Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Weekly Dose of President Trump - Trump Family Train

Freepers follow Trump, and they defend him, but as of yet the threads on him aren't quite as orgasmic and worshipful as "A Day in the Life of President Bush." Mostly it's some lame pics, some harmless but weird cutesy community rituals, and complaining about Democrats opposing him.

DollyCali is the threadmistress:
You have been added to the best doggone PING list at Free Republic
Welcome .. and now to get ready as I have to be at work at 9 for 12 hours..at hotel front desk.
Well good morning to all and Happy Lord’s Day!
Not much sleep. Insomnia often visits when we don’t want it, doesn’t it.
Will catch you all later as time permits at work
Hold down the fort and keep all that good info and great pix coming!
Click, if you dare:

DollyCali is into the Trump worship. Wishing she could afford one of Ivanka's dresses.
I wish I was in a financial position to get some of Ivanka’s line even though she has now divested control/interest(??) for obvious reasons. I loved some of her jewelry and suits. Just struggling here $$ wise to keep head above water doesn’t leave 
all. been a morning of nightmares here at hotel. Now have a few minutes breathing space and hopefully things will get better til my shift ends at 9. Major software computer issues in addition which is a killer at a hotel
This is the BEST thread oh Free Republic! Love the positivity and friendship on here. It’s great to just block out all the negative and sit on this thread!
lysie has a little ritual.
Good morning Trump Family.
She does this
Good morning Trump Family.
every. Morning. Between 3 and 6am.
Good morning Trump Family.
And then other Freepers post animals eating and thank her.

RayofHope is responsible for a lot of pics. Mostly because she doesn't have a lot of quality control.
Michael Delauzon ‏@MichaelDelauzon 2h2 hours ago MoreRed Cross Ball event to raise fund for The Red Cross hosted by President Trump and First Lady Melania at Mar-A-Lago, FL.

RayofHope falls for satire.
Can these elected representatives get any dumber?? Of course they can.

TheLastRefuge ‏@TheLastRefuge2 9h9 hours ago More

Rep. John Lewis (GA-D) says Patriots win is illegitimate. Will not be attending Lombardi Trophy ceremony. Launches hashtag #NotMySuperbowl
Seattle Conservative is pretty excited about two celebrities meeting:
Michael Delauzon ‏@MichaelDelauzon 5h5 hours ago More
Tom Brady and Donald Trump have been friends for years.

Great picture! I can’t wait until Brady, Kraft, Coach B and the team come to the WH - I’m sure they’ll have a great welcome and time with President Trump!
RayofHope may be trying to hard, or she may just not know good pics from bad. Though I hope she's just joking...
Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 2m2 minutes ago More
Never takes a bad photo.


  1. Oh good, DollyCali has a thread where she can complain about work ...
    just like onyx uses the freepathon thread to complain about her life.

    1. Well when the freepathon thread is the closest thing you have to a job....