Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Pix pt. I

Freepers have managed to equate disagreeing with them with mass murder.

Obama looks rightfully proud of that ass.
Freepers' desire to kill Democrats has only grown with Trump's victory.
Say what you will, Fundamentalist Muslims are really consistent with their fonts.
Rejected! By the 22nd Amendment!!
Can't stop hating on Obama...
Something something living rent free.
Haha so weak.
*scary Latino* *add 'I love McCain'* *pat self on back*


  1. Trump: ‘Fake News Media’ Is ‘Enemy Of The American People’


    "President Donald Trump labeled The New York Times, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and CNN enemies of the American people in a tweet Friday."

    gaijin explains it's them durned JEWS who are responsible!

    "Liberal secular Jews despise American values:

    If you can sit through an entire episode of a leading u.s. sitcom without throwing up you will see that the producers, writers and the executives want to spread a set of values that are completely antithetical to the ones you were raised with.

    That’s because this group despises the values that built America.

    they want a completely different country and they control the mainstream media:

    That is why they hate the internet and they hate bloggers, because those Avenues present a way to get around their control."