Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Live by the visual, die by the visual.

Freepers childlike reliance on pretty pictures has long been something of a mystery to me. Is it something about the Internet generally? About conservatives? About older people?

In the end, the important thing is that it's fascinating and hilarious. Especially now that the ones Freepers support are caught in the petty crosshairs.

Ooh La la!
Freepers suddenly discover this to be a totally unfair fake news tactic. A more hilariously vehement 180 twist and complete denial of their past position I have not seen. Followed, of course, by a reposting of all their old BS about Michelle et al.

Welp, Renegade has checked the angles!
UHHHH!She is not gazing at him! Check out angle of the eyes dummies!~
JBW1949 no likey:
How stupid!!!!! Why post drivel like this????
originalbuckeye blames the Media. In this case, the UK Telegraph.
She’s not even looking at him! She’s looking past him, as is the woman next to her. THE MEDIA IS JUST PLAIN SICK!
*snerk* Pravious cannot believe the pettiness and speculation about internal thoughts!
So now the media has come down to the level of “we’re going to take a picture of you, then read what we think is in your mind and then criticize you for it.”
Hey, Solson, language! How else will Freeper act all morally superior when they call for genocide?
Give me a fucking break.
hotsteppa attacks the messenger:
Why post this drivel? I swear, sometimes freepers are just like the loony liberals.
Maceman, though, knows Freepers shouldn't live in denial just because they only read Free Republic.
FR is my primary source of news -- not that there aren't others, but it's the first place I go every day to catch up what's going on.

And I, for one, appreciate knowing about the good, the bad and the ugly. It's a tough world, and we can't live in denial.
beaversmom declares that Ivanka looks at everyone like that:
She is looking at him, but she’s just being her usual dynamic self from what I can see.
Organic Panic just b-b-b-but Obama all over everything.
Was she impressed by the crease in his pants? Did she have tingles up the leg? Does she think he is “sort of a god?” Does she think he in amlightened spritual “lightworker?”

Oh wait. Those were men slobbering over Obama.
CommieCutter B-b-b-but Clintons:
But it’s perfectly fine for Bill Clinton to eye-f%*! Ivanka.
JayGalt will not stand for made up attacks on the President's children! Chelsea could not be reached for comment.
These media types are despicable. Why not call out and embarrass Ivanka & her husband over something you made up? Loser.
Managing to make the hypocrisy even richer, silverleaf laments the sexism.
Why are women always subject to sexist catty comments when they are in normal business situations?
All Blue State uses this to attack liberal women.
The agenda is to sexualize everything. Ivanka is a beautiful woman and just doesn’t have the feminist ‘hag’ snarl, she is bright, articulate, and successful, oh the horror! 
Get use to it, she has the power that the media desired for Hillary and Chelsea. They would be fawning all over the ‘mutual’ respect that seems to be shown in these pictures had it been Clinton rather than Trump.
roadcat found a picture of Michelle! So....
What does the movie "Planet of the Apes" have to do with this story? They sure did a good job on the actresses makeup back in the day that still was taken.
jerod prefers to attack Trudeau for being a secret gay:
Sorry Ivanka, I don’t think he swings that way.... He has a wife and kids but I think that’s mostly for cover. I’m pretty sure he’s more into boys, and he’s probably bi-curious at best.

Stick to real men, not pretty boys who box and hang out with chicks to hide their true ambitions.
bgill goes after Margaret Trudeau:
She’s smiling wondering if the rumors are true about his mama being a slut and crawling into bed with Castro.


  1. This is just hilarious. Thanks, Ozy.

  2. Replies
    1. I saw that earlier.

      Maxi pads?!

      I haven't met a woman who has used those who wasn't under the age of about 60.

  3. All Freepers on this thread need to check out Saturday Pix. Right here. Weekly.

  4. I'm actually surprised a thread like this has survived this long. They often yank these sorts of stories with a reason: "Trash" or "Garbage".

  5. tbh I spent that press conference looking at Trudeau and missed 80 percent of what he was actually saying so I cant really blame Ivanka.

  6. Oh, Pravious, I bet you cackled and cawed when that one photo of Obama looked like he was checking out a female head of state (if you watch the video he was checking out the stairs) and thought it was damming proof he was a pervert.

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