Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Spotlight: Yaelle

A 1999 prolific Freeper. A Jew who often laments that she's been ostracized by her liberal fellows, right before she turns around and declares them all false Jews.

She has almost all the qualities of a perfect Freeper - conspiracies, loathing of gays, Muslims, liberals; anecdotes about spanish speaking people who she assumes must be here illegally, hatred of feminists...but she also does this fake empathy thing where she talks about the poor suffering liberal/transgender/woman or whatever, only to sadly explain that they need to suck it. It's truly an loathsome country-club way to hate.

And then you hear how she feels lonely even around her own family, and you wonder what's broken here.

The perfect Trump post:
It’s like we have a FReeper in the White House!
Except how Freepers keep on switching their principles to conform with Trump's...

The REAL thin-skinned baby President is Obama!
You just HAD an 8 year President full of narcissism who never had to take a punch. Because you babyproofed the country for him.
It's hard out there for a conservative Jew.
It’s sad. I’m Jewish and conservative and understand what Trump is doing for us. Something I have prayed for.

My daughter goes to a new preschool in a synagogue and I am sure if I mentioned Around the school that I was for Trump it would be like saying I drink owl blood for breakfast. My extended family know I am conservative barely tolerate me.

I don’t know why many Jews don’t like Trump. He seems so NY Jewish in a way because he grew up among them. I hear the dumbest things that semi-intelligent people shouldn’t fall for, that he is a buffoon, a racist. He is not.
More on her Jewish conservative pain.
The main reason why jews are liberal today in 2015 is fear of being shamed by their friends and family. It is harder to come out at Passover as conservative than gay, in a non orthodox extended family. I’ve done it. The former, that is. You will never be as accepted as you were, you will never be seen the same. If you came out as gay, you’d be the star of the show. Everyone would want to be seen as being close to you. If you announce you’re voting for the Republican, it’s like announcing you just pooped on the floor.

I have heard that it is very similar in black american extended families as well.
Fuck all liberal Jews. WHY DO THEY HATE ME?????
Jews like Schumer are Jinos. They might eat a bagel and shmear but they hate actual Judaism.
Oh dear, what is going on here?
Even with my four beautiful kids, I feel so alone so much that I need to start to create more of a family even of friends around.
Women need to feel strong enough to not cling to idiots when their new flame is seen to be one. Best to back up and be alone than to feel stuck to some guy whom your kids do not even like.
But conservative women are so independent and happy and all think like this:
A conservative woman knows that whatever she wants to do and does is feminine because she is a woman, period. If she climbs a peak, knits a sweater, wins an Olympic gold medal, is a stay at home mom, whatever she wants, she has nothing to prove. She doesn’t feel she is a protected class. She is a woman and whatever she does, is what women do.

A conservative woman embraces the differences women have (most of the time - except for once a month, or peeing in the snow). She feels lucky to be able to carry a child in her body, and to dress up pretty, and to turn male heads. She’s also lucky to be able to surf, drive fast, command a board room, pick up a check, and still get to do the other stuff! She isn’t conflicted about it nor does she feel the need to study her gender for four years at a university.

A conservative woman doesn’t need to spend a lot of time regretting the children she aborted, hopefully.

A conservative woman enjoys her man. She enjoys him enjoying his rougher pleasures, football, hunting, whatever, even if she doesn’t partake with him. She doesn’t take him to malls to hang bags of clothes on him, she doesn’t dress him in pale pastels and make manscaping appointments for him. SHE DOESNT DRESS HIM IN A PLAID ONESIE. She likes him the way he is.

A conservative woman knows the planet isn’t in danger of being a “wrong” temperature, so she is happy going about her life. She gets involved in making the world a better place, but she also steps back from this work to enjoy her family. Her priorities are on straight.

She is happier than a liberal because she doesn’t need to seek out “leaders” to find out what to think. She doesn’t have to follow what other people are doing, even if a majority of her friends are doing it. She doesn’t care what movie actors say. She isn’t offended by differences of thought or opinion, because above and beyond all else, she loves freedom, so she welcomes any opinions or beliefs in order for her, too, to be free to espouse her own.
'We should end all entitlements that don't help me!'
Personally, as a mom of two special needs kids and a daughter of two, one still alive, special needs (alzheimers) elderly parents, I believe our country should spend $ on those who can not help themselves.

I am for supportive state stipends to keep our helpless fed, safe, and happy, and even for a federal law regarding it.

That is where our social help in this country needs to go. I would not give ONE PENNY to anyone, not one service, to anyone not legally in this country. I might not even give any social service to mere residents, either. They have another country to go to. I would not allow family members from foreign lands to come and receive services. I wouldn’t give a lot of the corporate or farming tax breaks, I’d not try and keep evil world powers at bay with our money either.

But I’d make sure our disabled (including helpless seniors) had everything they needed to live a decent life. Period. I think that is money well spent.
Rush Limbaugh used to quote her on his show all the time!
For the record, I owe Rush hugely and bigly for my becoming conservative. I loved and adored him for many years and was so proud each time he chose to use my words (from FR) on his show. I just lost some respect for him this last year.
This entire post is too long and kinda rambling, but it refers to some kind of Rush-working-for-Chuck-Schumer conspiracy? LOL.

Her family is a meritocracy. Sounds delightful.
Can socialism work on a very small scale? Yes. It takes a tiny tiny group of extreme likemindeds who love and accept each other and agree to work for the common goal and take care of the weakest without expecting anything from them. Some families operate like this. But most families also live with a normal, human nature- allowing, meritocracy as well. So, really, socialism is a fully failed idea.

In 2016, with all the evidence on the table, socialism is merely a means to control a lot of people by a few who keep power and resources to themselves.
She homeschools, but only part way.
No one told Abe Lincoln’s mother he could only read state-approved books for his education. If there are vouchers they will be forced to be used on approved whatever, classes, curricula... homeschoolers tend to want absolute freedom to choose how they educate their kids. And I agree. (I only homeschool 2 classes for one middle schooler because he is at a hybrid school)
Diagnosing illegality.
It is horrible how much free health care illegals have access to. The last time I gave birth I shared a room with a mom who also had multiple kids and didn’t speak ANY English. I bet she was an illegal. I was thinking of how we (even with 80% coverage) would be paying off that c section for months, whereas hers was FOR FREE. How is that fair?
Achmed Boom Boom Clock Factory
What do all the people killed by terrorists think about Muslims?
KitCat, I was thinking just this morning, if we could bring back all the dead victims on 9/11, even the probably very lib victims in Paris and Orlando, I’d LOVE to hear their position on unfettered immigration from terrorist sponsoring countries. What about their families, torn apart, bereft????

The libs screaming racism today MIGHT LOSE THEIR SON OR GIRLFRIEND TOMORROW in the next attack. Is taking in and not enforcing visas of people from those countries worth their future tragedy????
Her survey of Muslim cab drivers found so many Jihadis
After 9/11 I traveled in taxis a fair amount in several big American cities, like Chicago, Las Vegas, a bunch. And whenever I got a driver from the ME I started up a religious conversation, got into terrorism, and it was always an interesting, friendly conversation, and I’d slip in my big question casually, “But there are some people at your mosque who support al quaeda...” And, sad to say, in 100% of the cases the answer was something like “Well, sure, but I have nothing to do with those crazy people.”


So I learned this back then and am not surprised that still, at every mosque, there are some who are waiting for the violent path to the caliphate.

And the liberals of all western countries don’t believe this. They are the doofuses being used for their bleeding hearts. There are a lot more parts going to end up bleeding
'After Convention, Trump should make a Civility Speech.' Haha, how did she think this would play on Freep?
Ok, everyone disagrees, no worries.

I would never want him to stop being Trump.
I would never want the speech to be too close to a terror attack or the Convention.
This is in reference to the BLM / cop killing incidents, not Islamic terror.

The number one problem in inner cities is decivilization, period. I guess I’m the only one who feels that it would be very good to expect MORE CIVILIZATION from American citizens, not the bigotry of low expectations going on today where we allow people to rut and attack like animals.
Hillary in the debate sounded smart. CHEATER!
I was listening to the debate in the car. Her sentences were AMAZING in vocab and structure. I thought she must have been reading or wearing a wire. Who can speak off the cuff like that with complex, perfect sentence structure?
Doing that cloying 'Bernie is at least principled.'
I have seen no evidence Bernie is a dirty double crossing murderous traitor, committing felonies as easily as coughing and seizing up.

He is a legit politician, for what that is worth, and believes his crap. I differ with him on 95% of issues but I respect him and his right to believe as he does.
The Clenis.
Trump used a term to say Hillary got beaten, which is a word for a penis.

Hillary terrorized to keep them quiet, women her husband RAPED with a penis.

Hillary cheated on Bill and then killed all the evidence
Both Hilary and Donald cheated. But Donald let his mistresses live.
Hillary's pee bag.
I think her pee bag is worn in front now. Her legs don’t have it any more. But she looked 6 mo pregnant now.
Hillary coming out as a lesbian:
Can’t you imagine Hillary sobbing on camera in the touching interview where maybe they bring out the other old fossil Barbara Walters, smear the lens with Vaseline, and have Hillary tell the story of how she was forced to marry a good friend, Bill Clinton, because back in the dark ages it was not accepted to be a Member of the LGBT community. Talk about Must See TV. Bombshell. Shocking News. Hillary tells all about her Rainbow Struggle and why she has kept it secret after all these years. And now in 2015 finally she can Be Who She Was Meant To Be.
Obama coming out as gay:
One day Obama will come Out and then he will have been the first President.
Obama gay
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
Rahm Emmanuel gay:
"Maybe those judges don't know WHO I AM. If I want to be mayor of Chicago, I GET TO BE MAYOR OF CHICAGO! They will see. I don't care who I have to BLOW or KILL to get there, but I will get there!! Right, Eli??"
Michelle Obama ugly.
OMGosh, I just turned it on, and now Obama is giving a speeach with Michelle LIVE.

Michelle looks hideous. She is wearing some kind of housedress with football pads under it, no lipstick or white lipstick, and her own natural hair, but pulled back in a bun.

Obama appears to be reading/stumbling over written notes, but he is still turning his head first left, and right as he speaks, as through there were prompters.

He is speaking about the tragedy of the terrorist attack, with absolutely no feeling, as if he were reading the Mumbai phone book.

Indians, are you are unimpressed as we are???
Obama gay, maybe related to his daughter.
Obama seems pretty homosexual from what people who have been with him say. Never heard anything about Michelle, she is probably hetero. That first kid looks enough like both of them. He must have pretended Mooch was a guy and spawned with her.
This passive aggressive bullshit she does on Chelsea has me so much more angry than the usual Freeper hate-stylings.
Blessings for the child; he can’t help to whom he was born. Every baby is a gift. And I do hope the Hubbell genes remain dormant.
More loathsome Chelsea crap.
Chelsea, WE didn’t choose your mom’s least attractive law partner to get sperm to make you. THEY did. They could have asked attractive Vince but they went with WEBB. If you’re insulted, don’t look at us.
'I'm so principled I refuse to insult gays, I'll just decide every Democrat is gay.'
I’m a good donor and if JimRob wants to throw me off for not calling homosexuals names, he can. I love FR but I have homosexuals in my circle of people I also love. People with sexual response to those of their same gender — some who do not act upon it as well.

Sorry; I don’t think we need to call people with differences names. My child with disabilities doesn’t need to be called a moron. Shep smith doesn’t need to be called a fudge packer. It is the one place I differ with many freepers. I am extremely committed to conservative principles.
Her empathy ends with Megyn Kelley, who posed for magazines, which means she was asking to be sexually harassed.
It’s not harassment if you are lying on his couch naked with your legs spread, and your modeling pictures all over his desk.
Defending Milo.
On FR, the men hoot and chortle over a teen boy being sexually abused by an older, hot teacher, but straight guys don’t get abused by adults as much (except for some who do get abused by gay men). Gay boys and straight girls are easier to convince that the relationship with a Svengali type of adult is “love.” And some end up as prostitutes or worse.

Milo is being honest. This happens to many young teen kids. He should not be disinvited for telling the truth about older pedophilia and how teens don’t understand that these adults are wrong.
She's OK with porn.
I don’t have a problem with porn really. It has always been.
Now back to hating on a Michelle Obama who never existed beyond right wing hate-dreams
"Mmmmm... This lobster is excellent! Well, (chomp, chomp), remember that me and Barack, we are DOWN with the struggle! We have BEEN THERE, baby. Uh, yeah, please, more champagne... (slurp) We know what it's like to stuff our shoes with newspaper... When we had to live with no electricity... Hey, for a sec in February the power flickered in our Aspen hotel suite, and it brought me right BACK to the days in that leaky apartment, no heat, Mama dying of diptheria on blankets on the floor... Oh yes, we will have the chocolate souffle, yes, make that a double portion... Barack's mama was so poor and single, they scraped by in the hood on food stamps and handouts... We are ONE with you poor people, aint nothing more noble than poverty and want... Speaking of which, I still want that caviar, please leave it on the table... "
Some weak-ass guilt by association with Obama's mother
A communist daddy. Her first semester in college and she takes Russian. Hmmm. And big Daddy Obama was also taking in Russian. In 1960, height of the Cold War. Hmmm.
Herman Cain's affairs don't matter because of gay Obama tin foil:
What if we stayed with Herman through this? Wouldn’t that put a final end to any adult sexual affairs ruining things forever from our candidates? Is it possible to do that? But Herman has GOT to take a different tack.

we can still bring up Obama and how people DIED at someone’s hand to protect obama’s affairs. And how at least Herman is hetero.

Predicting Obama will skip all the debates in 2012. And then she gets REALLY crazy...
Watch for Obama to have a terrible vomiting stomach bug or something. He has to get out of it or he’s walking into doom. If Schieffer pulls a Candy-Collude it will be worse than Obama standing there twiddling his thumbs.

In fact, with Benghazi the way it is, for this debate you could give Obama his prompter back and Romney would still win.

Romney must not eat anything cooked by strangers from now until the debate. Making Romney ill or not showing is Obama’s only hope.
Lock Obama up for being Muslim.

Hmm. Would that have made the Obama White House retroactively a terrorist organization? Is Huma still on the CF payroll???
Swooning over how Trump totally still carries a gun.
‘General Trump’ does indeed have balls of steel..and the good God is protecting him.

I bet he still carries.
No idea what this means.
the second the weapon was identified they knew that since you can't ban knives, no point in even discussing what happened.

That deserves repeating.

Which means anyone killed by a gun in a mass crime dies for liberal ideology.
'My Dad, who went to a California State University, never got any government help!'
Trying to figure how the government made my father the success that he was. The only credit the government gets is to allow my father to become a citizen from his Displaced Person passport less status as a Holocaust survivor.

It was my dad who saw the kids going to UCLA and said, I want that too. And it was my dad, no government program, who went out and got three jobs to pay for college. He studied hard, helped coach the cricket team, went to med school, got his licenses, and hung out his own medical shingle. Where is the government in all this?
Social contract? What's that?
This makes perfect logical sense (to CA libs only). When you make sandwiches for your children, why not keep making them until every child in town has one? There are a lot of children who could use a sandwich. That’s a really good thing to do. So let’s do it.

Uh oh, it costs money. I used my money all up to make all those sandwiches. Whoops. Wait a sec, I’ve got it. Ask EVERYBODY you can find for some money. Then make sandwiches for the whole world! This is a good plan.
Poor transgenders. We gotta ban them from gym.
I am ok with transgender women who have to pee, using the have been doing it since I was born. We never knew or cared before, why now?


The poor kids with gender dysphoria should not undress fully at school, or use bathroom stalls. They should even be excused from PE as far as I am concerned. You don’t want vaginas visible in the boys locker room, and you don’t want penii in the girl’s. No.
Sixteen people got the measles in New York. Two were unvaccinated by choice. Two others were infants too yng to be vaccinated. TWELVE PEOPLE WERE ALL VACCINATED.

If vaccinations were so great, who cares if some people aren’t vaccinated? But vaccinated does not equal immune. And it does equal a lot of neurotoxins in the brain. A FREE REPUBLIC would allow freedom to choose and this outbreak is a perfect example.

Don’t support following governments blindly.
Pizzagate, of course. With the usual wishes for deaths.
Pedosta’s ashes in a pizza box?

That would be a beautiful day.
Liberals somehow can't see that Hillary is infinitely evil.
I don’t know if you’ve conversed about Hillary with a liberal. Their response to your telling them about actual felonies she’s committed sometimes is “Oh, they ALL do it. She’s no worse than any other politician.” They don’t realize that she really, asymptotically so, is GREATLY worse than many infamously crooked politicians. They do not get it and the media made sure of that.


  1. Yaelle, like many of the wrinklebags, uses FR as a substitute for real life friendships and relationships. Rather sad, actually.

    1. Except that she claims to be the parent to a kindergarter. I kind of assume that’s a lie, given the general age of Freepers, but I suppose it's possible.

  2. Tell me, right wingers: What part of a "free republic" is excluding the press from a press conference about? I really want to know.

  3. The only thing Trump is 'carrying' is some extra spray tan in case he needs to hit the powder room for a touch-up. :)

  4. Someone should mark this comment down for later. Let's see what happens.
    NFHale: It’s a question of Honor. A Man keeps his word.
    He’ll do what he said he was going to do; he didn’t get as far in life as he did by breaking promises.

    1. Why mark it down. He already broke his word long before becoming president.

  5. I meant, let's see how they react once they figure that out.