Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn Out

Too busy for a full post on this today, but I thought this post by tinamina exemplified the Freep attitude these days:
Don’t accept the resignation please don’t give the victory to the left. Please.
"Who cares about America's wellbeing, we can't afford liberals to ever feel like winners again!!!!!"


  1. This one is amusing.

    Hillary Clinton References Pizzagate in Tweet to General Flynn

    "Does that sound like a threat to you? Arkancide on the horizon or a sacrificial lamb?"

    "We are living rent free inside her head.

    She must know about the alleged pending arrests.

    Word is Weiner is singing like a bird to avoid real prison time (his type don’t do well in prison - ‘short eyes’ as they are called).

    Weiner might bring down the whole rotten cabal."

    "So the crime that went on at Comet is now a big laugh for the Clinton’s.

    Lives ruined, youngsters killed and for what Hellary ??"

    1. Tiger Claws and MNDude seem to know way too much about the ins and outs of child sex trafficing rings.

  2. "....if she stays with this group she’ll be bagged
    by 22."

    Why are Freepers so into this? Why are they always talking about the death of Malia Obama?