Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rule 19

McConnell is not a hothead - everything he does is tactical. So I'm trying to figure out why he selectively invoked an old Senate rule to keep Elizabeth Warren from criticizing the soon-to-be AG. He had to know it would only give her incandescent notoriety for a news cycle.

I can only guess he wants to empower her wing of the party.

Freepers love it, of course, but it's not like they needed to be brought on board. Still, they are thrilled, and spare a bit of time to gloat and shit on MLK's family.

Stosh joins the current GOP message that Madison was wrong - parchment barriers are all that matter.
No, Elizabeth Warren was not silenced for quoting Mrs. King. She was silenced for violating Senate rules. There is no Senate rule against quoting Mrs. King.
MeganC gets the real picture, technicalities bedamned:
Nice to see someone finally shut her piehole for her!
MUDDOG makes quite the analogy:
Tie her up and gag her like Bobby Seale at the Chicago Eight trial.
Ray76 seems a bit resentful that we venerate Martin Luther King:
But but... she was only quoting a Disciple of Saint King.
ladyjane blames...Hillary Clinton??!!
Interesting. Somebody is out after Elizabeth Warren. heh heh

I’m betting it is somebody with the initials HRC

First the polls showing she’s slipping and less popular than the MA R-Governor, and now this. Love it.
Alas, who knows what evil?  provides no proof for his statement:
The funny part is that Assachusetts is FAR MORE racist than Alabama.
madprof98 declares this a false flag:
When she kept repeating, “I can’t quote Coretta Scott King?”, over and over again, you could tell it was a setup.

Wonder who gets paid to come up with these scenarios for the drama-queen Dems.
freepertoo works in DC, and is sad how well this played out:
The folks in my office are all outraged that “They wouldn’t let her speak! Can you believe the evil??”

Sigh. The one downside to working in beautiful DC.
oldasrocks is getting postmodern on us:
What was in the letter? Was it truthful or someones version of the truth?
freedumb2003 declares Coretta Scott King bad and dumb:
The only thing that Mrs. King brings to the discussion is her willful blindness in the face of her husband’s many, many, many sexual affairs.

She has no moral high ground and should not be used as a finger-wagging talking point.
falcon99 may want to check how often Rule 19 is used.
She is a sneaky lying B—tch. If she went unchallenged then any senator could disrespect any other senator by simply quoting someone. 
She knew the rules and tried to get around them. It is people like Warren, Booker, Reid, Waters, Pelosi,etc who had totally destroyed the political conversation in this country.
Yeah, Tom Cotton called Harry Reid "bitter, vulgar, incoherent..." But lets not get in the way of the narrative.

montag813 is similarly not happy with any disapproval of our new AG:
Corretta King’s “letter” is a disgusting, lie-filled smear, and ought to be denounced.


  1. But reading Green Eggs and Ham, tho.

    1. Green Eggs and Ham weren't written by someone black though.

  2. Desperately miserable and perpetually angry even in victory, perhaps this study may shed light on Freepers' negativity bias.