Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Not Spotlight: Nobody cares except the idiot left.

Even his supporters allow that Obama had problems with transparency. But one thing he did do is start the tradition of publishing the White House visitors logs. The right had a lot of fun with it too.

Well Trump does not seem to want to keep up the tradition - at least as it relates to people meeting with him in Mar-a-Lago. And, of course, Freepers spin it as best the can. Most of it is the lamest sort of distraction, but I like those who go all that way - Anyone who looks for any info about Trump is clearly a biased liberal and doesn't count!

Cowboy Bob with the inevitable 'b-b-b-but Obama....'
Where is Obama’s birth certificate and college transcripts?
Oldeconomybuyer will love Trump regardless of his secrets or corruption, so why bother checking?
Nobody cares except the idiot left.
Um, yeah, butlerweave...
Is Palm Beach golf club Mar-a-Lago part of the Government now ? LOL
trisham thinks Trump is a criminal, it seems.
Get a warrant, losers.
I can only assume MayflowerMadam has no mirrors in her home,
Why don’t these people get a life. Imagine how many hours a day and night these people waste conniving to find ways to thwart the re-building of America.
jsanders2001 doesn't care because all Democrats are pedos:
Hey Bannon.....publish the list of exclusive clubs Democrats belong to.

The Democrat NAMBLA membership lists would be quite telling. I’d guess that the Epstein Flight logs to Pedo Island probably contain a majority of Democrats. Find out how much Epstein charged them to have sex with all of the kidnapped children he had on his island too while you’re at it. He probably made a fortune on Bill Clinton alone.
jsanders2001 also seems to have forgotten that Obama did publish a list of everyone who met with him:
Why should Trump have to comply with anything the Democrats demand when Obama never would. We still don’t know who he really was other than a traitor and a Muslim.
Literally the very next post, AC86UT89 cites some choice examples from Obama's WH visitors log to prove Trump can't do anything as bad as Obama, so why check?
Sure, wouldn’t want people like Al Sharpton, Google executives or that guy who planned all the fake anti-Trump rallies to show up at the White House every day either.

Oh wait that was OBAMA.
generally thinks asking for basic info about Trump's life as President is related to all the Democrats going to jail...
They do this because they are desperate. It’s a diversion to try to prevent their own massive corruption from being uncovered.

You can smell the flop sweat a mile away.
Some Fat Guy in L.A. knows who wants these records!
I’m starting to think that Satan is really miffed that Donald Trump is President.


  1. It's hard to be concerned about who's in his visitor logs when we can see in plain sight who he's putting in his cabinet. :-o

  2. Wasn't there a general wailing and a gnashing of teeth when Freepers perceived that President Obama disrespected our greatest ally? Now it's all "FUGB."

    1. Chuckling...The whitest country on Earth, once one of the biggest empires in the world, the nation to which Freepers are always referring for their contributions to Western civilization and industry and progress, is now not even good enough for Donald Trump.
      I thought we fought a war against the Nazis to defeat them for all time, but it looks like they're back, and now even England isn't white and imperial enough for the Trumpers. Good lord.

    2. "Their little pee pot island is going to become a lonely place if they turn their back on Trump and America."


  3. I hate to keep piling on post after post tonight, but -- REALLY? Is this how they justify the expense of keeping Melania in a tower 200 miles away from Washington?"