Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Lopeover is all about speech, as Freepers yell about boycotting everyone who doesn't rush to pay for Trump products:
If we deny Milo the right (under our laws) to communicate his thoughts on a topic - that he even experienced in his own life and may not have a view we like - then shame on us. Not every human being is born into good families. He has probably heard a wide range of experiences from the gay community. I do not think boys can be turned into gays.

My son is gay and he has a good family and was not ever abused as a child. We never turned our back on him either. And I would shoot any SOB Cuck that wants to hurt him.
Drew68 has his priorities straight:
Why are some conservatives still defending [Milo]?

Because he's pissing off the right people.
Gene Eric also forgives Milo, since he's useful. No homo.
Milo is indeed a flaming homo. But he’s also a brilliant political wedge. You don’t see any value there? Keep in mind that I have no tolerance for the homo agenda.
o0O0o is working to declare those Bundy yahoos unFreep:
How does this Bundy group fit in with Evan ‘McMuffin’, Glenn Beck and the NeverTrumpers?
ROCKLOBSTER is still birthin'
Well, between his presidential-assassin polygamist father and his hot to globe-trot polygamist hippie mother...

We need some freaking paperwork!
JLAGRAYFOX is blaming Obama for secretly being behind all Trump's failures:
The human scum & vermin, America hater, and would be America destroyer, known as Barack Hussein Obama continues his “leading from behind” mantra. He and Hillary Clinton hide in the sewers of hate & envy, along with the “Rat” Democrat Party low life!!!

Obama has neither the courage or backbone to be in the public eye as he continues his quest to destroy the American Republic!!! He is truly the “Satan Snake In The Grass” Worst POTUS in the history of the USA!!!
txhurl, on the other hand, wants MORE Obama; he's itching for a fight and has no targets!
Not only have the RATS gone dark, Zero himself seems to have been duct-taped since he was hustled to his rental mansion two miles away from Trump.

Seriously, for a guy who swore he was gonna bring it to DJT, have you heard his name mentioned in a month?

No? because he’s in EXILE, house arrest.

No tweets, no quotes, no coketail parties with Beyonce and Kanye, no nuttin’. Just drewh keeping us apprised of what Malia’s wearing to work every day.

OBAMA HAS BEEN SILENCED. I gave him the long-shot odds he’d be half-white and let DJT get through President’s Day before unleashing mightily on him, but I see that *isn’t happening*.
LUV W, though, just thinks Obama's gone SOROS International:
BREAKING: Marine Le Pen's headquarters RAIDED by police in 'scandal' investigation

Look at Soros/obama in the background.
metmom thinks Trump is Godly and Obama was evil, because this is all God's test.
I believe that we are in the end times and God has given us one more chance before He brings the curtain down.

We had 8 years of evil in obama and that was God’s line in the sand for His people, to force them to choose sides.

Now He has given us a godly man and woman and is forcing the left to choose sides.

And they are.

And His judgment that He reigns down will be justly deserved.
upchuck remembers the great virtuous days of 2000:
Unfortunately, our precious country has fallen far since 9-11. I put a majority of blame on nobama and his lackeys.
Inner War? RoseofTexas's command of English seems to be slipping.
I REALLLLLLLLLLY believe this country is heading for a horrorible nasty ugly INNER WAR!!! There is no easy fix..NONE ZIPPO...sorry but there is ONLY one way to cure this cancer in our society... a PHYSICAL removal of this poisonous tumor that’s killing our nation!!
Ciexyz's liberal friends are just too angry, for some unexplained reason.
You can’t talk to these anti-Trump people. They’re infecting ordinary chat groups and Facebook threads with their bile. They can’t hold in their rage, they’re like Vesuvius ready to explode. I just lost two long time friends when they started to bully me on the Internet - they went batsh## crazy on me like they went off their meds.
huckfillary is grooming Barron Trump to take the crown:
I would ask the recently retired Dr. Thomas Sowell to be the young Trump’s tutor.
bboop is also ready to serve:
I’ve got my CV ready, tho. Let’s team teach and we’ll get Sowell to step in in a few years.
Tennessee Nana knows the important thing is that Obama's daughters are black sluts.
wherever he goes, he wont be twerking and smoking dope like the Obama girls...
9YearLurker is sure Trump listened to his recommendation for National Security Adviser.
I contacted Team Trump Tues night recommending McMaster & gave them all the backstory I had.

They took my advice ;)

Congratulations—looks like Trump made a fantastic choice!
Jimmy The Snake is dreaming the Freeper dream...from like a year ago. WALL is old and busted, dude!
Then use your pull to have Trump’s next big event down at the Border surrounded by Bulldozers and he yells “Gentlemen start your engines! Let’s build a WALL!” Doesn’t Trump know how to drive one? Thought his Dad taught him. Hell give him a few lessons. That would be way cool.
frnewsjunkie explains the problem with right-wing tactics is not enough distracting tu quoque:
I’m convinced that almost everyone has something to hide... almost everyone has a past or something that others do not know... HOWEVER, the left find it and uses it for their purposes... The right won’t do that.. they know there is plenty to use.. they just won’t use it.

So where does that leave us? Up the creek, if we don’t get smart and cut them off at the pass.
I’ve heard it said “we can’t stoop to that kind of thing”... well, we’d better get smart in an area where it works... or we are gonna lose this battle. they are getting uglier and uglier... and using every trick in the book... and some that are not even written yet.

Don’t let them talk about russia without bringing in hillary and the uranium she sold to russia... and the fact they knew russia was doing.. and let it pass thinking hillary would win.. Go over and over this .. don’t let them pin this only on our side.. it will shut them down if they know hillary and their side will be talked about every time they bring it up.
Cololeo is pretty into another Freepers' detailed torture fantasy:
I would like to see a deli slicer in his future, a millimeter at a time. Back and forth, back and forth, let the blade relieve him of what he clearly has no concept of responsible use for. Then make him a sandwich of it and make him eat it.

Netz rails against the worst bigotry - the one effecting a group he's part of!
In an era where we call bigotry and Racism, “Hate Crime” no other such hate crime plays out like good old fashioned Antisemitism.

In an amazing process, hatred against Jews defies all the normal bounds of hatred. It is not enough that Jews are the targets of hatred for some 5,000 years now but more so for the last 2,000 years and have had all possible forms of violence brought against them, that even after they die, their graves are desecrated.

No other group is hounded even after dying and being buried!
gr8eman explains that the President doesn't need to be precise - only idiots require precision! Also remember when Europe kept World War 2 secret?
He is the US President and he doesn’t have to be precise at all. Whiney liberals who watched their crooked heroine go down in flames just want to play nanny nanny neener with the “facts” and details because that’s the limit of their intellect.

The collective silence of the elitists in Europe can’t keep what’s happening secret anymore like they did in WWII!


  1. What law was leveraged against Milo? There's a difference between violations of free speech and "No one wants anything to do with me because I'm insufferable."