Thursday, February 2, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Mark of the Beast

More spring cleaning as the Trump era renders my older stories moot. 2014. End-times.

When I'm in the right mood, I really dig Freepers' action-packed, cloak-and-dagger, angels-and-demons world. Some random blog posts that DARPA is coming up with a microchip implant. Drudge links, and Freepers take off.

lee martell, though, is distracted by a picture on Drudge.
Speaking of Matt Drudge, get a load of that black and white picture of Hillary, hair whispy, shoulders bared and slumped, mascara smeared. She looks like a bad imitation of TODAY’s Brigitte Bardot on a very rainy day. Notice I said TODAY’s Brigitte, NOT the way she looked in the 60’s.
F15Eagle is pretty sure the microchips will come as an "I *heart* Satan" tattoo.
My guess is that a chip of some sort will be used in conjunction with the tattoo.

People will absolutely know they’re swearing allegiance to Satan.

That’s why it’s never forgiven. Ouch.
Former Fetus expects to be raptured:
I’m a pre-trib, so I expect to be out of here before the mark is mandatory. Anybody who is not certain of escaping, that person better get his or her Bible, study it, and pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. It’s not going to be a joke, it’s not going to be easy... Get saved while you can!
The mark of the beast? Seems that way to me. Any names and addresses in the article?
So, why do you want names and addresses? Thinking of going Christian-Jihad?

.45 Long Colt is afraid of the manimals:
We all know “they” have been monkeying with DNA for years and have all sorts of ideas for future experiments (for the good of mankind of course). I’ve read speculation that the sores you referenced could be the result of genetic manipulation.

There are experiments going on right now involving the mixing of human and animal DNA. I don’t know how any sane person doesn’t find the idea of transhumanism both frightening and ghoulish, but there are powerful people (and demonic forces) with big plans for humanity. There are people in the legal community quietly debating when half-human hybrids are human enough to be citizens with legal rights. We are marching forward to a brave new world, essentially we’re talking Dr. Moreau writ large.
MrB-types have been saying this since at least Mesopotamia:
Well, on the bright side... “it can’t be long now!”
VerySadAmerican saw this on TV!!
On last night’s PERSON OF INTEREST Root put chips in her and Shaw’s arms in order to get into the computer room. I’m convinced there are already people with chips implanted in them. Just a matter of time until we all do. Well, not all. Some of us will die before we take the mark of the beast.
VerySadAmerican is gonna convert for more drama.
I’m going to start looking for a church that preaches end times.
The usual tough guys weigh in, with Dead Corpse naturally making up the most dramatic and detailed:
First person that tries to “chip” me or mine will get a 180gr hollow point “chip” right through their frontal cortex.

No warnings. No remorse.


  1. There are people in the legal community quietly debating when half-human hybrids are human enough to be citizens with legal rights.

    Oh, don't be such a drama queen, .45 Long Colt. You Freepers do the same thing daily with minorities, gays, and women.

  2. I guess VerySadAmerican doesn't head over to the religion section that often.