Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

MSF BU is so racist he mixes up black people with fictional mutants: regards driving through urban slums in warm weather, I’m reminded of Charlton Heston’s line in the Omega Man: “My God, it’s almost dark. They’ll be waking up soon.”
SMGFan is working to make all myths true:
I believe his ,mosque was in Jersey City - Journal Square a block away from where roof top cheering on 9/11
Man, HarleyLady27 ain't quite right these days:
Oh my gosh, sitting here with tears running down my face...

Our beautiful First Lady opening with The Lords Prayer...

And Our President wanting to be with us, the American People in the County he loves so much...

Do you know just how fortunate we are that God has answered our prayers and has His Hands on Our President and Our Country!!!

This is America people, the America we know!!!
It's an amusing reversal how many Freepers were broken by Trump's victory

Flavious_Maximus heard this laughable piece of Soviet propaganda:
The TRUE reason that NATO was created was not to defend against attack from the Soviet Union, but to prevent the European states from attacking each other.

I say again, the ONLY reason NATO exist is to prevent Germany and France from fighting each other.
M. Thatcher is sure that the lack of arresting Hillary is just laying in wait to arrest her even harder!
Sessions is "the dog that didn't bark." His silence speaks volumes; I would venture that the public silence is due to beneath-the-radar legal activity that is beyond intense right now. My guess is he's convening grand juries, indictments are coming down, and people are going to prison.

Explains the somber - even shaken - reaction to Comey.
Because there are no principles or history anymore, marktwain has stumbled into the New Deal as a possible conservative idea.
I do not like the idea of a guaranteed income. Maybe we could guarantee low paying, subsidized jobs, that everyone would like to get out of...
Showing racism bears classism, HomerBohn explains that Somalis are too lazy for the latest lazy poors meme:
Rumor has it the 0bamaphones will be replaced by Trump Alarm Clocks.

The alarm clocks will wake folks up so they are not late for work.

One would have to put a charge of TNT under the pad of a Somali ‘migrunt’. They like to sleep until 10 AM, report for ‘work’ at 11 and clock out at 2PM.

Just ask anyone in Lewiston, Maine where Obama sent hundreds in to be ‘assimilated’ but they dried up the city treasury used to feed their Muslim asses instead.
nickcarraway cries that God wants white people to be more fertile:
So me not wanting a house load of kids caused pregnant Maria to waddle across the border....Right LOL

What is the fertility rate of white, non-Hispanic people in the U.s.? 1.2? It’s way lower than replacement rate. Not a “houseful of kids.” Look, you can ignore G-d’s law all you want and laugh in His face. But actions have consequences.
Regulator mixes some genetic-speak into his White Supremecist pablum:
It was blue eyed Caucasians, brown eyed Caucasians, Green eyed Caucasians of the R1a, I2 and R1b haplotypes that founded Athenian Greece, res publica Rome, Parliamentary England, Carolingian Germany and France, and eventually the crowning glory, Protestant America.

So why do you think Jesus wasn't Caucasian?
Greeks ain't that white, dude...

Not even bothering anymore, detective 'feels' his conspiracy theories.
I feel that Flynn was targeted because of his insider knowledge of treason within the Obama administration particularly in regard to Iran.
detective hates the NFL even as he clearly follows it pretty closely:
The NFL is again behaving badly and encouraging the homosexual agenda.

First Goodell ordered the Rams to draft an openly homosexual player who clearly should never have been in the draft. Then they broadcast this homosexual on TV tongue kissing his boyfriend.

Then the NFL made false and dishonest charges against Tom Brady that could easily be disproved by simple high school science.

Then they supported Colin Kaepernick and his public disrespect for America and the American flag.

Now the NFL is telling the State of Texas that unless they adopt the homosexual agenda regarding bathroom access they will be punished.
Taking a page from Freepers of another generation, detective knows the Civil Rights movement was a Communist plot!
The Communist Party and others planned and organized the bus boycott. It was decided to target Montgomery Alabama because the bus system was owned by a northern company.It was decided a woman would be used to sit in the seats designated for whites. Several women were recruited and Rosa Parks was eventually the one chosen.
madison10 really can't get up a good creative froth of hate against the latest Democratic leadership yet.
_uck Schumer is an enemy of the Republic.
madison10 does that thing where he says something unamerican, and at the end declares that's what the liberals actually want:
How ‘bout we declare Michael Moore insane and give him a padded cell? (’course that is what they want to do to us)
Boomer is working hard to isolate himself:
I basically kicked my high school reunion people to the curb since finding out most of them are whiny liberal fascists who believe everything their radical leadership tells them.
Boomer declares fast food is over:
Looks like fast food will soon be off the menu. AZ voters, being not so bright, passed an increase in the minimum wage. All it will do is cause higher unemployment and drive some places out of business.

For those who used to buy fast food as a splurge will now simply not buy it at all.
Reminding me of someone, TTFlyer is pretty sure that every liberal is working together in a vast conspiracy that has already succeeded:
This “Constitutional crisis” has been planned all along.

The “Shadow Government,” working in concert with the Media, Hollywood, Academia, and financed by the Globalist elites, is intent on destroying the Presidency of Donald Trump by any means necessary.

The sooner people realize this fact the sooner they can react to this coup d’état.
ROCKLOBSTER wants to outsource his desire to kill protestors to evil Muslims:
Gay Refugee from Afghanistan Charged with Assault for Blocking Betsy DeVos

They should deport him to an address on the top of the tallest building in Kabul.

(just to save them the trouble)
It seems Harmless Teddy Bear worked logistics in the military, and does the Freeper thing of assuming his experience is universal:
A realistic war movie would be watching a bunch of people doing things like repairing stuff, cleaning stuff, loading stuff, unloading stuff and dealing with the guy who demands "Where's my stuff?" War is a whole lot of grunt work, paperwork and waiting around for things to happen while watching your socks mold.

No one would ever go see a realistic war movie.
After this winter, when it comes to global warming, all pgkdan has left is strawmen.
This can’t be true. California is in permanent drought due to man made climate change. It’s never gonna rain there again. #SettledScience.

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