Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Moving from ordinary confirmation bias to imagination-fueled confirmation bias, Yaelle takes all the people killed by Muslims, and then imagines asking them what they think about Muslims. PROOF!
I was thinking just this morning, if we could bring back all the dead victims on 9/11, even the probably very lib victims in Paris and Orlando, I’d LOVE to hear their position on unfettered immigration from terrorist sponsoring countries. What about their families, torn apart, bereft????

The libs screaming racism today MIGHT LOSE THEIR SON OR GIRLFRIEND TOMORROW in the next attack. Is taking in and not enforcing visas of people from those countries worth their future tragedy????
In what's going to start a mini-spotlight, dp0622 is not subtle enough to realize you're supposed to fetishize the Republic, not complain that Emperor Trump had to campaign for voter support.
The “republic” elected obama twice and I dont believe there were enough illegal or fraud votes (though close) to make up the difference in the popular vote.

Our fellow citizens, way too many, are @@@holes.

We shouldn’t have had more faith in the republic. Thank God Trump didn’t and campaigned day and night EVERYWHERE.

Or we would have lost.
dp0622 was on fire last week, here boasting about his twitter efforts:
I just had a ball on twitter typing FOURTEEN HUNDRED DAYS, over and over :)

And letting them know there’s not a ####ing thing they can do to deduct one day.

And likely 2800 days of Trump :)

I asked them to point out the riots and arsons that were carried out by conservatives under obummer.

Gonna be a long four years for cops.

Unless they start beating these folk like baby seals.
Perhaps forgetting the last eight years dp0622 complains that liberals are complaining about President Trump's policies.
These ####s aren’t gonna stop till they get a beating.

I’m getting sick of this BS.

He won the ###ing election. Shut the #### up.

Remember obama said “Elections have consequences” except when a Republican wins.

Talk of coups and burning things down.

Trump should give the go ahead to #### them up. I think he’ ultimately in charge of the National Guard in any state, but I could be wrong.
dp0622, a dude on mental disability in Queens, is ready for the race war!
The white guys should have beat the #### out of them like we would have done 30 years ago.

I would have pummeled the first one i grabbed to maybe near death.

white boys better toughen up
I guess not really remembering the whole story, dp0622 is ready to sodomize everyone!
Just like it was “Giuliani Time” in the ‘90s in NYC, It’s “Trump Time” in America.

And you’d better not #### around.
dp0622 again...'menfolk.'
Like I just said in another thread, anyone who is killed/hurt/raped by one of these animals now allowed to come in...their menfolk should be allowed 10 minutes in a room with all the deciding judges and pelosi and reid. One at a time.
dp0622 bravely fails to actually explain why being a dick to Malia Obama is legit:
She can’t help who her idiot father is.

Until she does something stupid on her own, let’s leave her out of things.

I guess it is noteworthy that she got a PAYING gig that most 20 year interns would not, is it political payoff? That’s the only part of this worth considering.

Like flashing gang signs? She’s a big girl.

To hell with her feelings.
dp0622 follows up wishing Malia were...killed? forced to crouch forever? He's bad at this.
I wish that fat disgusting pig #### would be shoved under the table for good.
Defiant enjoys taking his Obama conspiracies and putting them in the mouth of Malia Obama, who is reading scripts for some Hollywood studio:
"There's this girl, and her father is President, and she discovers he's a secret agent for the enemies of America....no?

OK, here's one: There's a girl and her father is President, and she walks in on him one day with a guy! And she learns the truth and is ok with it

......Hmmm, ok there's a girl, and her father is President and she never gets to do anything, so she sneaks out with a friend and goes to a rock concert and smokes dope, until she is caught by a wookie and gets in big trouble.... You like that one? Awesome!!!"
I like how the last one isn't a conspiracy, just unfiltered bigotry against the Obama women. Couldn't hold it, I guess.

Different thread, Covenantor explains why Malia Obama is 18, and not a soldier, which means all hate is legit.
Note to the over indulgent FRers, Malia is no longer a child. She's 18, out of HS, sort of working, and has already entered the political arena lending her name to the bogus pipeline protest.

If patriotic 18 year olds have volunteered to wear the uniform and put themselves in harm's way, this misbegotten offspring of the worst this country has, certainly she can endure any jeers sent her way. It's the least we can do.
ssaftler has such awesome nicknames for liberals, he needn't bother much with content:
Upchuck Schumer was all over the airwaves before Gorsuch was finished speaking, foaming at the mouth, complaining in that New York whiny voice of his how Gorsuch was out of the mainstream, he was another white male and so forth.

Then I happened to go by another channel where Nancy Pug-ugly was holding forth, spewing her bile about our next Supreme Court Justice. Didn't hear what she said, just the sight of that "woman" makes me queasy. (Hell, Hitlery is a raving beauty queen next to San Fran Nan!)
lurk gives the Status of Facebook:
Got a bunch a super conservative fb friends and some friends who have drifted far left. Con’s are pretty outspoken right now, while the libs are hinty and passive aggressive.
dowcaet is pretty sure half the country is paid by Soros at this point:
All those Soros paid agitators and anarchists plus the illegals ARE the grassroots of the Democrat Party!
onyx is keeping her mind clean of any challenging media:
I’ve actually blocked CNN on my remote. I’m about to block MSNBC, but I sometimes watch “Lock Up” on the weekends. I decided that since I despise everyone on CNN, why upset myself? LOL. I unblock it on Sunday morning to see Jake Tapper’s horrid show IF I like a guest or two. This past Sunday, either Kellyanne or Reince slammed ole Jake magnificently!
The military became uncorrupt again super quickly after Obama. KavMan is pretty stoked about how the Civil War would go:
Are these commie pinko Liberals that stupid?

The Military is on TRUMP's side, Conservatives have ALL the guns + ALL the Special Ops guys

If there was a Civil WAR, Liberals would get slaughtered!!! HAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
arthurus wants a secular country because religion makes people liberal??
Trump has to cut off the money flow to the Churches and “charities” who are doing the Left’s dirty work.
Harmless Teddy Bear agrees - churches these days are all super liberal!
One of the good things about churches and charities is that they allow people to come together to do some good without regard to parties or ideologies.

Excuse me but that has to be the most silly thing I read today.

If you think that liberals do ANYTHING without regard to party or ideologies then you are sorely deluded.

And because they control the churches that do involve themselves in politics they decide what is allowable and what isn't.

Does your church support Baby Killers Inc? No problem.

Does your church support Pregnancy Crisis Center? Major problem.

Does your homeless shelter allow mentally ill men to live with small children? No problem.

Do you insist that single men not be housed with the women and children? Major problem.

The end results is not your glorious vision of churches being involved in charitable work but in churches being forced out because they are not allowed to fight back because they are not allowed to be involved in politics.
A secular right would be an interesting shift. Not sure I like it.

jsanders2001 continues to find racist hate against Obama to be useful - now to avoid thinking about Trump.
Why didn’t you impeach the Magic Negro when he sealed all,of his records, provided a fake birth certificate and violated the Constitution almost daily? Oh gotcha ...he wasn’t white...the La Razans are so predictable...they need to be banned and deported too...
wku man tells the harrowing story of some black youths getting close to him in the parking lot.
Power, status, armies and money aren't going to do you a bit of good when a mob of feral urban apes sees you and your wife in the parking lot of a movie theater (true story, BTW). When they close in on you, you'd better be ready to defend yourself and your wife, 'cause you're not talking or reasoning your way out of it. If you think your power, money, armies and status will save you, well, good luck.

Scouts Out! Cavalry Ho!
jpsb - 'Google stole my NASA linguistics research!'
I was around on day 1 when not yet Google visited me a NASA and "borrowed" all my work (research) on natural language processing. Which can be summed up simply as if two document discuss the same subject they probably use at lot of the same words. Judging by google search results I'd say that have not added much to the field in the last 30 years or so.
Gay State Conservative - no Somalis, only Kenyans!
Can't speak of any of the other countries from personal experience but I do know something about Somalia. A couple of years ago we went to Kenya on "safari" and spent a couple of days under the "spell" of a guide named James.I say spell because he was a great guide and a great guy.He,of course, was a native Kenyan who was very much "engaged" in the everyday life of...and the politics of...his native land.

Long story short....he told us stories of the filthy,destructive acts of invaders (my word) from Somalia (which shares a border with Kenya) that would make your blood boil.

And I don't know if it matters or not but James was Christian (he told us).


  1. Cracked.com Article Desperately Tries to Discredit Pizzagate
    Ricolah News ^

    Mr.K writes,

    "There is certainly a surprising lack of curiosity on this from the media.

    Just like there was a surprising lack of curiosity about obama’s PROVEN FAKE birth certificate."

    Just in case this gets pulled here is the article in question.


    1. The poster of that thread, "fastermind", just registered two days ago, and "Ricolah News" has just been on the web for seven days.

      Right-wing fake news site that freepers will love to quote.

    2. I've been seeing this one a lot lately, investmentwatchblog.com. Hmmm...

    3. They think that using "News" or "Investment" or "Business" in their site names gives them some veneer of credibility.

      More truthfully calling themselves "KookyCrazy.com" or "RavingNutcase.com" might tip even right-wingers off they aren't to be taken seriously.

  2. dp0622 typing "1400 days" over and over again on twitter reminded most people reading it of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" from the Shining, right before he went totally nuts and started swinging the hatchet around.

  3. So the founders of Google stole this guy's code 30 years ago. When they were barely teens, one lived in the USSR, and the internet wasn’t a thing on the minds of anyone except the most tech savvy? Sounds legit.

    His age is certainly showing when he thinks 30 years ago is a plausibly short amount of time.