Thursday, February 9, 2017

James Comey cognitive dissonance

It's well known Freepers can turn on a dime about everything - emotions, facts, principles, what-have-you, if it serves their purpose.

And yet quite a few Freepers seem to be having real trouble with the back-and-forth of whether James Comey is a hero or villain. On the one hand, he cleared Hillary. On the other, he couldn't stop talking about how awful she was and probably handed the election to Trump.

Seems an easy decision to me, but Freepers love to hate more than they love to win (in fact, I begin to think they do not like to win). Plus, the party line kept going back and forth.

So Freepers have some trouble handling the switch now that Trump has kept one of the causes of his election as head of the FBI.

Cletus.D.Yokel - this is all part of Trump's plan to take Comey down:
I’d wonder if DJT is working on a “Say as I do.” command.
Resulting in Comey’s complicity, wherein, he will resign.
Reno89519 demands the full guilt by association:
Anyone kept over from the Obama administration, especially someone with Comey’s long history, is a simply wrong. This guy is compromised. Surely President Trump can find someone more credible to head the FBI!
ROCKLOBSTER is optimistic Comey will help lock Hillary up:
He told the truth about Hillary. He probably has the entire Encyclopedic set of case files on the bitch...ready to deliver to Sessions.
9YearLurker thinks Comey's bringing up another FBI investigation a week before the election was helping Hillary somehow:
I don’t buy it. He cleared her again a week before the election.

He should have resigned if he didn’t feel he could have done the right thing.
moovova is optimistic Trump will bully Comey out of any independence:
I don’t know. He knows where the bodies are buried and could be very useful if flipped.

My thoughts exactly. He’s Trump’s #itch now.
dsc fantasizes about Trump forcing the FBI to persecute Hillary:
I wonder if he’s going to force Comey to make a bunch of criminal referrals. Valid ones, of course, but the ones Comey refused to make earlier.

That would be fun.
Ransom Stodard is weaving this whole narrative over careful analysis of Comey's body language:
Comey’s body language when he greeted Trump in the Oval office was less than impressive. He struck me as being shy and subservient, possibly embarrassed.
Stopthethreat has a whole cloak-and-dagger blackmail story figured out:
He was probably trying to do the right thing but couldnt because of the corrupt regime. This might explain all the flip flopping

Goes after hillary
Sorosr regime threatens him and family
Clears her

Goes after her again
Soros regime threatens
Clears her again

Tells Trump no russian hack to help Trump
Soros regime threatens
Says russians hacked to help trump

Seems the only logical explanation. Perhaps he was the only one trying to tell the truth while Clapper and Brennan obediently suppressed it. Just a theory
momincombatboots has all the old talking points and is loaded for bear. And attacks long will she last?
Liberal love fest? Bromance? Comie comeys FBI allowed Boston bombing, San Bernardino and the airport killer.. and he is staying? 
After days of praying trump would stand at the bridge while pence drives the ship.. file this under dt, liberal complete with a trillion dollar “infrastructure plan”, working something out on the dreamers.. picking winners and losers Christmas taxpayer cash to carrier and sprint.
gr8eman's fantasy world involves Comey being super guilty of not Locking Her Up, and therefore Comey is an expert in Locking Her Up.
That and he can be brought up on charges for the way he handled the whole matter...compromising witness testimony, burying evidence, etc. He’s the foremost authority on the matter and knows where the political battle lines are drawn.
On a thread where Freepers are openly calling for Trump to threaten Comey, CyberAnt decides Obama threatened Comey, and that's bad.
I believe Comey was threatened to “obey” or else.

Seriously, I believe Comey did what he did .. as a result of the DOJ’s threats (which I’m more than sure happened); and those threats came right from Obama’s WH.

Comey was not going to be allowed to destroy Hillary Clinton .. ever.

I suspect Trump knew that .. and decided he would challenge Comey - do you want your credibility back - by proving he can do the job. But, of course, some of the Repubs may not like what Comey may have to do to get his credibility back.

Anyway, this is just my opinion .. you don’t have to agree.
Gaffer is totally gonna write Trump!
If this is indeed true, then this is something about which I will write Trump. It is a wrong decision.
50mm knows Trump worries about deniability all the time:
It's also possible that by retaining Comey, Trump can distance himself from the Clinton Foundation investigation by claiming it's being conducted by an Obama holdover.
It's still part of the myth; bert thinks the Clintons are gonna kill Comey now:
Comey is malleable. Comey knows the insides and out to present to the new attorney general.

Comey is now vulnerable to Arkencide
b4me counsels constant blind faith in Trump, because God is guiding him:
God has given Trump good wisdom and wise council through election etc, even in spite of Trump’s own old pattern of silly mistakes.

Why doubt Trump now?

you can choose what you want to think or type on FR, but many seem to be jumping to fear mode over a possible choice Trump made to keep a man who could be useful, for a while.
offduty has a whole plan to put Hillary through Truth and Reconciliation and then pardon her, and thus end the Democratic Party.
Again, speculation. Trump could have Clinton go through the embarrassment of a trial and conviction. That would appease (kind of) his followers and then by pardoning her would(could) take the mass demonstrations (with property damage) away from the left. Why demonstrate if her Highness is not going to jail?

For me, the key is to fully expose the depth of corruption within the Clinton Foundation and the Democrat party. I bet there were a lot of moderate Democrats that were appalled at the way demonstrators behaved at the Inaugural. These are potential voters for a Trump second term.

No one really knows what is going on behind the scenes. But right now Hillary is very vulnerable and could be the key to the demise of the Democrat party.
pacificus is in angry denial:
This had better be FAKE NEWS, or IMA-B-PISSED!!!!!!
Comey is a worthless POS-Dem-HACK!
jacknhoo is the one on this thread:
New York Times fake news.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch goes so far as to figure out a whole conspiracy theory about why this easily verifiable story is a lie. It's OK, he won't check.
Sounds like the Carlos Slim controlled NY Fake Times is hoping that Trump keeps Comey around to shield Hillary Clinton from indictment....

...Sorry, Trump is not the GOPe passive WUS you world-class criminals have been dealing with in the past...

.....Having a corrupt director of the FBI to shield all of you from prosecution will not continue to be a reality & keep her or George Soros out of prison...


  1. If George Soros funded half the stuff he's accused of funding, he'd be more bankrupt than a Trump-run business.

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