Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Sorosization of Obama

As much as Freep is all in defending Trump, it's wheelhouse is hate. It was certainly something watching them turn the hate machine slowly, in fits and starts, from Obama to Hillary during the election; but now it's time to focus the hate machine on the more diffuse foes of Trump's agenda - the media, the Intelligence Community, Blue States, protesters...

Or is it? With enough paranoid delusions, you can keep your fun villains forever! Thus, the return of SOROS - responsible for all of the above villainy. But SOROS, even built up into the infinite-resourced literal Nazi supervillain Freep has made him, can't scratch the nostalgia for the halcyon days when hate was as easy as noting skin color and long past associations with Islam.

And so Freepers begin to make Obama into a mythic legend they can fight forever!

Art in Idaho found an article by a source who also covered stuff like 'Hillary's Wheelchair: Does She Operate The Remote Control?' and Hillary Clinton & The Belief That Muslim States Must, “Take Over” that has the good stuff:
From the DC Whispers article:

"The entirety of that vast and well-funded machine is set to the task of destroying the Trump presidency with Barack as the face of and voice of that effort – what the Post and others have taken to calling a “Shadow Presidency” located behind the just-constructed walls that now surround Mr. Obama’s D.C. mansion, located just two miles from the White House."

"As of this writing, it is estimated Mr. Obama’s community organizing machine (OFA) has some $40 million at its disposal, with more money set to pour in soon. Here are the former president’s own words hinting at what he intends to be doing in 2017:"

"You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff. Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go."
Art in Idaho speculates the NSA will save us by spying on Obama:
Well then, the few good people at the NSA that aren’t 0dunga hacks need to monitor 0dunga’s phone calls, emails, etc., to ascertain if there are any treasonous activities underway..

Great idea. Let's hope they are doing that and reporting Directly to Trump. . At least Obama needs to know that's a definite possibility. I'm sorry folks, but I still view Obama as thee Manchurian candidate and we have no idea what his plans, intentions are.
Jack Hammer is clearly digging the return of his hate-boner:
After eight years subjected to that Ghoul From Kenya, he wants to return to fling a little more sh*t at us.
WENDLE...isn't up to his usual standards.
Worst president in history. Accomplished absolutely nothing but creased the free food parasites to 50 million!! Get back to work now folks!!
Carl Vehse manages to not say treason, but I think it's because he has a new favorite word:
Obamanites = seditionists
Always one to urge action on other people, RoseofTexas wants to strike back at Obama:
CincyRichieRich is sure Obama has been plotting for Trump's rise for years:
My theory is the unemployment rate was driven up by obama/soros to recruit the angry unemployed tools to be his rent a mob tools. That was to be his army all along.

It won’t work.
SaveFerris dusts off some some old screeds.
He has always been about destroying America. By any means possible. If he has to pretend to be about “healthcare” he’ll use “the stupidity of the American voter” (his own man’s words) to do so.

He is the equivalent of a suicide-bomber. An insurrectionist. We saw what he did for cousin Odinga. Ask the dead in Kenya what kind of community organizer he is.
I like how he missed the main thing about suicide bombers. It's just an epithet for something he fears and hates.

eartick joins the growing movement to focus on the Obama women.
The bitch and her whelp were not happy coming back from their vaca and wanted to keep sponging off the taxpayers dime on the island.

What sorry ass excuses for human beings, all four. You can see the soulless flesh that runs through the entire clutch of filth.
independentmind is pretty sure the picture proves Obama hates/fears Michelle.
Do you know when and where that picture was taken?

You can clearly see Obama clenching his jaw as he looks back to Michelle.
It’s hard to misunderstand the dynamic in play in that picture.
I'd post the pic, but it's a lot more boring than Freepers' fantasies about it.

mbrfl knows Obama was no big deal, which is why Freep is still obsessed with them.
Obama is a lazy and not very capable puppet. He doesn`t control anything. He`s the over hyped PR man for the left and the globalists - nothing more. And he has been exactly that for the last 8 years. He pulls no strings. He`s the one whose strings get pulled.
indthkr counsels destroying Obama's bank accounts.
Identify money sources.

Destroy them.
Art in Idaho is pretty sure all protesters are Obama's people, and should be arrested:
Obama is a lazy and not very capable puppet. He doesn`t control anything. He`s the over hyped PR man for the left and the globalists - nothing more.

His agitators are a different story though. They could continue their sabotage for eight years. Trump needs to get a handle on this early. Arrest all agitators, serious prison time, investigate Organizing for Action, search warrants, tax violations, maybe RICO, etc. These Marxists are still fomenting revolution.
july4thfreedomfoundation is feeling the legal blackmail:
Jeff Sessions should investigate Obama.

Then say, “Knock this $hit off, or you will face indictment.”

“What is your choice? It’s gonna be one or the other.”
MrEdd prefers to fantasize about even more sinister machinations:
If Trump so desired Obama could be permanently removed from the next eight years.

It would be fun to watch.
Permanently...for the next eight years?

Flavious_Maximus is pretty damn excited to bring up Freep's greatest Obama hits:
Trump needs to reveal EVERYTHING about Barry Soetoro.

There is so much hidden from the public.

Why did Barry submit a forged birth certificate on the White House website?

Is Michele Obama a male transvestite?

Are their children adopted? Why are there no public photos of them as toddlers?

Who is Larry Sinclair?

How was Obama able to travel to “Pockystan” during the 1980s even though President Reagen ordered an American travel ban to that country? Who paid for the trip?

What and how did Obama receive that enormous strange scar around the back of his head?

How was he issued a social security card from Connecticut, given that he had never stepped foot on that state until he was well over 30 years old?

Questions, questions.

Trump knows all the answers and needs to start leaking them NOW!
Glad2bnuts laments that the fascistic crackdown Trump needs to do will make Trump look like a fascist:
IMO, it seems that there may be a gigantic f u in American social liberties soon. The only proper response to the insurrection that is sitting on the stove top waiting for the dial to be turned to full is a crackdown. 
The crackdown will convince more Americans that the current President is a fascist, and the beat goes on and on and on and on. Wasn’t it just 100 years ago that the Bolsheviks did their dastardly deeds in Mother Russia?
VRWC For Truth needs to up his nickname game:
Stompy Foot gotta stomp! ...
Art in Idaho is all over this map. Here is SOROS.
It’s all good as it will FORCE action on NGO’s from Soros and help HIGHLIGHT domestic enemies and help asleep AMERICANS learn how to vote.

It's high time we investigate Soros. It's Soros this, Soros that, meddling in everything, especially before the election. All the Soros radical dem front groups working to agitate and undermine America.

I hope Trump, Sessions and Comey really deal with our Soros problem. He has to stop trying to basically take over our country. Enough!
Liz shows up, still urging people to harras the FBI tip line with suggestions, not evidence.

SUBJECT: Collusion, conspiracy, bribery
IN RE: financial irregularities
REFERENCE: govt fraud, falsified documents, wire transfers, accounting fraud, etc.

NARRATIVE Taxpayers demand to know the scope and dimension of multiple conspiracies to collude in sub rosa deals to personally profit and/or to facilitate the financing of terrorism.

OF INTEREST TO LAW ENFORCEMENT-----The FBI should interrogate Obama and OFA staff for evidence of multiple schemes to falsify official documents to further fraudulent schemes, and the filing of official documents that were falsified. The FBI should investigate any and all official documents submitted for falsified entries.
> Crimes might include--govt fraud, conspiracy, collusion, falsifying official documents (a felony), money laundering, tax evasion, extortion, theft, misuse of public facilities.

Examine tax returns with a fine-tooth comb.....particularly entries for "interest income."
sub rosa deals!

BobL wants some Congressmen to volunteer to be human sheilds.
Take Milo’s next trip to Berkeley - just have some Congressman come with him and it it becomes FEDERALIZED. Then start taking down this bunch the moment they enter with their silly uniforms...similar to DC.
eyedigress just has a bunch of barely formed racist images. Come on, dude, you had eight years to get this right!
The Democrap party globbed onto his Kenyan star and they will now go down with it.

His Legacy is little more than Beyonce twerking her ass in the White House.

Just go away.


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    1. Rusty0604: All those years that they knew Obama would veto, they voted to repeal it several times. Now, nothing. How stupid do they think we are?

      Well . . . :)

    2. Freep loves those sorts of threads of course, because it fuels their need to feel victimized and cucked by the establishment conspiracy. ;)

      You'll note they alternate railing on Boehner, while also saying, "But he's right! RYNO's had over a month! What's the deal?!?! REPEAL!"

    3. Victimhood. The thing they love to make fun of other people experiencing, is exactly what they thrive one. Only their experience comes with guns and some sort of hero fantasy.

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  3. VRWC For Truth actually stole that nickname from Laz