Monday, February 13, 2017

Impotent Potpourri: (Mostly) Reactions to the 9th Circuit Checking Trump.

Butthurt for the ages.

TheTimeOfMan continues the Freeper pattern of putting forth an Anti-American scheme and then blaming future liberals who are gonna do it for sure if the GOP doesn't do it first.
The language of the law is so clear and unambiguous that...

Oh never mind.

Congress can do away with the 9th and create a different replacement. Trump can then fill it with only his nominees. This can be done with all federal courts except the SC. In the case of the SC, however, the number of justices can be reduced down to one I believe. And the next day increased back to nine. At which point Trump could again nominate eight new justices.

The downside is if the Dems get the house, senate, and executive back they can do the same. But I suspect if they do gain that level of control again they will do exactly that regardless of the actions of the current congress.
del4hope just kinda wanders off into a rant about abortion and God's judgement.
You are so right. But first, some food for thought.

Here it is right here. God’s judgment. For 43 years this nation has legally killed millions of its unborn citizens. Why? Because some judges ruled it legal. And a good portion of the citizenry said “ oh okay”. Even me, I repeated the leftist lies for years of incest, rape, blah, blah, blah. Pro abortion politicians for years appointing pro abortion judges. It took me 30 years to open my eyes. Some eyes were open from the start, and some are still blind as bats.

Fact is that it was never legal. Murder is never legal. How could we be so stupid? So, now this judge just sentence born citizens to death. Eyes will be open.

So yes, we need to get off our butts and do something.
CivilWarBrewing has a plan for Trump to encourage terrorists to go to Washington state:

Trump should tell the terrorists "Hey terrorists, GO TO WASHINGTON STATE!!!" then watch their tourism industry TANK.
CivilWarBrewing also has his usual, less creative CAPS LOCK FASCIST WISHES:


I heard that none of these judges signed their decision. Well then, so why are we even abiding by it?
TomasUSMC does not know what 'inferior' means.
Article III
Section 1.

The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.

Trump Girl Kit Cat is one of many Freepers hoping for some terrorism to blame on our court system:
They may be gloating now, HOWEVER when a jihadi from one of these countries KILLS Americans (and they will) WILL THEY BE GLOATING THEN or will we be having the last I TOLD YOU SO!! 
Believe me it is ONLY time before Americans die at the hands of these monsters, and MAYBE we will be lucky enough for a member of the 9th circuses family to be a victim of the tragedy!!!
Thinking Democrats have any power these days, eartick thinks this was all Trump's deal so that Democrats couldn't block his nominees:
Tell you what my suspicions are. Another deal has been struck. A deal about confirmation of appointees. If President Trump does not put up a good fight against this political hack judge, his confirmations will slide right through. So far since Friday, 5 confirmations have succeeded with Sessions being the biggest.

Awww the wheels of Washington and knowing how to play the game. You do not have to be a politician, you just need to know how to make deals
DIRTYSECRET is sure Democrats won't find any charming politicians in the near future:
Silver tongues like Bill Clinton and Barak are once-in-a-century gifts. To get them so close together doesn’t mean the next one is around. They are both likable. Can you say the same thing about Pocahauntas? Those out front are as likable as Hillary and Gore. Don’t forget John Kerry-who served in Viet Nam.
jsanders2001 posted this as a wall of text. Mostly it's him proving to himself through video evidence and outcome-oriented speculation that liberal protesters aren't real people, and are all paid by Soros:
I don't think all of them are aware. Many just appeared to be non-thinking protester zombies following orders for pay working at the instructions of paid Soros' activist trainers.

I reviewed hundreds of hours of protester videos and observed how they operate. There were the zombies who just marched and parroted what they were told to while they were being led by activist leaders who were out of the camera's view most of the time. They were like conductors with a marching orchestra similar to a marching band. There were props people who worked with makeup people and costume designers that would dress people up to make thm look diverse to give the imression that "everyone" hated Trump.

Often you would see white females with hijabs and standard Muslim apparel who obviousy weren't convincing. Then you had the social media folks and camera operators who worked closely together to prepare footage, news / blogs, and memes to upload to websites everywhere and /or send their old college buddies who are now working for well known media organizations like Disney and ABC.

I also noted many of the protesters and "leaders" knew each other and attended the same colleges and communicated with other Soros' activist groups like and the BLM. So my conlusion was that the protesters and their "leaders" were all being paid to stage the protests but that there were higher paid activist leaders and specialists and then lower paid non-thinking "zombies" who we're just there primarily for the money.

I don't think the zombies filled comprehended the consequences of their action but then again that sounds like one of the major traits for all liberals...
taildragger doesn't care about the Courts, he cares that conservatives are the real oppressed minority, and colleges are the new USSR:
The bigger story is how Conservatives on U of M campus remain in Stealth Mode. Ask one if you know them, how many friends they have lost because of Clinton v. Trump. Ask how they dare not tell classmates they are doing labs with their politics whilst their lab-mate wears theirs on their sleeve with ferocity. Ask how they stay silent as to not work their @$$ off only to be penalized by Professors on a Anti-Trump rant.

My guess is it might not be that much of a difference experience than what Poles or Soviet Citizens endured with their lives behind the Iron Curtain.

That is the big story...
montag813 is sad Trump didn't go for a full constitutional crisis yet:
This is disgusting beyond belief, and Trump needs to designate the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR as banned terror organizations. Unfortunately he has weakened his own position by obeying the Washington district judge’s TRO on his refugee order.
EinNYC worries all our kids are gonna be secret Muslims:
This is how the Muzzlimes start to take over the U.S. They start with indoctrination, using the libtards’ own stupidity to gain access to their children.
MUDDOG seriously thinks Thomas Becket is a subtle dog-whistle
Who will rid us of these troublesome judges?
Bayard has a plan that sounds super American:
Should just impeach every judge appointed by Liberals. Make it one bill and remove them with US marshals.
And now a mystery in three posts: mewzilla
FWIW, I’m a Dem. I just don’t vote that way. And I’m not alone. Might wanna scale back that blanket condemnation just a bit :-)
Wait, a Freeper Demcorat? mewzilla explains that liberals are very bad and he's hated them since 1998:
FWIW, I think that there are 2 kinds if lefties: idiots/ignorants and ideologues. I was one of the former. 
The seeds of my conversion were sown in 1986 when I spent 6 months in Europe. Made me very glad to be an American, something I had taken for granted. 
In 1998, we got internet access. Around the same time, thanks to Newsweek (heh heh heh) I was introduced to FreeRepublic, the Drudge Report, and Rush Limbaugh. Those exposures led to others. I was getting more info, from more viewpoints. Lots of that info jibed with my life experiences, and I realized after a while I was no longer a lefty.
mewzilla just doesn't care about parties. Well, he cares just enough to spring it on Freepers for no reason.
In the interest of full disclosure, I’m still a registered ‘Rat. But with the rise of the uniparty, the letter after the name ((D, I, R) can mean bugger all anymore. Which is why I put my faith in principles instead of party.
jsanders2001 is secure in the whiteness of the Presidency in the future:
And he just ensured that a black president (other than Allen West) wont be elected for qute some time again. This one was the worst president America has ever had by a long shot and it was very obvious his intention was to destroy her.
del4hope joins a fellow Freeper in going off about 'females.'
2 things in my opinion...first off, there will never be a female President of the United States...if Granny Benghazi, who had 2 cracks at it couldn’t do it, i don’t see it happening...and second. Warren is just too GD ugly. Sounds sexist, but that’s just the way it is. They start screeching, its a total turn off.

Democrat Females, especially. They come across as the ex-wife, the bad mother-in-law, the worst school teacher you ever had.

All that believin in baby killin will do that to a woman.
I always hear a Ferengi when I read someone dropping some truth bombs about 'females'


  1. Oh man, I am totally with you on the Ferengi thing. Hyoom-mawn females, an I right? They even wear clothes in public!

    By the way, do you know where Men's Rights Activists get their drinking water?

    From a Well, actually...

  2. The only reason jsanders2001 would have for scanning "100s of hours" of protest videos would be for a drunken hate-watch fest, grumbling angrily under his breath the whole time.

    1. Freepers can't stand the fact that, for all they blab about marching on DC with pitchforks and nooses, leftists actually do it.

    2. Well saying "I just watched a video on Breitbart News" isn't very freeperish.

  3. Freepers on Flynn resigning

    1. dowcaet writes,

      "I smell a rat in all this. The media and the left now has its Russia conspiracy narrative at full blast now and will be hanging it around the administration’s neck. I’m so sick of this. The media that didn’t do sh*t for eight years is going all out 24/7 to try and wreck this presidency."


    2. Lots of bending over backwards to excuse Trump is happening on that thread ...
      and bending over backwards isn't easy for fat old wrinklebags like freepers.

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    Tonight's openly racist thread on FR.
    Surprisingly, a bit less racist than normal for FR, since Obama is out of office.
    It actually has to be about Barack, Michelle, or the daughters for FR's real filthy racism to come out now.