Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Right-Wing Shooter Dance

Recent tragic history has shown that shooters come in all colors, and that with some exceptions their motives are based more on mental illness than any ideology they've latched on to.

But it has become an article of faith on the Manichean right that all shooters are Democrats, and/or that all white shooters are hoaxes.

And so it begins once again, with a shooter in Canada turning out to be a big fan of anti-immigrant movements. Freepers deploy all their delusions and rationalizations to keep their childlike 'our side is all good guys' narrative alive.

Lee Enfield is sure it'll be Muslims next time!
Hear it comes. The next 25 attacks will be by Muslim refugees but this is going to be the go to for the left.
snarkytart thinks this Facebook evidence is totally scanty:
LOL at far right. Besides where are they getting that from just because on his Facebook page he’s listed one of his likes as Trump’s Facebook? So he’s far right? They’re using that to say he was far right? I know people here look through his Facebook page and they could find anything political on it.
Sam Gamgee thinks this witness evidence is totally scanty. Don't let him see that other Freeper above!
The idea he is right wing is fake news. It is based on the testimony of two fellow classmates. They could be lying or exaggerating.
As the evidence mounts, Sam Gamgee uses the usual dodge:
I am leaning towards that view it is a false flag operation - run by CSIS and the RCMP.
Brooklyn Attitude doesn't understand how there can be any chaos in the initial reporting of a story:
Another incident where 2 perps suddenly becomes one.
rovenstinez doesn't like labels, and proceeds with a blizzard of labels.
Extreme right? I don’t like labels. He was an Islamic Jihadist, and had no decency or respect for life. Chicago Tribune. FAKE NEWS alert.
DoughtyOne hates the media double standard that he has decided exists:
He’s White. It must be terrorism!

Now views matter!

When the views were those of Islamic folks, their views didn’t matter. Why it was workplace violence.

Brown skin, not terrorism. Islamic perp, not terrorism.
Speaking of double standards Impala64ssa wonders if maybe this poor nonMuslim gentleman is just mentally ill:
Sounds like John Hinkkley, IIRC cops found neo nazi AND commie propaganda in his apartment.
BlackVeil suddenly finds it important to not rush to judgement:
This Bissonnette is only a suspect. The evidence against him may be strong, but has not been tested in Court. So far, he has not yet entered a plea.

So I think it right to discuss the case, but I do think one must wait and not pronounce him guilty.
arthurus is still holding out hope!
We may yet find out that this character converted a couple of years ago.
Yardstick prefers to focus on how strawman liberals feel:
Trudeau sure dodged a bullet with this one. He must he thanking his lucky stars the standard pattern didn’t hold and it turned out to be a white guy. Sigh of relief all across Europe as well that Trump was deprived of a big I told you so. 
Next comes the pile of flowers and teddy bears and the pro-refugee sniffling but on some level everyone knows this was the outlier case and that next time, and the time after that, it’ll be a Muslim doing the killing.
a fool in paradise is making up fake news now:
In the days following the attack in Orlando we were told that it was the fault of Christians against same sex marriage that a bi-sexual Islamist rampaged at a disco nightclub that he cased with his wife.
a fool in paradise continues to complain about media narratives I've never heard of:
On the day of the San Bernadino attack, the media suppressed the details of the “function” luncheon that the department had gathered for.

Can’t mention Christmas.
a fool in paradise is really going for the gusto for retconning reporting to add in bias:
The shooter in that Norwegian attack wrote in his manifesto that he was willing to support Islamic terrorists by striking targets in the West.

I am skeptical of all media reports on everything having run the rest of their headlines (on other news items) through my bullsh** filter.
Maverick68 cleverly points out how Democrats keep urging complete capitulation to liberals:
The Right needs to treat this with the same spirit Obama and the Dems would: Immediately rush out and declare Conservatism an ideology of peace then blame muslims for provoking the attacks by not trying to see the shooters’ world view and caving to his every whim.....see what I did there?
MotorCityBuck has decided There All Muslims.
According to the Left they are All American Terrorists. Home grown don’t ya know. Problem is. There All Muslims.
tumblindice knows this shooting by a non-Muslim is a great time to discuss how awful Muslims are:
German SS are said to have been disgusted by the gratuitous brutality of their Bosnian muslim allies.
So, yeah, our national socialists have met their match with these pals.
Scott from the Left Coast agrees - conservative shooters remind him of Muslims and how awful liberals are.
Ummm..there ain’t nothing further to the “right” than Islam...allies of Hitler during WW2, proponents (to this day) of his Final Solution...those stalwarts of women’s and gay rights...ummm and slave holders of black Africans to this day.

These are the people the Left chooses to champion.
zeestephen is laying the foundation for some CIA mind games...
If I understand correctly, the perp is a 27 year old college student majoring in political science.

No employment or income source or living arrangement mentioned.

No girlfriend or wife mentioned.

I'll speculate that he started showing symptoms of schizophrenia within the last five years.
Olog-hai is sure false flag:
I smell patsy

You’re not the only one. They railroad the wrong man, they will indeed get piled on by the Islamists who will smell blood in the water.
Bulwyf agrees - this is all lies, and reality is the narrative he prefers from the initial reporting:
It’s a false flag. The story has changed very far from what happened and it took them some time to come up with this.

Witnesses had guys running around yelling allahu akbar, now he’s a far right guy?

Trudeau needed sympathy for moslems and wants to go for guns. It’s a twofer.
Maverick68 is pretty smug that liberals have foolishly set themselves against genocide:
The Left TRIPLING DOWN on a losing strategy: The world has SEEN the cult of islam and NO AMOUNT of casting whitey as the bad guy is going to work at this point, but PLEASE keep trying....
Really tying the 'hate Muslims' and 'media false flag' narratives together, Candor7 knows so many people who want to kill Muslims, but it's all covered up by the biased media!
The fact is that there are likely many thousands of white guys across Canada who want to shoot Jew hating Muslims. But the government controlled Canadian press will never reveal that.

There is a Muslim demographic invasion of Canada happening, and Canadians want it to stop.


  1. "I’ve heard Sarah Silverman was openingly canvassing for violent civil war."

    Are Freepers all atremble at this? lol

  2. "The fact is that there are likely many thousands of white guys across Canada who want to shoot Jew hating Muslims."
    And yet it's impossible for them to believe guys like this go out and act on their impulses?

  3. One reason why "the story... changed very far" is that in the initial hours after the shooting, alt-rightists on Reddit and Twitter were frantically spreading a complete hoax that the shooting was the act of two Syrian refugees fresh off the plane (to make the story even "sweeter", some elaborated that the fictitious shooters were only in Canada because their flight had been diverted from the US by Trump's EO)

    To add to the confusion, another Twitter account (which has since been suspended) was simultaneously pushing a different hoax that the shooters were named David Aurine and Matthieu Fournier (Frenchified versions of the names of alt-right personalities Davis Aurini and Matt Forney). The Daily Beast unfortunately fell for the latter hoax, though they published a prompt retraction.