Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kill the EPA

Of all the cheering for Trump's antics, nothing seems to get Freepers as fired up as his anti-environmental plans. This surprises me some - I would have guessed it was the wall or anti-Muslim efforts or anti-Crime BS.
But for whatever reason, racism and nativism have momentarily taken a back seat to fucking the world, but especially the US.

The article is about a trial balloon to cut the EPA 50%. I will spare you the dozens of Freepers echoing beethovenfan:
Cut it 100%.
jiggyboy is pretty excited about a return to the pre-EPA days of carcinogens everywhere and rivers lighting on fire:
Scott Slesinger, legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council, is worried that much of what we have come to rely on the EPA to do would be undone.

Yes, exactly...
x1stcav characterizes the EPA as Tumbler busybodies:
What we have come to expect from them is a trampling of private property rights and a general SJW snooping into our private lives.
umgud goes with the party line that the EPA is a secret plan to destroy capitalism:
The EPA’s primary mission is to destroy capitalism and just generally F over their fellow man.

This same agency banned over the counter asthma inhalers due to their contribution to green house gas emissions. Bullshit, they are inhaled. This was done out of meanness, not science.

Most of them need fired, many need jailed for crimes against the country.
gaijin goes with the somewhat more hip party line that people he disagrees with are all zealots and not using facts:
Since environmentalism is a religion EPA employees to the very last man should all perform their work pro bono.

they shall Delight in proving their faith.
txrefugee wants a reform where the EPA no longer prevents pollution, it just cleans up when it reaches disaster-levels.
The EPA was Nixon’s worst idea. States should get block grants for clean ups as they are needed. Put that function under FEMA, and abolish the EPA entirely.
Sacajaweau knows extinctions are natural, and thus good. Except for the part of the environment near where he lives.
Stop introducing wolves and catering to owls, frogs and other critters. The world is constantly changing and adapting. It does a pretty good job.

While it may need help here and there, this Protection bit has gone too far.

My big thing is protecting the waters of the US. I live along Lake Ontario...and know this should be the chief target of the EPA.
thulldud knows that the richest Americans are those greedy environmentalists:
I suspect that they really serve the god Mammon, and that means cash only.
Meh. meadsjn advocates death.
All the EPA NAZIs will melt into similar state level agencies, and just continue their reign of terror against the humans.

I'd vote to air drop them half way to the Canary Islands.


  1. This one is beautiful:

    Mom wants teacher fired for using Ouija board with kindergarten students


    They seriously believe that a game created by Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers can subject kindergarten students to evil forces.

    Fuck it all!

    Seriously?!? If you're playing this game- and it's a fucking game- and you're not the one pushing the viewer, then you're friend is the one doing it. It's not a fucking poltergeist Exorcist Amityville Horror demon, it's your friend. He's fucking with you!

    The comments are as beautiful as you'd expect.

    Happy Mardi Gras from NOLA!!

    1. Without even reading the thread (but I will soon later), I can imagine the all the stories already ... the same old freepers tell the same old stories about "ouija boards" all the time.

      In reality, freepers LOVE the idea of demons and witches, because they love living in fear.

    2. It's entirely what you'd expect.

      These people really think that Satan uses spirits to tell people to do bad things by use of a toy you get at Target.

      This makes sense to them.

    3. surroundedbyblue writes,

      "Fired is not too extreme. This a hole teacher exhibited exteerlt pot judgement. If your kid was shown a scary movie and usffer d from nightmares afterwards, wouldnyou not feel the teacher, meant to protect & nurture children, inflicted harm?

      And while I agree with your position on homos, my feelings against it are for the same reason: it evil and puts my kid in spiritual danger."


  2. George W. Bush: We need answers on Trump team ties to Russia

    I am beginning to think that we do need answers. Why not? Let's look into this.

    Why are Freepers having hissy fits about this?

    1. Washington Fire writes,

      "I’d far rather we get to the bottom of the links between the Bush family and John Hinckey Jr. and Lee Harvey Oswald.

      Evil can run and hide for decades - but ultimately your deeds of sin will catch up with you ‘Poppy’"