Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Black preschoolers

Hard to find time with all the Freeper madness, but here is another from the vaults.

A study finds that black children are more likely to be suspended from preschool. The study proves no causation. But the article Free Republic linked assumed the cause was racism; Free Republic scoffs at that idea, and then decides that the cause is that blacks are inferior. Some take pains to say it's 'cultural' inferiority, others call for blacks to be sterilized.

House Atreides wants black children sequestered from the normals:
Yes, by all means let these little feral, undisciplined creatures run wild and disrupt the learning environment for all the other pre-schoolers. Hell, they might even serve as models for the other children to emulate.
areukiddingme1 knows preschoolers are very into politics:
Why bother with teaching self-control, respect, and discipline...those are very old and outdated social norms that our Grandparents used to insist boring.

And lying, cheating, and stealing...well, just look at their role models - Clinton and Obama...
American Constitutionalist thinks Oprah is the problem:
Outrageously racism..... sarcasm...

Let's see ? it couldn't be because there are no fathers teaching and training up their children to do right ?
Or they are reaping whirlwind of the influences of the hip hop culture ?
Or that feminism is having more drastic and bad effects ( the Oprah Cult ) on the black race than we ever thought ?
Na, it can't be... that would be racism to say that.
DUMBGRUNT is still on about crack babies:
Prenatal cocaine exposure?
jonose continues with the old canards of Reagan:
Root of problem is that being a baby momma is a business.
More babies = more benefits.

At some point we will get to a point that parenthood will require a license and 2 parents, with a parenting plan.
Star Traveler has observed blacks, and has some conclusion:
overall from what I’ve seen ... blacks are loud, rowdy and boisterous. You may find those other blacks who are not - but I can pretty well guarantee you that when you get a bunch of blacks together - you can hear them from “a mile away” and they will be very very rowdy!

Now, I’m describing this from what I’ve seen directly. I’ve come to expect it, as a result of my long history of seeing it.

Now, whites may gather at a party and be loud and boisterous in that setting. I’ve seen that, too - especially if you get a bunch of men together (but not so much with the women). BUT black women are going to be as loud and rowdy as the men - and they seem to sometimes compete with them.

The difference with the “white crowd” and being loud and rowdy and unruly - is that they will limit it to certain settings, but will not be that way in public settings (as a rule). They seem to know That the “setting” makes a difference, and they act accordingly.

Another thing is that many blacks are very rude and/or pushy. Now, this certainly doesn’t apply to all of them, so don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen some mighty nice and polite blacks, too. But, more times than not - especially when you are in a situation where there already are a lot of other blacks around - you’re going to find them cutting in line and pushing their way around and not being respectful of others (not all, but a good portion of the time).

SO ...whatever it is — it is clearly discernible, that as a “group at large” (and not every single one) — they are rowdy, loud, disrespectful, pushy and have no consideration of others!

That’s just “telling it like it is”.
I still care join into the 'black people be like this' only even more extreme.
We were once watching a David Blaine special - you know, the street magician that wanders around doing magic on street corners.

It was so funny - a white crowd would gather, and they would ooh and ahh. A bunch of white guys would gather, and they would chuckle and say, oh man.

A bunch of blacks would gather and they would start to scream at the top of their lungs and run around in circles. If there were men there they would smack other people’s bodies, including the women, while howling.

It was absolutely predictable.

To add another culture to the mix, I’ve seen Asian crowds gather for demonstrations and they will usually be very quiet but get very forward to try and figure out the mechanics of what is going on -even the women will start using their hands to try and visualize what is happening in a way white women don’t.

The difference is, we think this is cultural, but liberals insist everything is socioeconomic and pointing out such things means we must be racist. We just see it as pointing out truth and logic.
MrB doesn't understand why liberals are so into science.
Ask a lib why people behave badly and make bad choices.

You’ll notice that their answer is always that such behavior and choices is a result of reaction to external influences rather than the internal (sin) nature of every human.

I’m cogitating on why it is so important to a leftist/liberal/humanist to reject the internal fallen nature of the human condition,

and I think a part of it is that they’d have to recognize
fallen nature and the futility of trying to do something about it on their own.
Yes, the black community is not devout.

BwanaNdege is disgusted by how tribal everyone but Freepers are.
Latest US Census Question: "What tribe are you?"

White Liberal Useful Idiots
White Democrat Plantation Owners
Uncle Toms
Race Pimps
Authentic, Down For The Strugglers
Etc, etc, etc.

None of the Above - American.


  1. Yet freepers can't understand why all these black people don't worship trump and all vote republican like they do!

  2. We just see it as pointing out truth and logic.
    Freepers misuse the term "logic" worse than any group I've ever seen. They use logic to refer to every crackbrained folklore and pseudoscientific idea they've ever heard.

    Also -- I guess they've all never seen how white people act at Jimmy Buffett concerts, sports events, and MTV's Spring Break specials.

  3. "At some point we will get to a point that parenthood will require a license and 2 parents, with a parenting plan."

    This from the "less government" crowd.