let the Seal Team survivors deal with the leakers.

Not kill them, just let the leakers know that they will be exposed to the world and watched by current and past military people.
Principled is pretty sure Obama was happy our soldiers died.
Yeah I’m pretty sure 0bama wanted this to happen and had something to do with it being shared with the enemy. I’m pretty sure there are some hollywood types who are happy about it too.

Trump is a very quick study. He’s got this.
super7man doesn't care about proof - the point is he thinks Obama is evil.
Wait, did Obama’s people leak this raid to the terrorists?
Whether they did or didn't, it is sad that I believe that they could and would have.
grania strains something trying to tie the Muslim ban to this failed raid:
A speculation I made when we knew about both the raid and the temporary ban from those seven countries is that the bad guys knew about the raid and there was concern they were going to get on planes to the US.

Would I put it past loyalists to the previous administration to have let information get out? Hmmmmm.......
There's on in every single thread now. Oldeconomybuyer:
Fake news.
txhurl uses fancy military lingo but it still comes down to 'Obama called up ISIS, I tells ya!'
We now know we can’t trust the opsec of any op developed with zero in office and have to re-plan. This intimidates the enemy: with no notice henceforth from zeroists, they have to re-shuffle all THEIR holdings/plans, making them easier to detect.

Maddog will have to bring back nearly every officer zero fired plus 10 of each one’s trusted friends!
Farmer Dean gives us a courtesy 'if' before he declares traitors everywhere.
There’s a lot of Obama’s people still in the government and they’re fighting a rear guard action on his behalf.If people inside the government tipped off the terrorists then it’s time to organize the firing squads.(I’m available nights and weekends.)
treetopsandroofs knows Obama loves to kills special forces all the time:
The Fraud has a special hate for our elite armed forces.

The Chris Kyle takedown, and how many SEALs has the Fraud had killed for his global caliphate?
kiryandil is pretty smug that she only comments on sites that quote the media, and doesn't go directly to them. Also Civil War 2.
I can't believe how much time I'm saving these days by being able to dismiss out of hand ALL of the #FakeNews coming out of the #FakeStreamMedia.

I don't even have to look at it. It isn't worth my time. 😀

And the most AWESOME part is that the #FakeStreamMedia hasn't figured out that literally 60% of the country has tuned them out.

Only 40% of the country is taking them seriously, and freaking out about their lying gas on Twitter.

And most of that 40% doesn't have guns, or believe in them. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
So much Civil War 2 these days.


  1. HarleyLady27 bends over backwards apologizing for every one of Trump's asshole moves.

    She will soon be the main poster of the "Day in the life of Donald Trump" threads that will be safe-spaces for the Trump worshippers when the rest of FR again does a 180 and starts openly mocking Trump's boobish nincompoopery.

    The "day in the life ..." safe space threads will start before June.

    1. LOL

      Gonna do a post on it next week.

  2. #FakeStreamMedia isn't even clever...


  3. The Chris Kyle takedown...
    Chris Kyle took himself down by bragging about doing things that never happened and then taking a dangerously mentally ill friend to go shooting.